sea rafts


Part of my schools Cyclops Comic. We got a script from a former teacher and cool guy Steve Seagal. 

I had a dream

I dreamt of a lighthouse in the sea, ona raft with my friends who got hungry. my soul was swapped into another body and i saw myself and my fillet legs covered in beetles. 

So Algy drifted and paddled, and paddled and drifted, and before too long he found himself in sight of the beach again. Singing sea shanties at the top of his voice, he splashed his way over the beds of seaweed, looking out for the fish which liked to hide in the weeds below. It was a lot of fun, but Algy thought that maybe next time he should plan his boat trip a wee bit more thoroughly, and possibly even make himself a real paddle instead of having to use his wings. He wondered whether they made life jackets for fluffy birds…

Before long, the tide had swept in over the sand where Algy had been standing, and the two copies of Algy’s book floated slowly out to sea on the bobbing raft, starting their long journey to the four corners of the world.

Algy perched on a rock, with the water and seaweed swirling around his toes, and sang his own composition, The Ballad of a Fluffy Bird Lost at Sea, while the raft gradually drifted out of sight. He hoped that the books would have a safe journey, and find a warm reception when they reached his friends overseas :)


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[The Ballad of a Fluffy Bird Lost at Sea appears in Chapter 9 of A Surprisingly Fluffy Bird.]