Headcanon: Everyone expected Moana’s chosen tattoo to be some sort of sea creature. Perhaps a sea turtle or a manta ray like her Grandmother’s. So it comes as a surprise to all when she instead chooses a mighty Hawk not unlike a certain demigod. It’s wings spread over her shoulders as if they’d sprout from her very back. In her next life, she says, she wants to be able to soar anywhere she wants–over land and sea, endlessly chasing that line where the sky meets the sea. It both touches Maui and reminds him grimly of her mortality. 


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i think icarus died with the sun still clenched in his palms
and that the sound of his feathers flush with thin air
must have been like a rainstorm and funeral song
at the same time and i think he tasted his home
for a brief moment and maybe in the clouds
glanced the open arms of his mother

i think icarus splashed into that blood-dark ocean
and i think someone somewhere must have
mistaken that brightness
for a shooting star
and wished upon him

i think i have been in love with icarus
since the day i learned of someone
who was so kindred to me
he could sense death coming
and still rose up
in greeting.

—  sunchaser/ocean breaker/maybe a body always in danger /// r.i.d

Red-lined bubble snail (Bullina lineata)

The red-lined bubble snail, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Bullinidae. This snail has a milky-white mantle with iridescent blue edges. There are small black eyes on the head between the head shield processes. The shell has a white background with horizontally spiraling red brown bands which are crossed by vertical bands in the same color. The length is 15 to 25 mm. This species occurs in the sublittoral zone of the Indo-Pacific from Japan to Australia and New Zealand.

photo credits: seaslugsofhawaii, Sylke Rohrlach, Richard Ling