sea shell home

Items found in nature that can be placed on a Witch’s altar or home
  • Sea Shells: This is good to have around the house if you practice sea witchcraft
  • Stones: These don’t have to be gemstones-lots of rocks
    have a natural beauty while having no monetary
    whatsoever, and river stones can be particularly pretty.
  • Feathers: Keep in mind that it is illegal to own eagle feathers,
    and those of some other endangered species.
  • Leaves
  • Pine cones
  • Beach glass: This is glass been tumbled by the waves.
  • Flowers, both fresh and dried
  • Herbs, both fresh and dried: Many herbs have lovely flowers,
  • Acorns
  • Snakeskins: Snakes often shed their skins and leave them
    behind mostly intact. Snakes are a symbol of change,
    growth, and rebirth, so if you are doing magickal work
    involving these elements, a snakeskin might be a good
    thing to put on your altar (unless snakes freak you out,
    of course).
  • Antlers: At certain times of the year, you can sometimes find
    antlers that have been shed by deer (or other animals,
    depending on where you live).
  • Bird nests: Once the birds are through using them, you
    can often find compact and intricate nests. Just be sure they’re not the kind of nests that birds use year after year

Witchcraft on a Shoestring: Practice the Craft Without Breaking Your Budget by Deborah Blake

Charm Jar: Fertility and a Happy Home

You will need: 

Red Sandalwood: invoking Venus
Star Anise (ground): attraction, lust, physical coupling
Bay Laurel: wish fulfillment, luck
Raspberry Leaf: uterine health, fertility
Salt: purification
Ginger (ground): health, vitality, nausea relief
Acorns: abundance, growth, fertility
One snail shell or sea shell: snail shells represent home, sea shells represent lunar tides and menstrual cycles

Combine salt, ginger, and star anise. Layer in a jar with red sandalwood chips. Top the layers with the larger inclusions (acorns, shell, bay leaf, star anise if using whole pods).

Seal the jar and knot a ribbon around the neck, focusing your energy on fullness, health, and smiling babies.

Optional: anoint the jar with dew drops and charge it under a full moon.