Tatuaje de la constelación de Tauro y un caracol de mar, situados en el interior del antebrazo izquierdo. Tattoo artist: Violeta Arús

Soviet global power projection, 1981.

Map published by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1981, about the military influence of the Soviet Union in the third world countries. The map shows nuclear submarine operating areas, sea lines of communication, overseas naval facilities, major Soviet arms clients, Soviet reconnaissance aircraft facilities and several other Soviet power structures.

circles drawn in the dirt

/// from conversations w/ @bogmoths ///

pink lambos graze your dreams, you veer into a blinding room // i scout the horizon for survivors, only us two in the mirror // in time, the monuments will move // walk with tired feet, begrudge the way things are // a thousand years and nothing more // nothing less // two blinking eyes and some ghosts to snare // i run ahead, looking for survivors // there’re so many of us // we’re all just looking for working refrigerators and warm transistors to keep our fears at bay // never knew transistors are by definition capable of making things Right // that’s what we need // bats next door and maybe vampires // one or two bites, now that’d be a real party // i’m falling under oodles of straws here, glorified merchant of dreams // talk me out of it // talk me out of it // i’m left here, drawing poor circles in the dirt // geometry was never my strong suit