sea water ice

❄Ice Witch Things❄

❄taking ice baths to relax
❄always smelling like pine and fir
❄clear quartz and snowflake obsidian EVERYWHERE
❄cleansing crystals by freezing them in water
❄holding ice in your hands for grounding
❄Ice divination!
❄freezing herbs in ice cube trays
❄working with clouds/snow
❄well versed in poetry and fairytales
❄hot chocolate magic
❄always wearing white and blue
❄connecting to animals like seals, polar bears, killer whales, and foxes
❄Ice potions
❄working with northern/ice mermaids and fae
❄popsicle magic
❄ house/apartment is always freezing cold
❄having the best robes and blankets ever
❄drinking tea iced instead of hot

WATER VOCABULARY – English – italianoespañol

water – (l’)acqua [f.](el) agua [f.]

lake – (il) lago(el) lago

pond – (lo) stagno, (l’)acquitrino [m.](el) estanque

river – (il) fiume(el) río

stream – (il) ruscello(el) riachuelo, (el) arroyo

waterfall – (la) cascata(la) catarata, (la) cascada, (el) salto de agua

sea – (il) mare(el) mar

wave – (l’)onda [f.](la) ola

tide – (la) marea(la) marea

high tide – (l’)alta marea(la) marea alta, (la) pleamar

low tide – (la) bassa marea(la) marea baja, (la) bajamar

ocean – (l’)oceano [m.](el) océano

cloud – (la) nuvola, (la) nube(la) nube

rain – (la) pioggia (la) lluvia

precipitation – (la) precipitazione (la) precipitación

storm – (il) temporale(la) tormenta

ice – (il) ghiaccio(el) hielo

ice crystal – (il) cristallo di ghiaccio(el) cristal de hielo

glacier – (il) ghiacciaio(el) glaciar

snow – (la) neve(la) nieve

snowflake – (il) fiocco di neve(el) copo de nieve

hail – (la) grandine(el) granizo

frost – (la) brina(la) escarcha

water vapor, water vapour, aqueous vapor – (il) vapore acqueo (el) vapor de agua

dew – (la) rugiada(el) rocío

mist – (la) foschia [«i» is the stressed vowel](la) neblina

fog – (la) nebbia(la) niebla

humidity – (l’)umidi[f.](la) humedad

flood – (l’)inondazione [f.] (la) inundación

seaquake – (il) maremoto (el) maremoto

aridity – (l’)aridità [f.] (la) aridez

drought – (la) siccità(la) sequía

irrigation – (l’)irrigazione [f.] (la) irrigación

water well – (il) pozzo(el) pozo

aqueduct – (l’)acquedotto [m.] (el) acueducto

dam – (la) diga(la) presa, (la) represa, (el) dique

pool – (la) piscina(la) piscina

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[Please, feel free to correct my mistakes and/or add other words. Thank you!]

GOT7 at the Beach

Youngjae: brings coco with, inflates a kiddie pool so she can play, spends most of the time running to the ocean for sea water. Drops half his ice cream cone in the sand and begs Jaebum to buy him a new one

Jinyoung: wore a giant hat & long sleeved shirt. Kicked off his sandals and says he’s feeling crazy. SPF 80, even though he spends 5 minutes lecturing GOT7 on how anything above SPF 45 is a rip off. Reads a book with his headphones in and ignores the world

Jaebum: spends the first hour trying to play sports, gives up when he realizes Mark and Jackson are taking things seriously. Spends the rest of the day sitting next to Jinyoung with a towel draped over his head, yelling every now and then at Bambam to put the glass down

Mark: plays every beach game Jackson brought. Has a large band of followers but is too IN IT TO WIN IT to care. Turns out he can surf, even though he’s never done it before? Punches a shark on the nose but tells no one

Yugyeom: the only one able to open up the beach umbrella. Keeps being flirted with by girl lifeguards but has no idea what’s happening. Saves Bambam from drowning in the ocean, forgets to reapply sunscreen and burns like a lobster

Bambam: wears sunglasses that are a cool color but offer zero protection against the actual sun. brings speakers, starts a dance circle in the sand with strangers. Has a pile of seashells on his towel, one of them turns out to be a crab

Jackson: brought a volleyball, boogie board, kite, two beach balls and one extra-large towel with tropical fish on it. Runs across the sand yelling about how hot it is. Runs into the waves yelling how cold they are. Runs into Jaebum and tackles him to the ground