bangtan are like seventeens angsty aesthetic older brothers and seventeen are like their middle schooler younger siblings that think their big bros are like the best thing ever and want to be just like them but dont have all the teen angst to match and instead have a bucket load of enthusiasm chalkpowder and a ceramic whale

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So I work for the golden arches, and a group of like twenty teenagers came in, and I'm expecting the worst. Nope. They all crowd around the register until who seems to be the leader, realizes they just cut like two people and they split like the friggin red sea for two older ladies. Than they wanted to each use a monopoly thing for free food, so they all popped them together for one order so I only had to get the manager once. All in all they were really nice, and even left their table clean.

Fill your heart

I saw a man picking up his books,
He dropped them everywhere.
Another man stopped his day, just to give a care.
A person didn’t have the bills, to pay for what she ate.
A woman gave the waitress her card and paid for every plate.
She kissed him with her eyes shut tight, to show that she was true.
You could tell that when he looked at her, he got lost in two seas of blue.
I saw a kitten meowing from a box in an alleyway.
A young boy picked it up and took it home that very same day.
This turtle flipped his friend that he knew was stuck.
I sat in the same place, and 18 people gave a man a buck.

Some like to think that only love can make your heart complete, but you can fill your heart with every good person you meet.

- CW

North America’s first monkey was quite a swimmer

The two Americas were only rejoined at the Isthmus of Panama some 3.5 million years ago, ending some 175 million years of separate evolution since the supercontinent Pangaea broke up in the mid Jurassic. The faunas of the two continents met and there was an exchange (aka Great American Biotic Interchange, which was accompanied by a wave of extinctions), and until now, no evidence had emerged of any faunal exchange before this continental reunion. Seven fossil monkey teeth found during paleontological rescue work ago in what was North America (accompanying the widening of the Panama canal), and dated to some 21 million years (during the Miocene), have showed that monkeys at least made it somehow across the barrier of sea separating the two continents.

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reclamation of the waves.

the k i n g and his men
stole the Q U E E N from her bed,
and bound her in her b o n e s.

Leaving Scalawag Point at her back, Lucia Vitae rode northward atop the once stolen borrowed steed, its golden hooves leaving upturned earth in their beating wake. With the limitations time presented gnawing at the back of her mind, she had no choice but to head out as soon as the meeting had concluded, crossing rivers and dodging through mountains without hesitation. She was living off of borrowed seconds and the threat of what would result if the woman took too long began to rise in place of the steadily setting sun, azure skies darkening with the passage of hours spent navigating the marked off routes.

Her thoughts focused on the proposition and its acceptance as her journey drew on, the shrouded features of her visage stained by the blood that dripped from a lip bitten in reflection. Ten percent… And a one-way pass to the gates of Sam’di. Smirking at the threat still ringing in her ears, the maiden’s pierced tongue clicked twice against her teeth and the beast veered right in reply, thundering through a dense strand of mighty oaks that curved outwardly in a half-circle. A hand left the reins to trail across the creature’s warforged neck, touching gently at the metallic plating while she silently reviewed whatever the hell she just signed up for.

Such a bargain would require her to get in contact with the Court– Captain Blackmaw was already on his way, Captain Bloodfang was a treacherous piece of shit that couldn’t be trusted (despite her willingness to give the Devil’s Maw away in hopes of pissing the OTHER piece of shit off), Captain Whateverthefuck was an arrogant son of a bitch, her brother was exiled but the Father’s death allowed for some change to occur, and the others were just… What a damned headache, thought the Admiral, annoyance already beginning to crawl up her spine. This whole ‘shift in power’ thing was going to be the death of her wrist from all the missives she’d have to write and send out, but securing connections such as the one with Kurel An’Diel would be worth it in the end, right?

It was always about the end game with that fucking paladin, too.

Scowling, a solitary click rang out and the speed of the hellish steed increased twofold, her spine curved as she bent inwards to avoid the rushing wind. Silence lingered like Death at her back and she welcomed it greedily, allowing the white noise to be eaten by an unending quiet that soothed her thoughts while they broke through the Fjord to enter Grizzly Hills. The ritual would soon be complete and she’d have all that she need to take back what was rightfully theirs, but the question was HOW? Eyes closed and arms slipped to wrap around the neck of Anar’endal Dracon, his pace only quickening when the maiden’s forehead touched to the warmed metal he was made of.

The solution was simple, though it required an extension of trust and one irresistible deal.
For partnership and freedom.

Reinvigorated by the prospect of such, Lucia Vitae bolted upright with a mad laugh, hands finding the reins once more with relative ease. “The sea is, and will forever be, ours,” slipped the hardened words from the Tirasian’s tongue, her unease surrounding the situation at large quickly crippled by the scheme she had drafted. All she’d need to do is have a conversation with Renlerian over a drink and track down that bastard Flynt, and then the two vessels due to arrive at her harbour would find themselves staffed with a Captain and a crew. He proved himself to me, so now it is my turn, she declared internally as Grizzlemaw came to be spotted in the distance, a fiendish grin causing her lips to part and her scarred cheeks to ache.

Every piece was presented just before her, so all the Admiral had to do now was put them TOGETHER.

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Good overview. Learned a lot about Earth biology even though troll biology is a mystery.

Thanks. c:

How does civilization work underwater? 

Pretty well for seadwellers and probably not so well for landwellers, lol. Well, it’s hard to say, living underwater can be basically anything considering what sort of circumstances you count in. Certain metals corrode in water and constant moving currents act like strong winds on stone deserts that smoothen out any sort of stone formations - unless we’re talking about shielded parts of the sea. We have a couple of towns that were blooming with life in old civilizatios that were actually sunken beneath sea level around three-two thousands years ago and remained intact until recent discoveries. I’m talking about places like sunken parts of Alexandria and Heracleion near Abu Qir Bay, Yonaguni-jima (considered to be Japanese Atlantis), city of Baia known also as “Roman Sodom”, Pavlopetri in Greece by Peloponnesus region and many more. I’d say you’ve got to use your imagination,

cause depending on what would be important to seadwellers

such would be the surroundings. Would natural formations be used or would more technologic approach suffice? What exactly would underwater civilization mean for the highest of royalbloods who’d certainly be focused on the most expensive things? There’s plenty of unknown here. So far we’ve seen only some of the sea parts near G’lbgolyb (clearly not adjusted to live by) and Feferi’s hive

which is littered by cages as she loves keeping around cuttlefish as pets/toys. This sort of decor shows Feferi doesn’t really need much to be happy with her surroundings as if you’d get rid of the cages and living beings, her place would literally have a carpet,  bed and husktop (and a couple of dollhouses for some reason, considering they’re not just more fancy cages and are callback to decorations people give fish aquariums).

How do tools work? 

Differently, that’s for sure.

Water had density and different kind of pressure which works differently with weight. It’s something that’s used for therapy session when f.e. animals and people are too fat and need to lose weight, but their joints cannot handle the normal training.

You’re lighter in the water.

I guess it depends on the tool and how do you intend to use it.

How does writing develop?

 I wouldn’t bet on ink in any case.

Not sure where it would go, tho. Discovery of ink and paint was crucial for development of writing and the way messages spreaded out on paper/papyrus. I guess maybe it somehow links to glitter Condesce’s diary is covered with, but again, glue dissolves underwater so…

Are there any problems using husktops underwater?

 Feferi doesn’t seem to have problem with her husktop, so it’s most likely waterproof - I’d assume same goes for certain sorts of glasses connected to husktop technology, but yeah, if you’ve ever spilled any sort of liquid over your keyboard, you know that this sort of technology and water doesn’t mix, mostly because of electricity thing. I have no idea how did seatrolls obtain such technology, but then, we don’t really know what powers Feferi’s husktop.

How do seatroll…go…underwater? 

I once heard that trolls like Eridan would most likely hate going under/above water (and that’s why we hardly see him go below sea level) as the transistion most likely would be even if not painful, then highly unpleasant, as it would make him become vulnerable in the moments of emptying/filling lungs from/with water, which would be comparable to feeling of inhaling some water with your nose and ending up in a coughing fit with the burning sensation it leaves (not to mention, the whle process probably would be far from looking dignified). But this is only one of many headcanons that can make sense just as much as they can not, depending on troll biology.

Okay, that last question isn’t important but it still bothers me.

Well, whatever it would be, it had to be fast as the slower the process is, the more possible it is for you to be attacked and killed by whatever’s nearby. It would be interesting to see this process tho, I agree.

Atop the great rock formation you stood, and the whole ocean curled up bluely at your feet. Slowly, with a great, patient, unanimous motion, the huge bulk of tide water heaved up and back, up and back along the coast. Sails flicked in and out of the light far out in the bay. The horizon blurred into the sky. Far, far down, at your feet, the water was the strangely clear turquoise and clouded yellow-green where submerged strata of rock were close to the surface of the sea. Small, small, you were, two brown animals crawling, minute, microscopic, up the side of a great cliff, in the huge sunlight, by a blue gigantic sea.
“I want my children to be conceived by the sea,” Marty said. And suddenly she was right. Naked bodies, two, on the rocks, under the big sky, the big stars, the big night wasteland. So much more frightening, so much more clean than if they lay, side by side, on a hot, narrow bed, in the small thick dark box of a man-made bedroom.
—  The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath, diary entry no. 88, 1951
excerpt: trusting betrayal.

“Where I am from.” He began between a hard struggle of breaths in and slowly out. “Our mother’s milk was sweet scorpids’ venom.” In that same breath he grabbed for the scorpid on her arm and like the one before it, drove its stinger into his own arm until the insect withered. Spent and dry.

“Accept my terms or don’t.” He was in pain, a lot of pain no matter how hard he tried to swallow it. His very blood was on fire and his chest filled with the heat of a volcano. “If all you do is dwell in the fear tha’ I may betray you, know tha’ when I do. You caused it. Because all you dwelled on, was the idea of how to fuck me firs’. Rather than work with me.”

His willingness.
His actions coaxed another laugh from her blackened lungs and the glass came to be set down gently, fingers extended in a stretch while his own formed a fist. Those digits wiggled and popped, a mournful song of her freedom while he reveled in his own suffering.

“Very well,” she complied as tongue snaked out to lap up the last of the liquor clinging to her lips, eyes refusing to leave the cloth about his own as she leaned forward, allowing her hand a further reach. It moved to hover just over the wounds he bestowed upon himself though she did not touch them, allowing that distance to exist once more. “Know now that there is nothing in this world – made by man, by beast, by monster, by god or otherwise – that will ever instill fear within me, though. I am not afraid of you betraying me, really. Should you, I will deal with you just as I have the ones that came before you.”

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