Sea Witchery: a Brief Overview

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At the request of so many followers, I have decided to mock up a little bit of information on Sea Magick and Sea Witchery.  This is just a brief overview to give you some information when wanting to research or begin working with the ocean, storms, the tides, and the many creatures associated with the sea. 

However, I will caution you that the many sea creatures (especially the Merfolk) are not very forgiving creatures, thus they can be pretty tough to handle for beginner, baby witches.  It takes an experience sea hag to get them to cooperate properly, so keep this in mind when studying them.

Once again, this is a brief overview and introduction to my craft and path.  if you have any questions, you can direct them to me via PM or ASK.

Let’s get started!


Traditionally, sea witches are witches who appear among sailors or others involved in the seafaring trade. Sea witches use witchcraft related to the moon, tides, and the weather, and are believed to have complete control over the seas. Many sailors fell prey to the sea witches curse on ships and were finally delivered to the one who rules all.  In some folklore, sea witches are described as phantoms, ghosts,or in the form of a mermaid. These creatures would then have the power to control the fates of ships and seamen.

As the name implies, sea witches are believed to be able to control many aspects of nature relating to water, most commonly the ocean or sea. However, in more modern times, sea witches can also practice witchcraft on or near any source of water: lakes, rivers, bath tubs, or even simply a bowl of salt water.

In addition to their powers over water, sea witches could often control the wind. A common feature of many tales was a rope tied into three knots, which witches often sold to sailors to aid them on a voyage. Pulling the first knot could yield a gentle, southeasterly wind, while pulling two could generate a strong northerly wind.

Sea witches often improvise on what they have, rather than making purchases from a store or from another person. Common tools include clam, scallop, or oyster shells in place of bowls or cauldrons. Other items include seaweed, fishing net, shells, sea grass, driftwood, pieces of sea glass, and even sand.

Other types of titles they use are: sirens, water witches, storm witches, and sea hags.


Eh, there isn’t really a specific type of person the sea calls to, however I have met many sea witches that would be described as walking contradictions.  Much like the sea, we can be quite flexible, but also forceful.  Moods tend to fluctuate with the tides and lunar cycle.  Hags both enjoy and love music and poetry; are quite expressive with their emotions, but also don’t easily award entry into their hearts; and can easily win the attention of a crowd, but then seek solitude in the comfort of their own homes.  You would be hard-pressed to find a stagnant sea witch–they’ll always be on the move, searching and discovering.  However, be warned: if you fall in love with one you must understand that a sea hag’s heart belongs to the Sea first and foremost, forever and always, and it calls to them over the span of lifetimes.


For the most part, sea witches draw their power directly from the source: the Ocean.  You’ll find that many of them, even landlocked sea hags, have trinkets from the shore and enjoy baths, storms, and the moonlight.  Of course, there are many different kinds of sea witches all over the world and it really just depends on what seafaring folk culture they subscribe to that determines their power source.


I am not even lying–there are HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of water and sea deities that sea witches call upon for aid and worship.  Probably the most popular would be Poseidon, Neptune, Lir, Gong-Gong, Hapi, Sobek,  Agwé, Aegaeon, Delphin, the Gorgons, Samundra, Pariacaca, Watatsumi, Rongomai, Njord, Nix, and even Davey Jones.

One of the beauties of being a sea witch is that you can call on many ancient and powerful deities to aid you in your craft.  However, I do advise that you make sure that these deities do not come from a culture/religion/belief system that is closed.  You can check out a full list of water/sea/storm deities here.



Water (salt, fresh, or storm), sand, sea shells and cockles, sea glass, driftwood, ship wood, compasses, maps, mirrors, bowls and chalices, sea weed, sea grass, fish and fish bones, coral, telescopes, sand dollars, pearls, bath salts/bombs/goodies, sea salt, linen, umbrellas and mops, windchimes, ropes, weather vanes, and blood are just some of the few tools we use in our practice.


The Mer or Merfolk are probably one of the more popular topics when it comes to sea witchery.  I get questions all the time like “DO YOU TALK TO MERMAIDS?” or “HOW CAN I GET A MERMAID TO BEFRIEND ME?” or “AREN’T MERMAIDS JUST THE COOLEST?”

The Merfolk are an integral part of sea witch culture, but they aren’t the end all be all when it comes to water spirits/fae/demons/entities.  There are so many to work with and all have interesting backstories.  But let’s talk about the Merfolk for a moment…

Depending to what you school you subscribe to, the Merfolk (also known as mermaids) could be fae, demon, or simply water spirits.  Some believe that  the Merfolk are a species of kithain (also known as changeling or fae.) Ancient and unknowable, the Merfolk pose something of a problem to both fae and human alike. The arrogance of the mer is tempered only by their truly alien natures.  The Merfolk claim that they are the sole legacy of the Tuatha De Danann, the oldest fae on Earth, dreamed long before any human ever set foot on land. When curious people ask how this could be, the merfolk are disconcertingly vague and ambiguous.

As I have stated before on the blog, the Merfolk are certainly an odd lot. The product of a totally alien mindset, the mer are simultaneously deadly, serious and playful, highly ritualized and completely free spirited, repressed and yet libidinous as a drunken prom date. The first thing one will notice about a mer is his incredible arrogance. Of course, as far as they are concerned, they have every right to be arrogant. After all, in their minds, they do rule the world.

Other mythologies tell us that mermaids are the bane of seamen.  These half-fish, half-women lured countless sailors to their deaths. Breathtakingly beautiful humans from their torso-upwards, their lower bodies where those of fish, complete with scales. Men find their songs irresistible and follow them willingly into the sea. Mermaids can be caught and held in exchange for the wishes they grant. The males of the species, Mermen, are regarded as vicious creatures who raised storms for the purpose of sinking men’s ships.  Occasionally they are successfully courted by human men. The offspring of such pairings are often granted great powers in healing by their mothers.

In short, mermaids are extremely beautiful, temperamental, powerful, and dangerous.  They are not to be confused with Sirens, either, and find contempt at the very accusation.  I will probably go into more detail about Merfolk magic in a different post.


Again, like the deities, there are so many different kinds of water spirits and this topic in of itself could be an entire article.  So, here is a brief list and some traits about my favorites…


In Greek mythology, the Sirens (Greek singular: Σειρήν Seirēn; Greek plural: Σειρῆνες Seirēnes) were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. Roman poets placed them on some small islands called Sirenum scopuli. In some later, rationalized traditions, the literal geography of the “flowery” island of Anthemoessa was somewhere tucked in a cape, with rocky shores and cliffsides.

Sirens were believed to combine women and birds in various ways. In early Greek art, Sirens were represented as birds with large women’s heads, bird feathers and scaly feet. Later, they were represented as female figures with the legs of birds, with or without wings, playing a variety of musical instruments, especially harps.


These are the elemental spirits of water. Their magic centers upon this element, whose course and function they can control. Undines exist within the water itself and cannot be seen with normal human vision. Their homes are typically within the coral caves in lakes or upon the banks of rivers, though smaller undines may choose to live under lily pads. Their appearance is similar to human beings in most cases, with the exception of those living in smaller streams or ponds. Undine clothing is shimmery, reflecting all the colors of water though green is typically the predominant color.Every body of water is home to undines, from ocean waves, to rocky pools, to marshlands, to rivers, to lakes and ponds. Even waterfalls and fountains have an undine living in their midst.


The shapeshifting selkies, who are also known as silkies or roane (Gaelic for seal), occupy the seas surrounding the Orkney and Shetland isles. The exact nature of their undersea world is uncertain, though some believe it to be encased in giant air bubbles. Their true forms are those of faeries or humans, though they take the form of large seals when traveling the through the oceans. In particular: great seals and grey seals are said to take human forms. Older tales tell that selkies are only able to take on human forms on certain nights of the year, such as Midsummer’s Eve or All Hallows.

Occasionally they encounter humankind, sometimes becoming their mates. A human male may take a selkie female as his wife if he finds her seal skin on the beach and hides it from her. In the end she always recovers the skin and returns to the sea, though she may return occasionally to watch over her human family from the safety of the waves.

A human woman may bear the child of a selkie male if she weeps seven tears or seven drops of blood in the nighttime sea. Such relationships are rarely lasting. Seven years hence, the selkie would return for his child, offering the mother a fee for nursing her own babe.


One of the most dreaded and best known of the Irish faeries is the Banshee, properly named the Beansidhe literally, “woman fairy.” The Irish have many names for her (perhaps they feared invocation of her true name may invoke her presence?) They included: Washer of the Shrouds, Washer at the Banks, Washer at the Ford and the Little Washer of Sorrow. The Scottish called her Cointeach, literally “one who keens.” To the cornish she was Cyhiraeth and to the Welsh either Cyoerraeth or Gwrach y Rhibyn, which translates as “Hag of the Dribble” (to the Welsh she sometimes appear as a male). In Brittany her name is Eur-Cunnere Noe.

The Beansidhe is an extremely beautiful faery, possessing long, flowing hair, red eyes (due to continuous weeping) and light complexions. They typically donn green dresses with gray cloaks. Their wailing foretells of a death nearby, though it never causes such a death (which is why they are wrongly feared.) 

As her other names might suggest, she frequently appears as a washerwoman at the banks of streams. In these cases, she is called the Bean Nighe (pronounced “ben-neeyah”). The clothing she washed takes different forms depending upon the legend. Sometimes it is burial shrouds, others it is the bloodstained clothing of those who will soon die. This particular version of the Bean Sidhe is Scottish in origin and unlike the Irish version, she is extremely ugly, sometimes described as having a single nostril, one large buck tooth, webbed feet and extremely long breasts, which she must throw over her shoulders to prevent them getting in the way of her washing . Her long stringy hair is partially covered with a hood and a white gown or shroud is her main wardrobe. The skin of the Beansidhe is often wet and slimy as if she had just been pulled from a moss covered lake. They are rumored to be the ghosts of women who died in childbirth and will continue to wash until the day they should have died. The keening music of Irish wakes, called caoine, is said to have been derived from the wails of the Beansidhe.


The Sea giveth and the Sea taketh away.  The sea is both mother and reaper, passionate and cold, serene and turbulent, loving and cruel, generous and vicious.  And if you meet a sea witch, you’ll know this to be true:

Neither chains of steel, nor chains of love, can keep her from the Sea.


Bath Magick is the easiest form of witchery to practice, as all you need is a tub and some intent along with things you can easily find around the house or from the kitchen.

Ritual baths are a great way to cleanse your mind, recharge, set your intention and work some magick for the following day or week. Water holds positive energy and has the ability to realign your whole body and mind.

Your basic Bath Magick tools should include:

💧 Salt (coarse sea salt or epsom salt)
💧 dried or fresh herbs
💧 dried or fresh flowers
💧 homemade or store bought essential oils
💧 crystals, rocks or gemstones

The first step to a successful Bath Spell or Ritual Bath is to set up an altar on the rim of the bath or the counter close to your tub. Choose crystals that match your intent, as well as a candle in a color that corresponds to it. Arrange your crystals around your candle and on the rim of the bath. Light the candle to start your ritual.

Draw your bath, adding your salt first for protection and Cleansing, and then follow with your chosen herbs and flowers. Put in a few drops of a corresponding essential oil. If you have a crystal that is safe to use in water, you can add it into the bath. When the temperature is right, get in and soak. Meditate on your intent as you relax and let the water calm you.

When you have finished, rise and blow out the candle, whispering or thinking: The Ritual is now over.

Energizing Bath
🌸 Yellow Candle
🌸 Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye
🌸 Orange slices, lemon slices, cinnamon, mint
🌸 4 drops of Peppermint essential oil (be careful, only a little)

Self Love Bath
🌸 Pink Candle
🌸 Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz
🌸 Rose petals, Rosemary, Lavender Buds
🌸 Geranium or Rose essential oil

Prosperity and Luck Bath
🌸 White Candle
🌸 Aventurine, Pyrite, Snowflake Obsidian, Malachite
🌸 Basil, Parsley, Mint, Thyme
🌸 Sweet Apple essential oil

Calmness and Rest Bath
🌸 Lilac or White Candle
🌸 Amethyst, Clear Quartz
🌸 Lavender leaves, Lavender Buds, Thyme and Rose petals
🌸 Lavender essential oil

Beauty Bath
🌸 Red Candle
🌸 Clear Quartz, Pearls
🌸 Oats, milk powder, red rose petals

Take care that the essential oils you use are safe to use in the bath, and less is always more when it comes to oil!

Soak up the magick!


SEA WITCH Playlist

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 This is for all the sea witches! Hope You love this! :)

Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea | MISSIO

Ocean Eyes | Billie Eilish

Riptide | Vance Joy

Island In The Sun | Weezer

Float on | Modest Mouse

Ocean Breathes Salty | Modest Mouse

Cake By The Ocean | DNCE

Rock You Like A Hurricane | Scorpions

Waves | Mr.Probz

March To The Sea | Twenty One Pilots

Ocean Avenue | Yellowcard

Under The Bridge | Red Hot Chili Peppers

Oceans | Coasts

My Jolly Sailor Bold

Under The Sea | Samuel E. Wright

Oceans Away | ARIZONA

Yellow Submarine | The Beatles

Into Waves | A Little Nothing

How Far I’ll Go | Auli’i Cavalho

Rockaway Beach | Ramones

I Sat By The Ocean | Queens Of The Stone Age

Hotel California | The Eagles

Claimed By The Sea | French For Rabbits

Into The Ocean | Blue October

Written In The Water | Gin WIgmore

When You Were Young | The Killers

Seaside | The KooKs

The Ocean | Led Zeppelin

Only The Ocean | Jack Johnson

Live By The Ocean | The Hoosiers

Children Of The Sea | Black Sabbath

Down By The Seaside | Led Zeppelin

The Heart Of The Sea | Flogging Molly

How I became the sea | Owl city



Moon Snails

🐚 Moon snail seashells belong to a species of predatory sea snails from the Naticidae family. 

🐚 Although Moon Snails vary in size and color, they are round, slightly coiled, and share a spiral shape design. 

🐚 Moon snails are also known as Necklace shells and can be used as a protective talisman or as wards for your home.


  • Cycles
  • Protection
  • Survival
  • Intuition
  • The Moon

Magical Uses:

These seashells can be used to - 

  • Protect you and your loved ones.
  • As Wards for your home.
  • To promote peace and tranquility during meditation.
  • As a talisman when worn as jewelry.
  • As a small flower pot.
  • As an altar tool to represent the Moon or Ocean waves.

My spells and tips that involve Moon Snail Seashells:

Unmarked links with * next to them are wips

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Beachy Keen - Sea Salt Spray

Can’t make it down to the beach or landlocked? Want to carry a bit of the sea with you?  This is the salt spray I made for my wife when she wanted sea kissed waves without leaving the house.


🏝 Spray bottle

🏝 Two cups of boiling water

🏝 Two tablespoons of Epsom Salt

🏝 Two tablespoons of grey salt (can be French or Celtic but if you can’t find either, you can use plain sea salt too)

🏝 Four tablespoons of pink Himalayan sea salt

🏝 One tablespoon of macadamia nut oil (or coconut oil) - this helps your hair as the salt can be very drying

🏝 Four drops of Vitamin E oil - this is optional but it helps your hair as well

🏝 Ten drops of Rose Absolute essential oil

🏝 Four drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil


🏝 Mix the salts in the boiling water to dissolve

🏝 Add the oils and essential oils into a spray bottle

🏝 Once the salt has dissolved in the water, pour it into the bottle but not all the way to the top

🏝 Seal the bottle and shake shake shake to mix the oils and the water and you’re good to go

🏝 When you spray it in your hair always be sure to scrunch for beachy waves

Cleaning and tidying is never a fun activity, but with the use of some domestic magick it can become an enchanting and Cleansing experience!

Here are some tips to make your next housework day magickal!

💧add some peppermint or lavender essential oil into your cleaning wash for peace and extra Cleansing

💧wipe down the walls and surfaces with moon water with added peppermint oil. Your space will smell amazing

💧put on some witchy music or music that corresponds with your intent you want in your space

💧burn some incense or oil in a diffuser to cleanse the air

💧 Sage your living areas

💧when you’re sweeping with a broom, imagine that you’re sweeping negative energy out!

💧put on clean bedding and spray your sheets with a sweet Sleep Mist (recipe is on my blog)

💧sweep your windowsills and place crystals that love the sun on them

💧clean your altar space and redo it

💧find vegetable cuttings and biodegradable leftovers you can mix into compost to nourish your plants

💧when cleaning the floor, pour your cleaning liquid in the shape of a sigil. Wipe and scrub to charge and fire!

💧 draw sigils on your dishes with dishwashing liquid before you wash them

💧wash old jam jars and recycle them to hold moon water or spells

💧visualize negativity leaving your space when you take out the trash

💧If you can put chalk on your floors, draw sigils or write messages under your carpets

💧create or renew any wards you have put up

💧Enchant your mirrors to show your inner beauty

Happy Cleaning!


Mermaids: A Masterpost

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🐚 Mermaids//

🐚 Various Powers of Mermaids 🌊

🐚 mermaid work tips 🌊

🐚 mermaid offerings

🐚 🌊 offerings for mermaids 🌊

🐚 Contacting Mermaids

🐚 An ask about contacting Mermaids


🐚 Mermaid’s Kiss

🐚 Mermaid’s Breath Spell  💋

🐚 Moon Mermaid Rain washing Spell

Tarot Spreads:

🐚 Mermaid’s Song Tarot Spread

🐚 Song to Spread! feat. “No Ordinary Girl” from the show, H2O

the Salt Jinx

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A jinx, (also jynx,) in popular superstition and folklore, is a curse or the attribute of attracting bad luck. Historically, the idea of being “jinxed” or “jynxed” is particularly prominent in nautical contexts. Ships which suffered a series of misfortunes were considered by many sailors to be “jynxed”, and were then avoided. The jynx might be associated with a particular sailor or passenger, who the crew might then seek to remove.  Note: All magic, especially vengeful magic, comes with a price.


–a 4x5 photograph of the negative person who has been rubbing you the wrong way
–two cups of sea salt 
–a teaspoon of ash
–a cauldron, firepit, fire safe bowl
**NOTE:  If you have a larger photo, it will require more salt.


1.  Place the photo on a flat surface outdoors.  Stare into the eyes of your oppressor and begin to take deep breaths.  In through the nose, out through the mouth, breathe these words, “I am the water and you are the salt.  I will dissolve your presence around me.”

2.  Take your salt and begin to slowly pour it over the photo.  Start with their mouth and cover the face.  Say, “Though we must coexist together, I am the tide and you churn because of me.”

3.  Sprinkle the ash over the salt and chant, “You are invisible to me.  No longer can you effect me negatively.”

4.  Pick up the picture and sift off the salt into your container.  Light a match and burn the photograph.  When the fire goes out and the contents have cooled, stir the remainder and sift into a bottle.  Cork it and keep it in a dark area.

5.  If after that, the person continues to effect you, take a pinch of your Salt Jinx and sprinkle it into your hands.  Rub it over all of your palms and fingers, then wash your hands with warm soap and water.  Chant as the Salt Jinx washes down the drain, “I wash my hands of you.  You are, once again, invisible to me.”

when you live far from the sea

To those who feel drawn to the sea, to the ocean, but who are landlocked. There are some thoughts to help you, things to reflect on, that will show you that while your senses may be far from the sea, the rest of you is not.

♋ About 71% of the planet is covered in water. This means that no matter where you are, though the distance may seem great, you are (on a geological scale) quite close to the ocean.

♏Your body is 60 - 65% water. All water comes from and returns to the sea. The ocean is inside you, it is you. You literally carry it with you all the time. That water is also salty, like the ocean. Water is also found in your pets, the trees in your city, the flowers in your garden, the food in your fridge (even bread contains about 10% water).

♓The two things that drive all weather on this planet are the Sun and the Ocean. The sun provides the energy, the ocean does the rest of the work. Everyone on this planet experiences weather - wind, rain, snow, drought, et cetera. The very air your breathe contains moisture (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot). The ocean surrounds you at all times, even if it’s at nearly undetectably small levels.

Some have said “what you’re talking about is water, not the ocean.” I say to that, “On this planet, the difference is of little importance when it comes to this specific topic.”

Now let’s get a little more … philosophical.

♋ Consciousness arises like waves on the ocean. Out of a meeting of several factors and conditions, consciousness appears. It persists and it grows and, eventually, it subsides. Like a wave, like all waves. To be conscious is to be part of something greater than us as individuals. 

“Enlightenment, for a wave in the ocean, is the moment the wave realises it is water.” - Thich Nhat Hahn

♏ In many myths, the origins of the universe are reliant on water, on the ocean. Izanami and Izanagi of Japanese myth churned the primordial oceans with a heavenly spear, when drops of salty water fell from the spear, they created the land. Oceanus in Greek Mythology is the personification of the cosmic sea, a river encircling all of creation; this ocean-stream set the boundary between the world itself and what lie beyond it. In Christian mythology, in the beginning God move across the face of the water before he even began his creation - the water was always there. In Hindu myth, Varuna was one of the first gods and his domain is the ocean; in some texts he is said to be the father of Brahma, the god who created the universe and one of the three deities of the trimurti.

♓ In modern physics there is an idea that the entire universe is permeated by fields of force (electromagnetic, weak nuclear, strong nuclear, and gravitation). When a photon of light appears, it’s said that this is really an excitation in the electromagnetic field. Like plucking a string on a guitar, and the spot where the vibration of that string is the most intense is where you find the photon - which exists not only as a discreet particle but as a probability wave. Indeed, the whole of the universe and all that we see it in it is a field or a sea of forces, with waves arising and falling and, with them, everything we can observe from planets to stars to whole galaxies. Waves are something we can interpret through our bodies as sound, so it’s not entirely crazy to say that everything in the universe is vibrational and, in a way, musical. Therefore, the whole of the cosmos is a symphony. Waves of probability in an ocean of possibility.

Mermaid Offerings

Crystals and Stones: Aquamarine, Pearl, Abalone, Sapphire, Blue Topaz, Blue Agate, Larimar, Opal, Aqua Aura Quartz, Sodalite.

Herbs: Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Coltsfoot, Damiana, Elder, Feverfew, Ivy, Jasmine, Mugwort, Myrrh, Poppy, Skullcap, Thyme, Valerian, Willow, Yarrow, Rose.

Other: Sand (river, beach), water (spring, salt, river), algae, seaweed, coins, mirrors, the moon, mother of pearl, shells, live fish (not to eat), coral, colorful rocks, river stones, shark teeth.

Spells and Magick: Moon magick, love, beauty, fertility, protection.

🌸Mermaid Self Care 🌸

Mermaids are one of my biggest influences and help me when I need to feel empowered and calm. Here are some ways you can connect to your inner mermaid.

💧wash and brush out your hair, and spray it with a sweet smelling Mist or perfume

💧cuddle up with your mermaid tail blanket if you have one, and sip a tea made of vanilla, rosepetals and Rosemary

💧 draw a deep bath and fill it with salt, add blue coloring or a blue bath bomb if you can. Light a white candle and put on some ocean sounds. Close your eyes and submerge yourself in the water, listening to the sounds of the ocean dampened by the water around you.

💧 take off your makeup and slap on some moisturizer, let your bare face breathe

💧 cook a seafood meal - battered hake, garlic prawns and buttery mussels. Eat with only your fingers, savoring the ocean’s bounty

💧 pour some sea sand and water in a jar, add shells and glitter and seal it tight. Shake and watch the sand and glitter swirl to calm you down.

💧 put a shell up to your ear and listen to the waves. If you have a shower, listen to the shell in the shower- you should hear what sounds like mermaids singing

💧 make collages with affirmations and positive messages to use as phone wallpapers or send to friends

💧 buff and file your nails so they’re pretty and sharp

💧 hold a shell in your hand as you’re watching television or lounging around and let its magic flow into you

💧 drink water and hydrate yourself

💧 gaze into a mirror and affirm what you love about all your features

💧 create a sugar scrub and exfoliate your legs

💧 wear pearl jewelry in your ears and around your neck

💧 go to the sea or a swimming pool and float on your back

💧 if you’re landlocked, find earth cams set near beaches so you can watch live streams of the ocean

💧 sing softly to yourself as you go about your day

💧get in touch with your sexuality

💧 meditate on mermaids and the ocean

💧 go to an aquarium and spend some time watching the fish in silence

💧cut ties with negative people in your life

💧 if you’re angry or emotional, let your storm rage and die down naturally


Siren Allure Spell

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Sirens are dangerous creatures, who lure nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. This spell is used to bring allure to your speaking and singing voice, to enchant those around you.  It is best used when a witch is wanting to kill it at an interview, dominate a speech, or perform like the greatest diva.  And it is so simple!


–tablespoon of honey
–bowl of sea salt
–glass of water


  1. Begin outside.  (If you are near a body of water, this would be even better.)  Toss a pinch of salt in each of the four directions, saying:
    Northern sirens of rivers carving stone and dark depths, aid me.
    Eastern sirens of cliff drops into jetties and sea spray, aid me.
    Southern sirens of pale sands and hot lava rock, aid me.
    Western sirens of endless horizon and ancient shipwrecks, aid me.
  2. Make a circle with the remaining sea salt, large enough for you to stand in, and step into it.  Shut your eyes.  Envision the tide rolling in over your toes, kissing your ankles, and drawing you out waist deep.  
  3. Open your eyes and distribute your honey onto a spoon.  Recite the following chant:
    For words sweetened as fresh honey,
    for song as powerful as hurricane gales,
    for confidence as strong as undertow,
    for appearance as alluring as siren maidens.
    I am one with the sea and the sea is in me.
  4. Consume the honey.  Let its warmth spread over your tongue, along your teeth, down your throat, and into your stomach.  Concentrate on that heat and feel it spread through your veins.
  5. Taking your glass of water, drink the entirety of it.  When you are finished, say: My siren spell begins now and all will be enchanted.
  6. Step out of the circle and your spell is complete.  It should last one full day.

Hope this helps, darlings!

Simple Beauty Sea Spell

A simple Sea spell for seeing your inner and/or outer beauty.

Timing: Low Tide; Morning.

What you’ll need:

  • A Clam Seashell (or any other seashell will do).
  • Sea water.


  • When at the beach, take your seashell and stand near the shore during low tide.
  • While holding your seashell, concentrate on the seashell’s purpose you want it to serve for this spell.
  • Lower your seashell and fill it with salt water.
  • Bring the seashell close enough to your face to see yourself in the water you’ve just collected.
  • While looking at your reflection, focus on any good qualities you want to possess. Then say,

As I stare into the Sea,

I wish to see all that I want to be.

  • Once you’re done, pour the saltwater back into the Sea and thank the Ocean for it’s blessings.
The Domestic Garden Witch: I Sea What Ye Did There!

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

Where The Garden Meets The Sea

This is a little garden idea that might not be accessible for everyone. However, I live very close to the ocean, and as the days begin to get longer and the weather warmer, the beach becomes more and more of a destination (yes, even when you live right there, you still wind up wanting to go down and sunbathe, swim, explore tide pools, and spend the rest of the day cleaning sand out of places you didn’t know you had). It makes sense, then, to look at sea shells as an option for incorporating into garden witchery.

Most often, I’ve seen seashells used as no more than decorative additions to gardens, carefully placed among flower beds and succulent gardens as accents, or incorporated into the container either by having been cemented or glued in. But very rarely do I ever see shells be used as the container for a plant.

Ideally, you may have to use small succulents for this project, as their shallow root systems and limited size allow them to grow with very little trouble, depending upon what shell you’re using. Take a reasonably sized seashell (conches like the one pictured above work, but here on California’s Central Coast, I feel abalone is much more appropriate) and check to see if it has any breathing holes (some species have holes in the shells to facilitate the movement of water into and out of the creature’s gills without having to be exposed to predators - this is particularly noticeable in abalone). If it does not, carefully drill small holes into the bottom of the shell to promote drainage.

Using a fine gravel (aquarium gravel works well), place a drainage layer into the shell before adding your potting mix and plants. Water them and make sure they get plenty of sunlight!

This is an excellent way of bringing a bit of both the sea and the garden into a dorm room, windowsill, or even into a well-lit bathroom!

How Can I Witch This?

Continuing with last week’s theme of focusing on the material of the container rather than the decorations that can be added to it, seashells are an exceptional addition to a practice if you have a bit of a connection with the element of water.

Seashells have long been used for various reasons ranging from divination tools to eating utensils to decorative and fashionable trinkets, and even as currency (as is the case with cowry and abalone).

When working with shells, consider the creature they come from, and how they may play a role in your practice. For instance, abalone (I know I mention it quite a bit, but it’s one of my favorites and is strongly linked to local history) is a form of sea snail that was often caught for food. Not only is it therefore linked with prosperity and health in addition to water, it is also linked to well-being and financial stability - both the meat and the shells were often traded between Native American tribes in the area. The inside of an abalone shell is lined with Mother of Pearl, a beautiful substance that can be linked with money, protection, and feminine beauty. All of these aspects come to play in the way that I use abalone shells in my practice, and this is a great example of how to approach using seashells in your work.

Try to use shells that correspond with the plants that you’re using to enhance those properties, and you could even treat the shells much like you would stones if you make multiple gardens, creating garden grids that further enhance the energies you’re trying to bring into your life!

Using a seashell as a gardening container is a potent symbol for life-giving energies. Though the earth is most often associated with motherhood, so too is water linked with life, and the sea nearly always connected with feminine qualities in some way or another. As such, a shell garden like this could make for a beautiful and potent charm for expectant mothers or couples who are trying to have a child. If you’re a male witch trying to get in touch with your femininity, this is a great form of spellwork for such a purpose, as well.

So next time you walk along the beach and find an abandoned shell, consider whether such a gift is meant for such a beautiful union with the earth!

May all your harvests be bountiful!
Blessed Be! )O(

Seas of change - spell jar

I like a new moon, it always brings a death of your old self and a rebirth, shedding your skin and starting anew.

This is a spell jar to help promote positive change and transformation in your life. 

I used lobster shells, which are great for transformation as lobsters shed by literally escaping from their old shell and using water and oxygen to breathe life into their new one.

When to do this spell

Do this spell for a during a new moon.


🌊 Bits of lobster shell - whatever you can find is fine. I used the body and the tail. The lobster is the embodiment of self change and transformation
🌊 Sand - for grounding
🌊 Sea salt - for cleansing and evoking the sea
🌊 Iolite chips - to be a catalyst for change and help with future visualisation
🌊 Moonstone chips - for spiritual awareness but it’s also here because the moon helps change the tides
🌊 Opal chips - for spontaneity
🌊 Rose Quartz chips - for self love
🌊 Adventurine chips - for motivation and self esteem
🌊 Jar with a lid or cork


🌊 Add a layer of sand to the bottom

🌊 Add a layer of sea salt

🌊 I mixed all the chips together and added them as a layer but you can do each as an individual layer

🌊 If your jar is small, like the one in the picture, put the shell in a bag and give it a good whack to make them smaller or break it down with a mortar and pestle. Add as a last layer

🌊 To charge the jar and before you cork or seal it, take a moment to think about what you want to change in your life. Take a deep breath and exhale into the jar to breathe new life into it. Your breath acts like the wind, which helps carry the sea along.

🌊 Every time you want to re-change your jar, remove the lid, take a moment to centre yourself and breathe new life into your jar.



Even if you’re not a fan of yoga, this flexibility meditation will help you connect with your inner magick and siren, and can be performed for anything from 10 to 30 minutes depending on how much time you have.


Before you begin, gather the required items and roll out your yoga mat or beach towel.

💧arrange your crystals in a grid or pattern at the head of your mat or towel, with the shells on either side.

💧hold your Wand in your dominant hand, and your seaweed or feather in the other.

💧tune your mind into the sea and mysticism.


1) with your wand and feather start at Position one on the guide. Use Diagram 1: Cleansing to guide your arm motions. Sweep your arms up and out, visualizing negative energy leaving your body.

2) move on to Positions 2 and 3, stretching out your back and legs. As you roll back up, lift your Wand and feather in swooping motions directing your energy. Once upright, roll out your shoulders to the front and back. If you’re familiar with ballet, you can incorporate a short Port de Bras.

3) sit in the frog position with your feet on your mat, as shown in Position 4 on the guide, with your feet pressed together. Stretch your inner legs by pushing your knees down to the ground. At this point you may place your feather and Wand at the front of your crystal grid.

4) extend your legs forward and point and flex your feet. Bend over and try to put your head onto your knees. Then scissor them out so they make a wide V shape. Keep your back straight. Take your shells and place them at every foot. Refer to Diagram 2: Protection and take your Wand and feather again. Leaning over as far as you can in that semi side split position, point them at your first shell, then the crystals, and then the other using the line motion on the diagram. Repeat a few times both ways.

5) place your Wand and feather down and take a shell in each hand, and roll out your shoulders once more. Then place them at the head of your mat again.

6) move into Position 5 and stretch out your stomach and back in the cat/cow pose a few times. Then slide back into position 6, child’s pose.

7) move through Positions 7 and 8. If you want you could also bend your legs so your feet are towards your head. In Position 9, sit for a minute and then grab your favorite crystal. then lie flat on your back and place the crystal on your forehead. Lift your legs into the air (you may bend them) and rotate them clockwise and anti clockwise a few times.

8) put your legs down and relax feeling the crystal on your forehead soothe you.

9) come back up into guide Postion 1 once more and repeat step 1.

You should now feel realigned, cleansed and calm as the ocean ⚓️


Properties of Sands

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft

⌲ Beach Sand: Use for calming or anxiety spells to gradually wash away and smooth out fear/negativity, for spells of change, or in magick for motivation or strength

Desert Sand: Use for cursing to “dry out” your target of wealth/luck/happiness/etc, or add to a resilience spell for the capability to grow through hard times or situations

⌲ River Sand: Use for spells that are focused on moving on physically or mentally, or for change and/or healing magick - Can also serve as an elemental water offering

⌲ Volcanic Sand: Use for destructive spells or curses, in magick to reveal deeper or hidden meanings/feelings, or for banishing magick - Can also serve as an elemental fire offering

 Heavy Mineral/Crystal Sand: (Sands with significant presence of Quartz, Garnet, Olivine, Hematite, etc.) Use in magick for personal growth, focus, or motivation. If you have a sand heavily composed of a specific gemstone (quartz, for example) usable as a substitute for that gemstone in spellwork.

⌲ Black Sand: Use for protection, banishing, or negativity-based spells

 Biogenic Sand: (Sand composed majorly of bioorganisms - shells, skeletons, bones, corals, etc.) Use in magick for healing or protection

Charging Sea Shells

Let’s charge some sea shells to aid us in our spell work, sea witches and hags!  The simplest way is to give them an ocean bath and to give them purpose once more.


  • sand
  • salt water (I also add storm water mixed in)
  • seaweed (optional)
  • a glass bowl
  • large spoon


1.  On the night of a full moon, you will take a large bowl fill bottom with sand.  Place shells in the sand and bury them about halfway into it.  If you have seaweed, now would be the time to also place it in the bowl.  

2.  Take your bowl outside and fill the remainder with your saltwater.  Place both hands on the sides of the bowl and chant:

Mother Ocean and Lady Sea–

Once more, I return these children of yours

to the comforting embrace of sand and water.

For one night, let tides churn and cleanse them

of all energy amassed on land.

Bless them by the light of the Moon,

which turns your heavenly waters

from which we came.

3.  Using your large spoon, you will give your bowl a stir three-times clockwise.  With each turn, you will say:

Tumult of riptide, strip away negativity.

Serenity of wave, increase tranquility.

Darkness of depth, deliver vitality.

4.  Leave the shells to charge overnight.  In the morning, remove them from their watery bed and rinse them with more saltwater.  Leave them out to dry outside until twilight and then they will be ready to use once again.  Cleanse shells once a month to keep them energized!