sea salt baths

Quartz Wellness Bath

To be well one must balance mind, body, and spirit. This trifold understanding demonstrates how each supports the other: should one collapse, they all fail. To make each strong, we must return them to a state of peace and rest. Here is a simple wellness spell that can help restore your balance.

You Will Need
1. A quartz crystal
2. Purified or bottled water
3. 1 cup sea salt
4. A green candle in a safe candle holder
5. Lavender essential oil (optional)

Begin by immersing the quartz in the purified water. Allow it to sit, infusing the water with cleansing properties, for three hours.

If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.

Run yourself a warm bath. Add to it the cup of sea salt and three drops of lavender essential oil (optional). Remove the quartz from the purified water, then pour the water into your bath. Stir it three times with your right hand. Light the candle and place it somewhere safe. Step into your bath.

Allow yourself to relax. Feel the water’s gentle motion against your skin as you settle in. Feel the warmth of the water and allow it to fill you. Take in the light aroma of the lavender and allow it to clear your mind. If you can, focus on the candle’s flame and allow your thoughts to wander. Do not fight with your thoughts; rather, allow them to come, acknowledge their presence, then let them slip past you. Feel the bath drawing out your stress, anxieties, and fears. Rest for twenty minutes.

Step out of the tub and wrap yourself in a soft towel. Pull the drain plug and as the water empties say the following with intention:

Fear and doubt and illness
All there now drain away
On mind, spirit, and body
No longer may you prey

Rinse the tub and extinguish the candle.

Sea salt: cleansing and healing
Lavender: peace, purification, and clarity of thought
Green candle: grounding, health, comfort
Quartz: healing, cleansing, purification


etsyfindoftheday | 4.29.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: artisan bath bombs by apothecarynoir

vibrant, colorful, and scented to the max, these rad bath bombs have a traditional round shape but wild color combos to discover. apothecarynoir’s beautiful bath and body products vary in floral and earthy scents, so you can always find one that’s gonna strike your fancy. and for under $7 apiece, you can treat yo self to more than one unique new favorite.

I started my day off by meditating and using a homemade mask then I journaled, applied a hair treatment, made more face wash, and had a cleansing lavender and sea salt bath with a few pretty crystals 💜🐚
I also practiced yoga and spent the entire afternoon working on things for my little shop, @floralsgifts!! Oh and I tried making two new vegan alternatives, both of which I really enjoyed 🙊


🌿🍊🍋Detox Bath🌿🍊🍋

This detox bath is another great thing to help relax you, help to reduce cellulite and stretch marks and detoxify your body.

2 cups Epsom Salt (you can find Epsom salts in the bath section of almost every store)
1 cup Sea Salt
½ cup Baking Soda
2 tbs Ground Ginger
1 cup Vinegar
3 tbs Melted Coconut Oil
1 Lemon
1 Lime
1 Grapefruit

Step One: Mix all dry ingredients together

Step Two: Slice the lemon, lime and grape fruit

Step Three: Run hot water and slowly add your dry ingredients

Step Four: Add the vinegar and coconut oil directly after leaving the water running to mix everything

Step Five: allow the bath to sit for a couple minutes and then add your slices

Step Six: hop in and soak until water is cold

Epsom Salts draw toxins from your body and relive aches and pains.
Baking Soda helps to soften and reenergize your skin.
Sea salt helps to heal your body.
Ground ginger increases circulation.
Vinegar softens skin.
Coconut oil helps to soften and smooth skin.

tips for the college sea witch
  • Suggest beach days with friends. Not only do you get to hang out by the ocean, but most people will be pumped to relax in the sun and sand, and it’s a great way to get closer to your new pals!
  • Keep sea shells in your room as decoration. You’ll always have a bit of the sea with you.
  • If you’re out drinking, or staying in for a few drinks, go for the ones with fruity, beachy flavors. Or head straight for the salty-sweet margaritas.
  • Use salt water in a spray bottle as a cleansing method. This is especially great if, like most dorms, you have a smoke alarm that will easily be set off by incense or candles.
  • Download ocean wave sounds to help with meditation, visualization, or to feel closer to the sea.
  • If you have access to a bath tub, consider making yourself sea bath salts or bath bombs by combing epsom salt, sea salt, blue dye, and lavender or sea breeze oils.
  • Dress up as a mermaid for the Halloween party.
  • Most universities allow fish in all dorms. Consider getting an aquatic friend to feel closer to the water. Make sure to check your school’s pet policy.

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 3.13.17

dead sea salt soaks by apothecarynoir

  • relax // lavender + bergamot
  • energize // orange blossom + lavender
  • soothe // peppermint + eucalyptus

apothecarynoir’s bath salts are luxuriously scented to enhance your bathtime experience. choose from three scents for different feelings and results!

I hope you all had a delightful first day of spring!! 🌻 I did a special little planting ritual yesterday for the equinox, read tarot, meditated, practiced yoga, cleansed and such ─ I also had the most magical wildflower bath with sea salt and essential oils 🌸🐚✨

naturally, heal skin scars & marks

note: your goal is to understand your skin and cater to it’s needs to improve overall skin health, your goal is not to just manipulate your skin // be patient and consistent

Bentonite Clay: pulls toxins out of pores // helps heal skin // reduces redness 

Sea Salt Baths: absorbs toxins in the skin and act as an antiseptic

Coconut Oil: fatty acids work like antioxidants // prevents and reverses free radical damage on the skin

Aloe Vera: regenerates skin tissue // fights inflammation // soothes and moisturizes

Vitamin E: stimulates the formation of collagen // improves skin texture

Hazelnut Oil: nourishes and hydrates skin // promotes cell regeneration // acts as an astringent // reduces redness

Venus in Sagittarius - Eternal Flower Girl 

The Venus in Sagittarius lover cultivates her romance with nature, philosophy, and loving, intimate, intention. She touches flowers and feels the the divine tickle. She can soak in a sea salt bath and hear the secret whispers of the ocean. She can use earthly resources like instruments that enrich her relationship with nature. She is a lover who laughs when she gets caught in the rain and offers her foremost devotion to animals and wildlife. Venus in Sagittarius is mother earth’s lover, kissed as she runs against the wind and feeling the sun as pure love as the cosmic heart burns against her skin. It’s a matrimony formed in the higher mind, her inherent delight for all things reflecting the delightful creative bliss of the universe. She is the flower crown sweetheart with a not so delicate mind, it is through this vast intellect that she manages to form this bond. She forms a rich relationship with ancient teachings of the land, the wise women that contained the wisdom bestowed before her, the animals that display the architecture of god through their colours, movement, and design. It’s a colourful world with Venus in Sagittarius because she finds her lover in the playmate of the universe. Just for her it displays a beautiful sequence of symbolism and synchronicity. 


[art: mark ryden]

Sea Witchcraft

Ruler: sea goddess
Powers; attract beauty, subduction, make your self beautiful

Ruler: Venus, Neptune
Powers: emotions. Unconscious, white coral opens subconscious/ vivid dreams, pink coral emotional healing, red coral passions, give it as a gift of love.

Ruler: Venus
Power: eat crab meat to protect the home, use the shell in real estate magic, stuff the empty shell with lavender and sage to protect your dwelling. When renting fill the shell with cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, and sea salt.

Ruler: Christ, Neptune, Venus, ocean deities
Powers: fish eyes are protective, eat them to invoke magic, cook and eat the whole fish while visualizing protection/ prosperity. Draw fish on parchment or formed out if metal to create talismans. Carry a coin with the image of fish on it for wealth. Use the skin of fish in fertility magic.

Ruler: Neptune, Venus
Powers: aphrodisiac, female genitals, increase orgasm, men eat them to make themselves better lovers, fertility.

Ruler: earth
Power: sacred substance of the earth, prosperity, add some to dark leafy greens to increase your income. Cleansing, sprinkle around the four corners of the room and add to baths to protect and dispel evil. Create sacred areas with salt,
Sprinkle black salt on doorways to keep away undesirable influences.

Ruler: ocean deities
Salt represents the multitude of possibilities. One grain of sand represents Uniqueness, a handful sand represents the great influence wielded by like-minded people. Brace added to the home when you want to attract a group of people to share your same interest. Place it in a dish and burn incense on it. Hold sand in your hands to open possibilities and more options in your life. Build sand castles to make dreams come true. Wet sad helps to ground and realized potential colored sand brings verity to life.

Ruler: ocean goddess
Power: beauty, seduction, eat them smoked with mustard to sharpen your best features.

Sea weed
Ruler; Neptune, Venus
Power: eat it for prosperity, scrub seaweed on your skin in the ocean to bring good luck. Leads to excellent employment opportunity.

Sea horse
Ruler: Venus
Power: talisman for luck and love, understanding, acceptance, emotional well being

Ruler: moon, Venus
Power: loofa for beauty/ love spells, cleansing negative emotions, release anger

Ruler: Venus, Neptune, moon
Powers: dreams, feelings, cleansing, love, healing, protection, prosperity.

Sacred waters: rain, spring, salt water , holy water, Florida water, consecrated water,

Moon Goddess loose incense
6 benzoin
3 onion skins
1 1/2 allspice
1 1/2 camphor
½ poppy
1 1/4 olive oil

Grind together then burn on a charcoal disk.

Moon incense
1 willow
½ reed
¼ cucumber
1 3/4 water
½ water lily
½ jasmine

Grind all ingredients together to form a past then sculpt small cones. Then let it dry for 2 weeks.

Lunar Oil
4 pt sandalwood
2 pt camphor
1 pt lemon

Mix and Add to career oil , use during lunar rites.

Water oil
3 drops palmarosa
2 drops ylang-ylang
1 drop jasmine

Wear to promote love, healing, psychic awareness, purification.

Floor wash:
Protection wash

The floor wash includes ingredients meant to help Clean and purify home and promote peaceful happy feelings through open your windows while you wash down the house with this blend and finish up by burning protection incense.

2 pt rosemary
2 pt basil
2 large bay leaves
2 pt ginger
2 pt sea salt
1 pt dried garlic
1 pt black pepper

Pour hot water over the herbs for 10 to 15 minutes drain water into the bucket and add warm tapwater and a cleansing product of your choice.

Use to clean your floors, window seals, door frames

Ritual baths:

Sea witch bath
3 pt lotus bouquet
2 pt lavender
1 pt rosemary
Color: dark blue

3 pt Epsom salts
2 pt baking soda
1 pt table salt (or borax)

Add a bit of sea salt to this base. Bathe in the sea witches bath for gentle purification prior to magical works.

Water element bath

2pt palmarose
1 pt sandalwood
1 pt myrrh
1 pt geranium
Color dark blue
3 pt Epsom salts
2 pt baking soda
1 pt table salt (or borax)

Thought to prosperity and ward the home from bad luck and accidents, not to mention all the energy they bring in to your life. Watching fish swim can lower blood pressure.

Hag stones
A stone with a naturally made hole going through it, also known as adder stones/ witch stones. Hang them above the door way to promote milk from curtailing. Look through the hole to see the unseen, wear as a protection amulet, the more holes the more realities the stone holds. The stone is formed by water and moving currents.

My sources used in this post.
[kris Bradley, Scott Cunningham, Steven Smith, Lexa Roséan]

Abitwitchy’s Bath Bag


-1 coffee filter

- string or a rubber band

- basil




-sea salts or bath salts


1. Flatten out coffee filter

2. Put herbs and salts in the center of the coffee filter. For salts, I used pink Himalayan sea salt, but as it said in the materials list, I sometimes use actual bath salts. Here’s a picture because it’s a really aesthetically pleasing step.

3. Carefully pull up the edges, try to keep everything inside the filter, and make it into a little bundle around the ingredients, binding it at the top with the string or rubber band. String looks prettier, but it’s easier to bind it with a rubber band and there’s less of a chance of stuff slipping out while it’s in the bath. 

Here’s a picture of the final product.

Now just stick this baby in the bath and relax! It’s kind of like a tea bag for a bath. It helps bring luck, strength, and beauty, as well as cleanses/purifies and drives away negative energy. Hope you enjoy!


etsyfindoftheday 4 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 1.27.17

bath and body finds by warriorbotanicals

organic and natural plant products combine with amazing and fresh scents — like beachy coconut and romantic rose — into unique ireland-made bath and body and beauty finds for you to love.

We are in the midst of an amazing astrological time, and that is why we wanted to release a bulletin for you – make the most of this beautiful time period! The powerhouse of Mars is going to supercharge this time period for everyone, and as we are in the shadow period of Uranus before the retrograde, we will find that some of our most ancient problems, concerns, anxieties, and traumas are being reawakened within us. Toxins that are years or even decades old are attempting to make a powerful appearance now, and it is important that we take time out to deal with them.

What is upsetting you right now? What has you concerned, angry, or worried? Don’t look at the surface of that problem, but look at old memories, experiences, habits, and traumas that may have magnified that for you. Now is the time to reprogram your brain and start manifesting something you truly like.

You are going to feel overwhelmed with a very astringent energy during this time period, as the spirit is taking time to detoxify and start anew. As we are in a new astrological age that is brimming with change, we all find ourselves in a sort of boot camp that is pushing us to release old wounds and embrace new abundance.

You are going to find that during this New Moon, Mars squares up with Uranus which is falling into retrograde soon – part of your releasing the old will feature rebelling against authority, possible arguments, detachments from people who no longer suit you, aggressive forward movement, plans, strategic actions, and a lot of artistic expression. You are going to feel yourself overwhelmed with passion, but passion without purpose or direction is a ship with no sails. You will be surrounded by opportunity but unable to take it anywhere. Take the time in advance of the new moon’s approach to set your goals. Write down anywhere from 5 to 10, be specific, give them dates, associate them specifically. Don’t say “I’d like to have more financial freedom.” Set a goal with the intention. “I will make $1,000 through my start-up company by the last day of August.”

Even if, for some reason, you do not manifest these specific goals, you will find that you  are much closer to them than you would have been otherwise simply by placing a heavy amount of energy into a perceived outcome. Put sails on your ship and you will invariably head in the direction of the wind you choose to propel you.

Avoid an over-active ego or too much aggression during this time period. The astringent quality of the energy will have you mildly uncomfortable, and will build up over time, having you ready to pop off at someone who may not deserve it. Change your mode of thinking and operating during this time period. Understand the purpose of what you are doing. Understand your goals are not the responsibility, duty, or impediment of anyone else, and do not accept these messages from others either. You will not gain anything from aggressive interactions during this time period unless they are oriented toward the permanent release of a person or a truth that you have been withholding.

The best thing to do during this week and during this new moon cycle (You will invariably feel the vibrations of this new moon for a few days before and after it), is to put all of your aggression, fears, instability, and anxiety into a work of some sort. Rotate the tasks you can do while feeling this intensity. Do things with a purpose. Make sure that your self-care is good for your body. Have multiple tasks laid out that you would like to tend to, be they work related, home-care related, or simply a hobby such as reading or drawing. This is an important time to harness your aggression, as anything that is turned into an achievement will pay off for you later on. Follow your intuition at this time, as you will invariably know what is meant to benefit you and what to stay away from.

We would recommend taking this time as a time capsule. Find a notebook that is empty, or perhaps oriented toward manifestation and goals. Write down a status report of yourself. Whatever matters to you, mention it. Look at your goals and desires and see where you are in relationship to them. Write your relationship status, your physical status, your job, your finances, whatever you think will be important. Write down a healthy goal for any of these things a year from now. Set a reminder on your phone to revisit it and see how you have come closer to those goals or maybe oriented yourself toward achieving new ones.

This last wave of Cancerian energy is extremely important as it is supposed to help you wash away your guilt, your anxiety, your perception of lack, and any pain or ailment that is causing anguish in your body. You will even see this in a physical sense as many people are taking to body positivity, or even find themselves enduring different surgeries to come out healthier. Many individuals have the majority of their interactions with hospitals and healthcare during the Cancerian season.

Soon the Leo season will come, an astrological season of assertive action, strategy, planning, and career orientation. The Leo season is often where most people set their goals and find themselves empowered with the most energy to make it happen. It is important for you to face each of your uncomfortable emotions, toxic relationships, lack-of-confidence spells, and moments of tiredness and overwhelming thoughts. Utilize powers of forgiveness for yourself and others, and eliminate those thoughts by flushing them out with a new perspective. You must push the mess out of the way to allow the spotlight to shine on you, and it is time for you to take to task and become a leader this season. If you are reading this still, you are obviously feeling a connection with the vibration being sent out by this moon. It is a definitive clearing house. It is okay to embrace the things you are most afraid of in this time, to look for strength in difficult times, and to reorient yourself away from what used to be to what currently is.

This is a very important time astrologically as its point is to show us a new paradigm. This is a paradigm where money doesn’t lord over us and where the universe provides as is needed and as it is asked. We are entering a paradigm of fearlessness where we no longer embrace the worst case scenario and we no longer fear repercussions of others that truly do not matter.

Some extremely helpful things that you may want to try to do in the period between 7/18 and 8/3 are:

🦁 Write down a list of traumatic feelings and opinions you don’t believe in, and that you don’t believe serve you any more. Set them on fire, bury them, whatever you can do to symbolically dispel them.

🦁 Take a cleansing and rejuvenating bath – you can use Epsom or sea salts, bath bombs, or whatever makes you feel good. Set an hour aside for this, and try to make sure the bath is either very hot or very cold as you can tolerate it. Both temperatures can do something healing in a very different way. Calendula and Chamomile would be good herbs to use.

🦁 Write a list of goals and intentions for the next week, month, year, and five years on a piece of paper, preferably in a manifestation notebook.

🦁 Find four or five affirmations you would like to do in a day that would be important for you, and get an Affirmation Reminder app on your phone that reminds you to do this every day.

🦁 Do some cleaning in the areas that matter most to you. This may not even be in your home or office, but on your computer or phone. Change your wallpapers to suit a theme focused toward your goal, ambitions, or your thought process.

🦁 Make a dream-board on the computer, using pinterest, or using cut outs on a poster the old fashioned way. You will find that looking at familiar goal images really helps you bring your dreams into focus on a hard day.

🦁 Form an A-Team. This may be best suited to a chat group on facebook, or even an IM chat group through facebook, skype, or otherwise. Find a group of people that wish to take care of each other and keep tabs on each other. If you do not have this network, find manifestation groups, spiritual groups, and otherwise on Facebook that may help you expand your community.

🦁 Write nice things to yourself on your mirror, as you are going to have a rough go of it for a little while, and the best help you can find is right inside yourself.

🦁 Figure out a lifestyle you want for yourself and change one habit every day or two until you have made your lifestyle match your desire. If you have to work at it a bit to keep this schedule steady, don’t be hard on yourself. Use this time to try and get a sleep schedule that is efficient for you, a food schedule that is healthful, and find where your “you” time is during the day. Even if this is only during a commute or morning shower, spruce these areas up so that they are more nourishing.

🦁 Take time out of your day to remind yourself how far you have come each day before you go to bed. Even if you feel you haven’t changed your life much in the past year or two, think about the things you have endured in that time period that were not under your belt long ago.

🦁 After you wake up, light a candle, hold a crystal, or bask in the sunlight as you say your thanks for what you have and make prayers and wishes for those things you wish to have. Follow this with affirmations.

🦁 Be kind to yourself and others. The door to opportunity swung open, but this period of a few weeks serve as a very long, very steep stairway to your next step. Use this time to drop the baggage that doesn’t serve you, and learn to make the best of the baggage that you are carrying with you. Look up constantly, only looking back to remind yourself of progress.

You’ve got this.

Let the water wash your wounds, and then step forth with pride, Leo Season is near!

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