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Soft Daddy!Killian Things

~ he sings to his baby. Sea shanties, lullabies, songs he makes up just for them. 
~ he watches his baby sleep incessantly. (I wrote an entire series about this.) 
~ he’s the first to hear the baby cry in the night. He goes and gets the baby, and snuggles him/her for a few minutes to calm him/her down before waking Emma up so she can breastfeed.
~ he loves picking out the baby’s outfits. Emma thinks it’s adorable and lets him do it every day. 
~ he always makes sure the window is open (even if just a crack) in the baby’s room. Exposure to fresh, sea-scented air is important. 
~ when the baby is seemingly inconsolable, his go-to is direct, skin-to-skin contact. The baby in just a diaper, him with no shirt. A blanket covering them both on the back porch, the baby tucked under his chin, against his heartbeat. It works every time.
~ he’s a baby-face kisser. Nose kisses, forehead kisses. Soft little eye-lid kisses when the baby’s asleep. And cheek kisses. There can never be enough cheek kisses.
~ when he talks to his baby, he gets this special tone of voice. This soft, velvety lilt that is the gentlest, most soothing thing that Emma has ever heard in her entire life. It frequently gives her goosebumps when she hears it. 
~ he hates being away from the baby in any capacity. What if he misses something? What if she/he needs him? (He doesn’t leave much)
~ he tears up whenever he hears Emma talking to the baby. He is very certain that she’s the most wonderful mother in all the realms. 
~ he takes the baby sailing, and tells stories about his past. About his mother, his brother. About Milah. About how he met Emma and she saved him in every way a person can be saved. And all about Henry, too. He tells the baby everything.
~ he loves giving the baby baths. He loves the smell of the soap and the sound of tiny toes splashing about. 
~ he’s always concerned about the baby’s warmth. “Don’t leave without a hat for the babe, Swan. Are you sure those pyjamas are warm enough, love? It’s supposed to be cold tonight.” When Emma questions him about it, he reminds her that she herself is always cold. And they wouldn’t want the baby to be cold, now would they? 
~ there’s no sight he cherishes more than the sight of his baby smiling. Nor is there a sound he cherishes more than the sound of his baby laughing.
~ and above all, he makes damn sure that baby knows they’re loved. Infinitely, timelessly, irrevocably loved. 

anonymous asked:

Inspired by you reblogging that Dutch rudder shanty, do you know of any other catchy sea shanty's?


I have a youtube playlist here of more videos I took, but most of them are not full songs

the playlist contains over 20 samples of sea shanties 

The group singing in the video has professionally recorded the music and have 3 albums on iTunes. This group also contains many women, who are lead singers in a few songs! 

My favorites are (some of them are on their itunes, if i name an album, it’s on itunes. But you can find recordings of most of these on the internet. I just think this group sings them with the most gusto and the best quality recording, they have a huge group so it sounds like a crew of people)


From the album “the paddy west school of seamanship”

  • South Australia
  • Liverpool Judies
  • Bulljine (found the full song online omg)
  • 10000 miles away
  • New York Gals
  • Nelson’s Blood
  • Paddy West
  • Rollin Down to Old Maui

From the album “everyone loves singing pirates”

  • What Care We?
  • Dead Man’s Chest
  • Letter O Marque
  • Man O War
  • Maid on the Shore
  • Rollickin Randy Dandy O
  • Whip or Stroke?
  • Pump Shanty
  • Shiver My Timbers
  • Crew of Jones
  • Dark Lady

Other (not on an album or on a digital album yet):

  • Haul Away Joe
  • Fire Maringo (i love this one so much)
  • Runnin’ Down to Cuba
  • Away Rio
  • Eerie Canal
  • Whup Jamboree
  • Chicken on a Raft
  • Santy Anno

forgot some whoops:

  • Sugar in the Hold Below
  • Crossing the Line (if you can find this one i will be so amazed I’ve only heard it performed live, i can’t even find the lyrics online anywhere)
  • Hard on the Beach Oar
  • Bonnie Ship the Diamond
  • Haul Boys Haul
  • Ben Backstay
  • John Kanaka
  • Wave Over Wave (link is not to them singing is but it’s a good one)

Oh and of course, they have a recording of “Drunken Sailor” which is very very good and I always sing the harmonies when listening to it. 

EDIT: I forgot to add!! I learned a new Railroad shanty: Drill Ye Terriers Drill  (sadly not yet recorded by the sea sogs) 

OH and this playlist is pretty great it’s called “anime shanties” because someone made hand drawn music videos of anime characters to a lot of shanties. it’s impressive as fuck

sea shanties masterpost

“one man cannot bring in the anchor. ten men cannot bring in the anchor. but together we can.”

making this because it’s useful for my specific brand of dramaturgy and i generally have a good deal of feelings about sea shanties. these are the result of far too much time searching around for shanties that are both authentic and have a tune that can be found on the internet. organized by theme.

these can all be done a capella, obviously, but if you want accompaniment, getting your hands on a concertina would be ideal.

General Shanties

Roll the Old Chariot Along (David Coffin)

Haul Away, Joe (The Eskies)

Rant and Roar (Howling Gael)

Haul Away the Bowline (The Exmouth Shantymen)


Away Rio (David Coffin)

Leave Her, Johnny (Coda)

The Rosabella (skip to 3:15) (Wareham Whalers)

Off to Sea Once More (The Black Irish Band)

Clear Away in the Morning (Great Bay Sailor) 

South Australia (Johnny Collins)

Randy Dandy Oh (Johnny Collins)


With You, Fair Maid (skip to 14:30) (Before the Mast)

Spanish Ladies (unknown artist) (psa this one is in moby-dick!!)

Bully in the Alley (skip to 24:10) (Before the Mast)

London Julie (Three Sheets to the Wind)

Excursion Round the Bay (The Fables)

The Maid of Amsterdam (The Roaring Trowmen)


Round Cape Horn (Cyril Tawney)

Fish in the Sea (youtube user threelegsomen)

To Old Maui (skip to 9:28) (Before the Mast)


The Boatman’s Cure  (John Roberts)

Drunken Sailor (Irish Rovers)

Fifteen Men (unknown artist)

Newer/Environmentally Conscious

No More Fish, No More Fisherman (David Coffin)

The Last Leviathan (skip to 13:40) (Fisherman Friends) (bit of a stretch to call this a shanty per se but it’s really good and sad so)


Today in “Sea Shanties I Have On Repeat”, what dark magic did this man have to perform to get this voice?? This is the voice of Poseidon himself. Damn.


This is probably my fav song from Assassins Creed Black Flag.
And to be honest, one of my faves in general.

I like the way it sounds and have you ever really listened to the lyrics?


Kind friends and companions
come join me in rhyme
come lift up your voices 
in chorus with mine
come lift up your voices,
all grief to refrain
for we may or might never 
all meet here again

so here’s a health to the company
and one to my lass
let us drink and be merry
all out of one glass
let us drink and be merry
all grief to refrain
for we may or might never
all meet here again

here’s a health to the dear lass
that I love so well
for her style and for her beauty
sure none can excel
there’s a smile on her countenance
as she sits upon my knee
there is no man in this wide
world as happy as me

so here’s a health
to the company
and one to my lass
let us drink and be merry
all out of one glass
let us drink and be merry
all grief to refrain
for we may or might never 
all meet here again

our ship lies at anchor
she’s ready to dock
I wish her safe landing
without any shock
and if I ever I should
meet you by land or by sea
I will always remember
your kindness to me

so here’s a health to the company
and one to my lass
let us drink and be merry
all out of one glass
let us drink and be merry 
all grief to refrain
for we may or might
never all meet here again

leelandsky  asked:

You say to finish things...but I can't even start. I was a writer as a kid, and I finished and started things constantly. My confidence slowly shattered as a teen. I'm now in my 20s and I'm a nervous wreck. I long to write, but the thought of it makes me so anxious. I've created a legitimate fear. How might I overcome this?

I’d suggest two different ways, very different from each other.

You could tell yourself it doesn’t matter, and start finding out how to write for fun again. Give yourself an hour a day to write in: no phone, no internet, no reading books or talking to people, no Tumblr, just time to write in. And in that time, write whatever you want, or don’t. A poem. A description of someone. A memory. A sea-shanty for seven morose pirates and a raccoon. Anything. Just give yourself time to write and find that writing can be fun again.

Or else…

Join a writing group. The kind of group, online or in real life, where you have to produce work to be read by the other people in the group. Where not writing will have consequences, even if the consequence is that people will be disappointed. So there’s enough external push to conquer the anxiousness on your part.

There were two lofty ships
 From old England came
Blow high, blow low
And so sail we
One was the Prince of Luther
 The other Prince of Wales
All a-cruisin’ down the coast
Of High Barbary

“Aloft there, aloft there”
 Our jolly bosun cried
“Look ahead, look astern,
 Look to weather an’ a-lee”

“There’s naught upon the stern, sir
 There’s naught upon our lee
But there’s a lofty ship to wind'ard
 An’ she’s sailin’ fast and free”

“Oh hail her, oh hail her”
 Our gallant captain cried
“Are you a man-o-war
 Or a privateer?” cried he

“Oh, I’m not a man-o-war
 Nor privateer,” said he
“But I am salt sea pirate
 All a-looking for me fee”

For Broadside, for broadside
 A long time we lay
‘Til at last the Prince of Luther
 Shot the pirate’s mast away

“Oh quarter, oh quarter”
 Those pirates they did cry
But the quarter that we gave them
 Was we sank 'em in the sea

Rats of the Galaxy - a slapdash Ravager Song

Rats o the Galaxy We Be

Scurry scurry on and on

Bare ya fangs and tear ‘em up!

We’s the Rats o’ th’ galaxy

and flarkin’ proud we be!

We got our haul and mighty fine it is

so turn our course to port

Knowhere or Contraxia s’long as it’s fulla scum.

Away from Nova

so we’s can have our fun.

Scurry scurry on and on

Bare ya fangs and tear ‘em up!

We’s the Rats o’ th’ Galaxy

and flarkin’ proud we be!

Take a seat and grab a whore

Afore we pile up on th’ floor

Ye’ve earned it lads, so drink ‘n’ fight

‘n’ screw yer nights away

till yer ship’s back in flight.

Scurry scurry on and on

Bare ya fangs and tear ‘em up!

We’s the Rats o’ th’ Galaxy

and flarkin’ proud we be!

Cuttin’ ‘n’ guttin’

thievin’ ain’t our only trade.

So make yer names lads

scream em ev’ry raid.

Till we’s known in ev’ry corner!

Scurry scurry on and on

Bare ya fangs and tear ‘em up!

We’s th’ Rats o’ th’ Galaxy

and flarkin’ proud we be!

Calling all Bards

I’m looking for suggestions of songs to sing at my larp for sing-alongs. Sea shanties, war songs, drinking songs, any such thing would be greatly appreciated. I’ve never been great at leading others in song, but somebody’s gotta do it and I seem to be the only one taking the initiative. 

So, what group songs do you sing at your game that don’t break immersion and get everyone in a good mood?

Assassin’s Creed Gothic
  • A friend suggests the Assassin’s Creed series to you. You decide to try it. You like the first game a lot, but wish it got remastered. It never does. Altair’s American accent rings in your head for the rest of the year.
  • You think that Ezio Auditore is alright, but you’re confused at the sheer amount of merchandise he has. There are Ezio figures, Ezio posters, Ezio clothing, Ezio dinnerware, Ezio blankets, and Ezio pillow pets. You’re disgusted at how much merch Ezio gets. When you go home, you slip into your Ezio pajamas and slide under your Ezio sheets. You have no idea when you got them, or who gave them to you.
  • After playing Assassin’s Creed 3, you decided you liked Connor Kenway. When you researched the series, you found out that they decided not to make a sequel around his life. At first, you’re confused. The more confused you become, the angrier you get. The Connor Kenway fans come for you then. The next time you check your Facebook, you’ve made over a hundred posts about Connor Kenway. You own a replica tomahawk. The Hamilton soundtrack is blasting at full volume. You have tears running down your cheeks. 
  • Aveline de Grandpre and Shao Jun have their own games, you insist. You friends just shake their heads. When you search for pictures online, your only results are more pictures of the male protagonists. However, the first picture is always the Ubisoft logo. It stares, watches, judges.
  • Black Flag is the best game, they say. You play it. You wake up in a bar three weeks after finishing it. Every single image of palm trees transports you to the Caribbean. At work, you hum sea shanties to yourself, never answering your co-workers when they ask the names of your tunes.
  • While playing Unity, you bring a red rose to a random gravestone every single day. It’s never the same one. Should you pass a site you visited, the rose is never there. Your watch has stopped. Still, you bring the roses. There are more graves. There are always more graves.
  • It takes a bit, but you notice that birds seem to flock to you after you finish Syndicate. They’re usually crows. They hunt you down during lunch, during your car rides, during your dates. You’ve named them Jacob, Evie, and Greenie. When they crow at you, you nod knowingly. You always have such interesting conversations.
  • You swear that you’ve seen Desmond Miles walking down the streets of your city. You call out to him. He turns, but doesn’t respond. A week later, a man in a white hoodie goes missing. You don’t know him. You miss him.
  • You pop the newest version of Assassin’s Creed into your system. The graphics are 144 pixels, just squares of color moving across the screen. You beat the game in 14 hours. A week later, you discover that the game has becoming the 8th best selling game in history. You aren’t even surprised.
Padstow Farewell
Sea Shanty
Padstow Farewell

“Padstow Farewell”

It’s time to go now,
Haul away your anchor,
Haul away your anchor,
It’s our sailing time.

Get some sail upon her,
Haul away your halyards,
Haul away your halyards.
It’s our sailing time.

Get her on her course now,
Haul away your foresheets,
Haul away your foresheets,
It’s our sailing time.

Waves are surging under,
Haul away down Channel,
Haul away down Channel,
On the evening tide.

When your sailing’s over,
Haul away for Heaven,
Haul away for Heaven,
God be by your side.

It is time to go now,
Haul away your anchor,
Haul away your anchor,
It’s our sailing time.

Note: This is an in-game version. The official track is found in the second volume of the Official AC4 Sea Shanty Edition Soundtrack.