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Bonjour à tous, un premier essai de diffusion de mes dessins et illustrations sur Society6 avec des Coquillages et fossiles de Normandie peint à l’aquarelle à la manière des gravures botaniques du XIXème. Disponible en impression mais aussi sur différents supports comme le tapis de bain (splendide !), coques de portables…

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Hello everyone, a first attempt to spread my drawings and illustrations on Society6 with Shells and fossils from Normandy painted in watercolor in the manner of botanical engravings of the XIXth. Available in print but also on various supports such as the bath mat (splendid!), Laptop cases

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storm the gods - Chapter 2 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 2 title:  Everyone talks now but no one is right

Chapter 2 word count: 3245


Killua sculpts lightning in the palm of his hand, between deft fingers and with eyes that glitter in the glow of its spark.

Chapter 2 is up! You get to meet Killua and learn who his goldy parent is…I hope you all approve ^^ Here’s the pjo tag if you want to see other stuff about this fic (asks, quotes, etc). Swim is a great song to listen to while reading this by the way!

@softkillua is my beta and a GREAT beta at that, so big thank you to him as always for proofreading <3 And thank you dear reader for being so interested in this fic!!! I was really touched by all the comments, reblogs, likes, etc that the first chapter received, it all means more to me than you know ^^ 

Gon only knows a handful of facts about the boy no one talks about.

One: Killua- whose name Gon learns from one of the nymphs because no one else will say  anything - is the most evasive person Gon’s ever met. (Besides his father, that is.) Gon spends hours trying to chase after him class, after practice, after meals. He turns up empty-handed every time.

Two: Killua has silver-white hair but blends into crowds and shadows like he wants to disappear and never be found again.

Three: Killua has eyes bluer than the sea on a clear day, brighter than the stars in the night sky. They’re angled and sharp and prettier than anything Gon’s ever seen before.

And four-

Killua really, really, really likes chocolate. He once ate a whole chocolate-fudge cake by himself after dinner and Gon hasn’t witnessed anything quite as impressive as that since.

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Charm Jar: Fertility and a Happy Home

You will need: 

Red Sandalwood: invoking Venus
Star Anise (ground): attraction, lust, physical coupling
Bay Laurel: wish fulfillment, luck
Raspberry Leaf: uterine health, fertility
Salt: purification
Ginger (ground): health, vitality, nausea relief
Acorns: abundance, growth, fertility
One snail shell or sea shell: snail shells represent home, sea shells represent lunar tides and menstrual cycles

Combine salt, ginger, and star anise. Layer in a jar with red sandalwood chips. Top the layers with the larger inclusions (acorns, shell, bay leaf, star anise if using whole pods).

Seal the jar and knot a ribbon around the neck, focusing your energy on fullness, health, and smiling babies.

Optional: anoint the jar with dew drops and charge it under a full moon.

devotional poetry 6/8

When your toes, new-freed, touch that wet earth, as at birth;
when the salt-spray, new-loving each time, curls your hair, She’s there,
Her fingers fangling sea-braids from the currents, from the air.

She arose from the seafoam -
sea-shell Her sea-home -
a single pearl on those million-waters.

Cold porcelain touch beckoning Her lovers, Her daughters,
She siren song calls:

“Warm your bodies, my loves, be reborn as authors.”

And we’re dying to make it, to name it,
to grasp the sea-song of the waves and tame it.

But we win just as we lose:
she slips through my hand, like sand,
and like a pearl from the ocean,
mortal words are all that sprang.