sea shell decor

🍁 Discreet witchy things to do during autumn 🍁

  1. Go for a walk. Go to your nearest natural space (a park, a forest, the beach) and collect all kinds of treasures, like acorns, fallen leaves, sea glass, shells, little stones…
  2. Decorate your space with an autumnal theme. Use orange and earthy colours, use the stuff you’ve found during your walks. Light a candle with a scent that you love. A cozy blanket is always a good idea.
  3. Prepare some snacks. You can brew some hot cocoa using blessed spices. Bake some cinnamon cookies or a pumpkin bread. Take sage and lavender tea. As you have your treats, be thankful for all you have, and all you have archieve.
  4. Clean and protect yourself. Enchant your dorm’s door to keep away unpleasant visitors. Enchant your book to return when they’re borrowed. Burn some nag-champa incense and let the smoke take your negative energy away. Scrub some sea salt during shower time… There are thousands of discreet methods to keep yourself protected and clean.
  5. Stay healthy. Drink water. Eat your veggies. Go and exercise. Meditate. Keep warm in cold time. By talking care of yourself, your ability to focus will increase, as your magic power. Don’t forget that magic is nothing but determination and a projection of your will.

Bonjour à tous, un premier essai de diffusion de mes dessins et illustrations sur Society6 avec des Coquillages et fossiles de Normandie peint à l’aquarelle à la manière des gravures botaniques du XIXème. Disponible en impression mais aussi sur différents supports comme le tapis de bain (splendide !), coques de portables…

Un œil dans la boutique…

N’hésitez pas à partager,

Merci à tous !

Hello everyone, a first attempt to spread my drawings and illustrations on Society6 with Shells and fossils from Normandy painted in watercolor in the manner of botanical engravings of the XIXth. Available in print but also on various supports such as the bath mat (splendid!), Laptop cases

The shop
Feel free to share,

Thank you all!

How Skeletons celebrate Christmas, Part 1

The skeletons and I took a couple of pictures while we were celebrating Christmas.

I got some presents for them to open.

The two on the side were for all of them to enjoy together, but these three were for them individually.

Saturday was too impatient to wait and began opening their present immediately.

It was a set of flowers for their room!

They told me they like it.

Now that they had their own present, Saturday was curious about the others.

They all decided September should open his present next.

I also got him something for his room, in his case a decorative sea shell.

He was very happy with it.

Now it was Summer’s turn.

She started out opening the present carefully, but then she became impatient too.

When she saw her own pink sea shells, she howled with joy.

Now they all wanted to know what was in the other packages…


Grew some crystals on this pretty seashell. I definitely didn’t get the color I was going for, so that’s still something I gotta work on. Now, I don’t really have any use for this (I’d think it’d be pretty for an aphrodite shrine, but I don’t worship her) so I’ve decided to sell it! It’s a pretty big shell, about 3 or so inches in length, 2 in width. The crystals have a slight greenish tint to them, almost giving them a seafoam green color. If you’d like to buy it, I’ll be selling it for $7.99 + shipping! It’s hella cute, and surprisingly catches light and sparkles really well ♡

Email me at to purchase ♡♡

Edit: This has been sold!

anonymous asked:

Could you do a headcanon for the paladins with their s/o at the beach? Shenanigans they'd pull off like throwing you in the water or burying you in the sand :)

Yeeeees! I love anything with the beach thank you!


  • He’s the dork that’s going to swim around in the water and pretend to be a shark. Try not to be surprised when he grabs your leg or arm because he’ll keep doing it.
  • Beach karaoke??? If you two are just sitting on the beach for a while then there is going to be music. No matter what you do, there will be music.
  • He’s going to initiate a splash war between the two of you, good luck, Lance won’t go easy on you. The winner gets to treat the other to a nice lunch on the beach.


  • He doesn’t like the water too much, but he’s perfectly fine with walking down the beach with you. He’s going to hold your hand as you walk along the shore and may or may not splash you with the water by his feet.
  • Go sea shell hunting with him, he will always find you the coolest looking shells! If you make any sort of jewelry out of the shells he finds you then he’s going to be so happy.
  • He will swim in the shallows with you if you ask him to. He won’t go out any farther than waist-deep, but at least he’s in the water. (If Lance pretend to be a shark and latches onto his leg then he’s never getting in the water again.)


  • He will definitely try to throw you in the water the first chance he gets. You won’t even get to the beach yet and he’s going to pick you up and run  towards the ocean. He won’t regret tossing you in at all and no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to push him into the water.
  • He’s either going to teach you how to surf or go surfing with you if you know how. He’s going to show you the coolest tricks and will also go after you if you crash while trying to imitate them.
  • BEACH FOOD IS THE BEST FOOD! You’ll walk down the boardwalk with him and scout out the best places for food. After lunch he’s going to take you to one of the many ice cream stands and you’ll relax and watch the waves roll in.


  • Don’t take her into the water, just don’t. The only form of swimming she knows is the doggie paddle so she’s going to hold onto you for dear life if you go near the water. If you throw her in then she’s going to go home and not talk to you for a week.
  • She will, however, ask you to help you build the best sand structure on the beach. She will send you to scout for sea shells for outside decoration. You are going to have the coolest sand castle in history and if there’s a contest then you’re going to win first place.
  • She’s going to get sand in her laptop, it’s going to happen. You can warn her a ton of times and she’s still going to bring all of her electronics. Make sure you bring a bin or bag she can put it all in so maybe they won’t all be ruined.


  • He’s going to want to take a nap with you under an umbrella. While you’re asleep he’s going to burry you in the sand. But do NOT do it to him or he’s going to flip out. He will also help you burry the other paladins, but don’t do it to Keith because Lance will definitely humiliate him.
  • He will enjoy swimming with you, but he LOVES snorkeling. He will try to take you to a secluded reef so you two can float around and see all the underwater life. He won’t be able to stop smiling afterwards because he had such a great time.
  • Relaxing on the beach is one of his favorite things to do, and spending the time with you makes it even better. When you two actually nap, it’s going to be the best nap you’ve ever had. Not even Lance is going to mess with you with Shiro’s arm around you. Lance and Keith’s yelling might, but it won’t be on purpose.