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Nokimatano -  A Zora Language

I created a language for those of you who want a unique language to have your Deep Sea Zora OCs to speak. THIS IS NOT COMPLETE. These are just some of the basics you’d need to form some basic phrases. I need to create a full lexicon as well. 

Nokimatano is a diglossic language that varies in its spoken and written forms.

Word Order

Nokimatano is an SOV language in its written form and OSV in its written form for simple statements. Questions take on the VSO word order in the written form while in the spoken form questions have a VOS form.

In the written language, the word order is:

Subject - Direct Object - Verb - Indirect Object

While in the spoken language it is:

Direct Object - Subject - Indirect Object - Verb

Certain parts of a sentence can be excluded, like pronouns under certain circumstances. Indirect object pronouns can be dropped and it would be understood as “it.”

If there is a noun and an adjective, there is no need to have the verb “to be.” It will be understood.

It is also not uncommon for a speaker to drop the subject if it has already been mentioned in conversation. 

Adjectives are placed after nouns in the written form and before in the spoken form. With adverbs the situation is reversed.

Written: Erton kirom - “tree small”

Spoken: Kirom erton - “small tree”

Written: rathearal sapelisepika - “to bravely fight”

Spoken: sapelisepika rathearal - “to fight bravely”

If a modifying phrase is included, in follows the same rules as adjectives and adverbs

English: The boy near the tree

Written: Rigao nokat erton - boy by tree

Spoken:  Aligya nokat erton rigao - tree by boy

You might’ve noticed there is an extra word in the second example, this word, “aligya” is used to denote a prepositional phrase in Nokimatano. There are a number of other words that indicate various other modifying phrases, but for the sake of brevity, I’m not going over very single one.


Nouns in Nokimatano have no grammatical gender but they are grouped together into two groups. The first group consists of nouns that end in a consonant, and the second consists of nouns ending in a vowel. There is no other grouping of nouns in the language. There are also no articles in the language, similar to Slavic languages, irl.

Nouns that end in a vowel include:

Athiskire - A spiritual religion native to the islands

Unovo - Mountain

Inisokla - Kindness

Nouns ending in a consonant include:

Logyas - Language

Izouk - Quiz

Isotan - Friend

Plurals are formed by the addition of the “-o” suffix if it ends in a consonant and “-no” suffix if it ends in a vowel. For example:

Unovo - Mountain

Unovono - Mountains

Izouk - Quiz

Izouko - Quizzes

Nouns in written Nokimatano have two noun declensions, an object declension and a subject declension that has two forms, again based on final letter. The suffix “-agon” denotes a subject with a consonant ending while “-kagon” denotes a subject with a vowel ending.

Unovokagon - Mountain (subj.)

Izoukagon - Quiz (subj.)

The ending “-erai” denotes an object with a consonant ending. The ending “-kerai” denotes an object with a vowel ending.

Unovokerai - Mountain (obj.)

Izoukerai - Quiz (obj.)

Neither of these endings are used in the spoken language. If the subject or object is plural, the plural suffix attaches before the subject or object declensions and the vowel-first ending is used.

Izoukokerai - Quizzes (obj.)

To mark the possessive, attach an A prefix before with an apostrophe between the prefix and the word. This is denoted in the spoken form as a small pause or hitch.

A’unovo - Mountain’s

A’logyas - Language’s

Nouns can be converted to verbs by adding the “-ika” ending to the end of a noun that ends in a consonant, and “-nika” if it ends in a vowel. Then treat it like a regular verb.

Izouk - Quiz

Izoukika - To quiz, To question


There are seven pronouns in Nokimatano, these are:

Eng. - DSZ

I - Geo

You - Isese

He/She - Tosaf

It - Igao

We -  Geono

You all -  Iseseno

They -  Igaono

Pronouns conjugate according to the rules above.


Verbs conjugate based on who the speaker is but not on time, as time is expressed as a suffix.

Conjugation follows this pattern:

Pronoun - Ending

Geo - “-eo”

Isese - “-es”

Tosaf/Igao - “-ega”

Geono - “-eon”

Iseseno - “eson”

Igaono - “-egaon”

Verbs can be identified by the “-ika” ending in their infinitive form

Imrexika - “to run”

To conjugate, drop the “-ika” ending and add the appropriate one. No tense is understood as present tense.

I run - Imrexeo

They run - Imrexegaon

To indicate time, add a time indicator suffix that corresponds to the appropriate ending. Add after the subject conjugation.

Past (vowel ending) - “-fore”

Past (consonant ending) - “-afore.”

Future (vowel ending) - “-milo”

Future (consonant ending) - “-amilo”


I ran - Imrexeofore 

They will run - Imrexegaonamilo

To create a gerund, add the ending “-osos” to the end of the verb stem.

Imrexika - To run

Imrexosos - Running

To speak about a continuous action, use the verb “to do” and then the gerund. Then conjugate the verb “to do” for subject and time.

Anokika imrexosos - to be running

I will be running - Anokeomilo imrexosos.

In most cases (Excluding the third person singular Tosaf/Igao conjugation) no pronouns are needed, as they are understood.

Adverbs and Adjectives

Adverbs and adjectives don’t conjugate for their respective nouns and verbs and their placement in a sentence is discussed in the Word Order section.

Sample sentences


Nokimatano (Written)

Nokimatano (Spoken)

Word for word (Written)

Word for word (Spoken)

I went to the store and bought apples.

Pateofore tin imataskakagon, dei imlonokerai ragoseofore.

Pateofore tin imataska, dei imlono ragoseofore.

(I) go (past) - to - store, and - apples (plu.) (obj.) - (I) buy (past). 

Adagyia will give me food.

Adagyia firoterai idrotegamilo tin geokerai.

Firot Adagyia tin geo idrotegamilo.

Adagyia - food (Obj.) - gives (future) - to me

Food - Adagyia - to - me - gives (future)

Love is like the sea. It’s a moving thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from the shore it meets, and it’s different with every shore.
—  Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God
Zora Race

Subraces split between the classical river zora from anything pre-ocarina of time and link between worlds and the sea zora more prominent in games post-ocarina, could probably make for good rangers and warlocks. I was originally thinking of just reflavoring triton for the theoretical campaign but a lot of their traits weren’t very fitting for river zora or zora in general.

Keep reading

Human Prince Sidon and Zora Link are so pleased to be together. :)

Shoutout to Art_Phantom on AO3 for the idea of Zora Link having a koi fish head! :D ‘Cuz koi symbolize good luck and courage and all that great stuff.

This version of human Prince Sidon was inspired by @cuteouji‘s human Sidon outfit and @starhoodies‘s Sidon’s fluffy-hair! <3 You guys are such talented artists. >~<

The background is just words I wrote on a whim, without much editing. If I were to edit it, it would probably read:

And there before Sidon, Link stood, no longer a boy or a girl or both or neither, but a beautiful golden sea creature, a Zora with the head of a koi fish and tapering fins, a being with a slight but strong frame, and with the same most brilliant blue eyes Sidon had come to know.

“I’m sorry,” the Zora spoke, in a voice soft as the song that had healed Sidon the night he was shipwrecked. “I wish I could’ve told you before, but I couldn’t.”

Link was afraid of what the prince would think of him – would he treat him entirely as someone else?

“I understand,” the prince said, in a voice quieter than Link had ever heard from him. “So it was you. Oh, I can’t believe I didn’t realize sooner. But please, do not look so sad, dear one. I would never want to cause you worry.”

Later, Sidon promised himself, he would tell Link – for he dearly wished to, though he was yet shy – that Link was still, and now even more so, the loveliest being he had ever been graced to know. He had become surer of this with time.

The prince’s expression was earnest, gentler than Link remembered ever seeing him. Touched by his warmth, Link was heartened. With gratefulness he felt he could keep trusting in the prince and his kindness. And in that moment, Link wanted nothing more.

“Link?” Prince Sidon spoke. “Are you well? You seem a little faint…”

You know, papa, sometimes–I reckon my longing to get away makes me feel this way…I feel that I am just earth, soil lying helpless to move myself, but thinking. I seem to hear herds of big beasts like horses and cows thundering over me, and rains beating down; and winds sweeping furiously over–all acting upon me, but me, well, just soil, feeling but not able to take part in it all. Then a soft wind like love passes over and warms me, and a summer rain comes down like understanding and softens me, and I push a blade of grass or a flower, or maybe a pine tree–that’s the ground thinking. Plants are ground thoughts, because the soil can’t move itself. Whenever I see little whirls of dust sailing down the road I always step aside–I don’t want to stop ‘em ‘cause they’re on their shining way–moving! Oh, yes, I’m a dreamer…I have such wonderfully complete dreams, papa. They never come true. But even as my dreams fade I have others.
—  Zora Neale Hurston, “John Redding Goes to Sea”
30 Day classic Zelda drawing Challenge

This blog, once dedicated to the first four Zelda games, now covers all of the Legend of Zelda games in the Downfall timeline. That includes The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, A Link Between Worlds, and on rare occasions, Ocarina of Time. And now we have our own drawing challenge. Each day is based off of a quote from one of the games.

Feel free to bend the rules a little. I’d very much appreciate tagging this “classic zelda drawing”, along with any other tags, so that I can reblog the artwork here. Good luck, I can’t wait to see what comes of this.

Day 1 - It’s Dangerous to go alone! Draw Link obtaining any one of his swords from any of the downfall games.

Day 2 - Can Hyrule’s destiny really depend on such a lazy boy? Draw Link asleep or just waking up.

Day 3 - Tres Bien! I see you have recovered all of the leaves! Draw a crossover with Link, and another character from the 8 and 16 bit era.

Day 4 - Do not go south without a candle! Draw Link exploring someplace dark.

Day 5 - I am Error! Draw a minor NPC character from one of the downfall games.

Day 6 - It’s a secret to everybody! Draw a scene set in one of the downfall games with “It’s a secret to everybody!” as dialogue written into it.

Day 7 - Zelda is your… Draw a first meeting between Link and Zelda

Day 8 - I got to meet a real, live, genuine hero! Draw your favorite side character from one of the downfall games!

Day 9 - Wow! This is a nice chest! Draw Link obtaining or using your favorite item from the downfall games.

Day 10 - I believe that a hero will rescue them… Draw one of the sages from A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds, or Ocarina of Time.

Day 11 - Buy something will ya? Draw Link in a shop from one of the downfall games.

Day 12 - Please look up the manual for details.  Redraw your own take on any sprite of your choosing from one of the NES, SNES, Gameboy, or Gameboy Color Zelda games.

Day 13 - It is an endless cycle of life… the changing seasons! Draw a character from a downfall game in a scene emphasizing Spring, Autumn, Winter, or Summer. 

Day 14 - I got startled when they asked for my banana. Draw Link riding Epona, Moosh, Ricky, or Dimitri. 

Day 15 - If all else fails, use fire! Draw Link using a magic spell or a magic item.

Day 16 - Grumble Grumble… Draw one of the regular enemies from one of the downfall games.

Day 17 - What? You’re dating Rosa?  Draw a character pairing you like, it can be romantic or a platonic friendship piece if you prefer.

Day 18 - If Ambi is slain, Ralph will never exist!  Draw an alternate reality. 

Day 19 - Don’t think us noble sea Zoras the same as those savage, vulgar river Zoras! Draw one of the many races from the downfall games. Get creative and make it into your own character!

Day 20 - Please Remember this song! And remember me! Draw a scene in the downfall games involving music.

Day 21 - Eyes of Ganon are everywhere. Draw one of the bosses from the downfall games.

Day 22 - I can restore your Health. Draw Link recuperating after a battle

Day 23 - Guess what? You got it for free. Are you proud of yourself? Draw Link getting into some kind of trouble.

Day 24 - You’re a boy! You don’t need it. Draw a character in a downfall game as a different gender.

Day 25 - The Wizard is an inhuman fiend with strong magical powers! Draw Dark Link, Aganhim, Nightmare, Onox, Varan, or Yuga.

Day 26 - Spectacle Rock is an entrance to Death! Draw the King of Evil, Ganon.

Day 27 - It’s an essence that transcends history.  Draw a Link from one of the downfall games in the art style of a non downfall game, or vise-versa.  

Day 28 - The Destiny of this land is in your hands. Draw a landscape from somewhere in the downfall games

Day 29 - When I discovered you Link, my heart skipped a beat! Design your very own incarnation of the hero, Link. You don’t have to use the downfall games as inspiration, just do what you want.

Day 30 - Thanks Link! You’re the hero of Hyrule! As your final drawing, draw a celebration! Be sure to include Link and Zelda, and anyone else you’d like!