The world is filled with heartless, brainless and spineless animals—and jellies are some of the best! Enjoy a live look at our Jelly Cam and go with the gelatinous invertebrate flow.


With elegant fluttering arms, it’s the Indonesian Sea Nettle, in the column tank at the entrance of the Jellyfish Fantasy Hall. ~ ​新江ノ島水族館(Enoshima Aquarium)


It’s #JellyfishDay and here is our Jelly Cam ^


Everything is on fire. Calm down with this soothing live cam of some west coast sea nettles.

Dragon in a Sombrero.
The only time I left the house this week was to visit the aquarium with my children and this Pacific Sea Nettle jellyfish really caught my eye. It’s not normally something that I would shoot but sometimes creating work that is out of the norm leads to a new interest. I don’t think I’ll be abandoning my landscapes or seascapes any time soon but this week I’ve learned that subjects can be found in the unlikeliest of places!