sea shell decor


Grew some crystals on this pretty seashell. I definitely didn’t get the color I was going for, so that’s still something I gotta work on. Now, I don’t really have any use for this (I’d think it’d be pretty for an aphrodite shrine, but I don’t worship her) so I’ve decided to sell it! It’s a pretty big shell, about 3 or so inches in length, 2 in width. The crystals have a slight greenish tint to them, almost giving them a seafoam green color. If you’d like to buy it, I’ll be selling it for $7.99 + shipping! It’s hella cute, and surprisingly catches light and sparkles really well ♡

Email me at to purchase ♡♡

Edit: This has been sold!

Alright hopefully this will work. I’m sorry for not posting the giveaway sooner but tumblr has been a butthead.

The prizes are:

-My homemade coffee scrub

-a bundle of sage

-pinecone (perfect for when yule comes back around)

-rosebud (for spell and such)

-muscle shell (use as offering dish, or alter decoration)

-sea shell

-two small white candles

-bay leaves

-two sea stones

-dangle crystal earrings

-shell forearm bracelet


-followers only

-likes and reblogs count

-can reblog as many times as you want but don’t over do it all at once for your followers sake.

My boys on the beach, Laurent all white from the sunblock, sitting on the sand (later, he will complain to Damen about how sand can get into places he didn’t know sand could get into and Damen will offer to help him scrub it off). Laurent building a very fancy sand castle with his sand mold kit. Damen helps him by picking up tiny sea shells so Laurent can decorate his castle.