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10 Reasons Why Orca Whales Should NOT be at Seaworld (Or Any Marine Park)

  1. In the wild, orcas swim up to 100 miles a day. They are confined into a small tank in captivity. 
  2. Their collapsed dorsal fins (pictured above) are a sign of an unhealthy whale. All male orcas in captivity have a collapsed dorsal fin. Less than 1% of orcas have this condition in the wild.
  3. Orcas do not live up to their nickname “killer whale”. There has not been one incident of an orca killing a human in the wild. However, in captivity, orcas have killed 3 humans and injured 151 reported injury incidences.
  4. On average, orcas live up to 50 years old in the wild. Some females have been reported to live 80-100 years old. Seaworld’s average orca life span is 13 years old.
  5. Family is important to orcas. In the wild, their pods include generations upon generations of their family. Marine parks do not keep their families together. In fact, babies are taken from their mothers. This is psychologically traumatizing to the whales. 
  6. Whale fights are common in the tanks because they are not in their pods and they are, literally, mentally ill. In a tank, whales can’t flee from fights like they can in the wild. These whales get brutally injured and sometimes killed by other whales in the tank.
  7. Pods have their own languages. In a tank with other whales who have different languages. Imagine living with somebody who speaks a different language with you and you cannot use hand motions. Frustrating right?
  8. Not only are the tanks in marine parks WAY too small for this wild animal, in the wild, marine mammals live in a habitat full of MANY other marine plants and animals. In captivity, they live in a cement, chlorinated tank.
  9. Since 1961, 141 whales have been captured. 125 of these whales have died.
  10. The brain of an orca is 4 times larger than the human brain. It has been confirmed their intelligence matches to ours, if not more.

Just imagine living in cement room with a few other people who don’t speak your language. Imagine not knowing if you will ever see your family again. Imagine being forced to do performances for others and being fed one thing for the rest of your life. Imagine being confined in a cement room when there is a whole world out there to explore.

So, how can you help? It’s easy! boycott sea world. Without the revenue, they are forced to shut down their business. Also, education is important. Remind the public of what is going on. 

The standard on sympathy for certain characters in this fandom is weird to me.

Lapis gets all of her violent and cruel behavior excused because she had been trapped a mirror, and then when she was freed from that prison, she became Homeworld’s prisoner. And I understand this. Her behavior is completely understandable, even if unnecessary at times.

But it’s not like Jasper’s life has been great either.

Remember when Jasper said “Because when you hit the bottom, you’ll follow anyone. Because it makes you feel like less of a failure.”

That’s pretty much already happened to her, hasn’t it? She’s already, in her own words, a failure.

She failed to protect her Diamond, and as a result, she had no one. Her only option being to join up with one of the other Diamonds to at least try to get revenge for PD. To make herself feel like less of a failure.

What Rose did was supposed to save gems. To free them. But it didn’t do either of those things for Jasper. Instead, it carved a path filled with anger and self hatred for her to walk on without any choice.

“Evil” is not the word for Jasper. She believed that her cause was the right one, and truly had no reason to believe otherwise.

So all in all, Jasper’s mother is murdered by her sister, and then she gets passed on to Yellow Diamond like a foster child, and is consumed by her failure and self hatred for several of our lifetimes.

But Jasper doesn’t get sympathy because she hurt the gems and said mean things?

Like Lapis didn’t do that?

Like Peridot didn’t do that?

I wish I could be this brain-dead, must be nice.

Apparently, it doesn’t count that Sasuke:

- said he had no reason to love or be loved by Sakura
- tried to kill Sakura, several times, without hesitation or a real need to
- said it was Naruto he had to get rid of, before he could be alone
- turned Sakura down multiple times and never indicated that he returned her feelings
- said it was Naruto who saved him
- said he would share his pain and hopes with Naruto
- never made any attempt to spend alone time with Sakura but did with Naruto
- watched Naruto from afar since he was 8 years old and found comfort in that
- is the moon to Naruto’s sun
- is most influenced by Naruto
- left Sakura to fall into a sea of lava but saved Naruto
- displays the most emotion around Naruto
- never kissed Sakura, even now that they’re “married” adults
- left Sakura alone with their questionably-conceived child for 12 years
- doesn’t show her any affection
- doesn’t live with her
- doesn’t seem to contact her while he’s away but contacts Naruto
- is literally Naruto’s soulmate

None of that counts, though. I mean…why would any of that matter when Sasuke and Sakura have such an incredible, nonexistent relationship???