sea turtles


A Tasty Solution 

Saltwater Brewery created an answer to floating plastic six pack rings harming the ocean environment and its creatures. Their rings are edible and made from wheat and barley leftover from the beer making process. It’s a great way for the brewery to cut back on waste product and provides a snack for fish and other sea dwelling animals. If more companies recycled like this maybe we could cut down on the amount of garbage polluting our waters daily.

Kudos, Saltwater Brewery.



Whale Sharks, Sea Turtles, and Smelly Peace Corps Volunteers taking a swim off of the coast of Nosy Be, Madagascar in the Mozambique Channel. 

Here are some things I know now: 

  • Whale Sharks are sharks not whales. 
  • They eat plankton, not humans.
  • They look super cuddly.
  • Marine Biologists are currently studying where they go during the 9 months of the year when tourists are not visiting them in Nosy Be (the months that aren’t September, October, and November)
  • They are covered in mucus so we can’t touch them
  • Sea Turtles eat sea grass and chill in shallow water
  • Sea Turtles swim faster than me
  • Sea Turtles are HUGE and they have nice butts
  • Peace Corps Volunteers are super uncoordinated and exiting a boat quickly while wearing fins and snorkels is no where near as slick as our militaristic counterparts (navy/marine corps) would be

Sea turtles find their way to the ocean after being released by a group of local tourists visiting a conservation centre in Pariaman, West Sumatra

Photograph: Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images

“How beautiful! Are you waiting for me to feed you? I won’t, my dear. I won’t, right? Only if authorized.“

//Lary: So my mom is out on vacations and yesterday she visited the "Projeto Tamar Arembepe - BA”. The “Tamar Project” is an organization that focuses on protecting, rescuing, treating, rehabilitating and releasing sea turtles in Brasil! They also map the nests, protecting them against egg thieves and people “accidentaly” stumbling on them. When the turtles are born, they retrieve them, run a medical exam and wait to release them just before sunset, when the sand isn’t too hot. Mom recorded a 4 minutes video of this kind of release too, but unfortunately WhatsApp didn’t send it entirely to me, so I’ll wait for when she’s back to get the whole video.

This one turtle was found stranded on a beach and is currently receiving the medical attention to recover and be released back into the ocean.