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natgeo Photo by @cristinamittermeier // Like a rainbow river, a large pod of belugas streamed across the shallow estuaries of the Canadian Arctic. I watched as their alabaster skin picked up the pastel hues of the cold water. In shades of purple, pink green and blue, they painted the frigid sea.

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how about hcs about merformers tfp bots react to his/her s/o confessing that they're aquaphobic?

Optimus Prime:  Though the concept seems strange to him, considering he’s lived his whole life in the water, he does empathize with you.  The ocean is a scary place after all, especially for something as small as you.  He’d never try to make you get in the water if you don’t want to.  He’s perfectly happy swimming alongside your boat while he talks to you (you notice the waves always seem considerably calmer whenever he’s nearby).  Or if you’d rather not be near the water at all, he’s more than willing to shapeshift into his human form to take you for walks along the beach.

Ratchet:  He scoffs a bit when you first tell him.  After all, you humans aren’t exactly built for aquatic living, are you?  Why your species continuously tries to adapt to environments they’ve got no business being in is beyond him.  But despite his usual grumpiness, you can tell he’s worried slightly for you.  He’d never want you to feel uncomfortable or put your self at risk just to see him.  He’ll gently encourage you to take things slow and offers to teach you how to swim in the shallows, but he won’t push the issue too much if you don’t want to.

Bumblebee:  He’s very… confused when you explain your fear to him.  You’re afraid of water?  But you drink water?  The whole planet is practically made of water??  YOU are mostly water???  He doesn’t quite grasp the concept.  Still, even if he can’t understand your fears, he can at least be supportive and accommodating.  You’re afraid to get in the ocean by yourself?  He’ll offer to let you ride on his back or stomach.  Rather keep your feet on the ground?  No problem!  He loves exploring the human world!  He’s fine with keeping the majority of your dates to seaside carnivals or walks along the beach.

Arcee:  You expect a tough, fearless mer like Arcee to laugh at you when you tell her about your phobia, but to your surprise she’s very understanding.  “Everybody’s afraid of something,” she says matter of factly.  You ask her if she’s afraid of anything and she smirks and says Bulkhead breaching on top of her.  Arcee makes it a point never to force you to go in the water.  She knows that everyone deals with phobias in their own way.  Arcee’s also very protective of you and let’s you know that she’ll smack anyone who dares to make fun of you about your fear.  Of course, if over time, you get to a point where you’d feel comfortable swimming with her, she’s gladly take you for a spin on her back.

Bulkhead:  In all honestly, he’s a bit relived.  Sure, he might have been looking forward to going diving with you, but at the same time, dry land is probably the safest place for you.  Do you have any idea how dangerous the ocean can be?  There are sharks.  Sharks, y/n.  Even still, he does gently nudge you to talk to a professional about your phobia, but he won’t push the issue if you say no.  His favorite thing to do with you is lie out on the beach on gloomy days when there’s no one else around.  He’ll also help you build sandcastles and let you bury him in the sand in human form (just be sure to uncover him before the tide rolls in.  He’s still a mammal after all.)

Wheeljack:  He’s not exactly what you’d call sympathetic at first.  He thinks being afraid of the water is kind of silly, especially when you live so close by.  (Truthfully though, he’s a bit wounded because he’s worried you might also be scared of him or that you won’t want to come see him anymore.)  If he makes you upset with his seeming indifference, or god forbid makes you cry, he’ll feel like absolute slag.  Hey, hey, no!  Come on!  He didn’t mean it!  It’s not stupid.  He didn’t mean to upset you.  Please don’t cry!  He’s a bit more sympathetic towards you from then on, and doesn’t bring it up again.  But just because you can’t get in the water with him, doesn’t mean he still can’t show you a great time!  There are plenty of secret coves and beaches he can still show you as he swims alongside your boat.

Smokescreen:  Like Bumblebee, he’s very confused.  (You don’t like the water?  How can you not like the water?  The water is great!)  Unlike Bumblebee, however, he’s far more adamant about changing your mind.  Smokescreen takes it upon himself to be your personal phobia coach, which goes just about as well as you’d expect.  His idea to have you conquer your fears is to throw you into the middle of the ocean with no life jacket.  After receiving the verbal beating of a life time from Ratchet, as well as a few days of the silent treatment for you, Smokescreen sheepishly apologizes.  He never meant to freak you out.  He only wanted you to see how cool his home could be.  He’ll never do it again, promise.  He tries much harder to be supportive and listen to you from then on.

Ultra Magnus:  He doesn’t say anything, but he does give you some serious side-eye about it.  Don’t take it too personally, he just has a hard time relating.  When you’re as big as he is and have no known predators, the ocean doesn’t seem all that daunting.  Still, you’re his human, and it’s his job to keep you safe.  Worried about storms?  You never see so much as a dark cloud anywhere near the beach from then on.  Don’t like not being able to see into the water?  Oh, look at that!  Suddenly the shallows seem crystal clear where you live!  Afraid of all the things that might be lurking in the deep?  Well, there might be some odd things down there, but you know what the ocean also has?  Dolphins!  Lots of Dolphins!  You know Ultra Magnus will deny any of it if you bring it up (something about an abuse of power), but he’s certainly not going to object to a few extra smooches now and again.

Whales and Waves

A/N: A fluffy request for a Spencer x Reader where they are on a date and she asks him to go whale watching. She loves the ocean and when they sea a pod of orcas, she freaks out and and started talking about how much she loves them. Spencer listens while she rambles about how they should be free and happy and they’re beautiful and smart. @coveofmemories


“Okay, so I know I said I’d let you pick where we went today because I picked last time, but I found out about this whale watching tour off the coast that’s happening today and I really wanna go,” you rambled to your boyfriend. You’d picked your last date of mini golf, so you told him you’d let him pick this time, but you were absolutely obsessed with whales and really wanted to go. “Puh-lease.”

Spencer took your hand, leading you toward the car as he lifted your hand to his face to give it a kiss. “You’re cute. Yes, we can go whale watching. Are there any particular types that we’re supposed to see on this tour?”

“Orcas!” you said excitedly. “I’ve always wanted to see killer whales in the wild. I don’t like going to zoos and stuff and that’s the only place you can see them up close.”

“Why don’t you like zoos?” he asked. “All the cute animals.”

Yea, all the cute animals that weren’t supposed to be in cages. “Animals are supposed to be in the wild. I know that some zoos are really good about taking care of their animals, but with aquariums especially, there just isn’t enough room for them to move around. It’s unfair and I hate it. I mean…” As you looked over, you saw Spencer smile wide and your passion for sea life. You’d always loved whales and dolphins and even sharks. Marine life was fascinating to you. “What?”

“You’re so passionate about whales,” he said. “It’s sweet. Did you know that the language of killer whales is one of the most complex in the animal kingdom? They use high-pitched whistles, pulsed calls and low-frequency pops and can even make clapping sounds with their jaws. The whistles are used for close, personal communication, and the pulsed calls are for long distance.” 

While you were driving, you could see Spencer talking with his hands in that way he did when he was rambling off a statistic of some kind. “Yes! I did actually. Babe, when it comes to killer whales, I know a lot, so you’re gonna have to dig deep to find something I don’t know. Also, just a heads up, I’m probably going to be rambling while we’re on this trip and I know you already know all this stuff but I love whales so I’m not going to be able to stop myself,” you laughed as you pulled into the area where the tour would take off. 

“You ramble all you want, love,” he said with a smile. “You talk about whales like I talk about…well, everything, and I find it very endearing. Ready?” Just as you bought your tickets, the tour was ready to take off and you ran on the boat just in time. 

It took about 15 minutes to get to the area where they had been spotted earlier today, but once you were there, an announcement was made on the ship’s PA system. “If you look toward the northwest passed the orange buoy, you can see a pod about to breach,” you heard from the system. 

Running to the opposite end of the ship, you screeched when you saw them. There were at least three from what you could see and one of them was a baby. “Did you know the oldest killer whale ever was 103?” you asked, turning around so fast your hair smacked Spencer in then face. “And it’s not uncommon for them to live into their 90s.”

Of course he knew, but he acted like he didn’t, which was great for you, because you felt like you could continue rambling. “And the momma whale was pregnant for 17 months. Humans think they have it bad.” You leaned over the edge as much as you could without falling over. Spencer’s hand reached out in front of you with binoculars.

“Go ahead,” he said. “See if there are more than three.” As they came into view, you realized it was quite a few more than you’d thought - between 7 and 12. “Yes there are! Big families! Orcinus orca, also known as the killer whale, but it’s not a whale, it’s actually a dolphin. The biggest ones ever! Spence, look they’re so pretty!” Bouncing up and down on your feet, you continued to ramble off any fact you could think of. They traveled in pods. The biggest whale on record was 32 feet long and 11 tons. They fed on sea birds, squid, octopuses, sea turtles, sharks, rays and fish, and even some mammals like seals, dugongs and the occasional moose. 

“Look at the baby!” you squealed.

“He’s probably around 8.5 feet long and anywhere from 265 to 350 pounds,” he said into your ear. Again, you spun around and slapped him with your hair.

“Are you having fun?” you asked, suddenly feeling bad for dragging him along when he was supposed to pick your date for today.

He bent down to kiss your neck and smiled as you turned to look at the whales again. They were heading off away from the boat, so they were going to follow them for a little while. “I’m having a lot of fun,” he mumbled. “Watching you being so happy makes me happy.”

Leaning back into him, you rested your head on his shoulder and smiled. “You can pick the next two dates now.” 

“Maybe I’ll pick whale watching again just so I can see you squeal like a two-year-old,” he laughed. “You just look so happy.”

It’s because this was where they were meant to be seen. “They belong here,” you sighed. “They aren’t meant for captivity. Nothing compares to the ocean.”

“So I’m assuming you’ve never been to Sea World?”

“Nope,” you said, “Again, I’m sure that there are a lot of places where they treat their animals well, but only as well as they could be without being in the ocean. A tank, however big, is just not enough. You know none of the people that have died by killer whales have died in the wild? They’ve all been in captivity. And then they get a bad reputation, like Tilikum.”

“Yea,” he sighed. “But don’t think about that, it’ll make you sad. Just look at the baby.”

With a happy ‘okay,’ you stood on the bottom rail again to get a good look at the little orca. Just as you got your footing, a wave crashed into the ship, causing you to fall back into Spencer’s arms. “We definitely need to do this again,” he said, placing a kiss on the top of your head.

Water In My Soul [Jikook mermaid!au] ; Chapter Three

Pairing: Jikook
Chapters: 3 /??
Genre: Fantasy, slight angst, slight comedy, slight nsfw (later on)
Chapter 3: Word count; 4,761
“I’m going to find you again. You just wait.“ He mumbled to himself, determined to find the blue-tailed boy that had him questioning not only his reasoning, but his very sanity.

When Jeon Jungkook, average high schooler, has an encounter with a not so average blue-tailed, pink haired boy at a senior getaway by the beach, he’s left to question between reality and illusion.

Prologue, Chapter one, Chapter two

                                                  Chapter Three

“I freaking knew you were gay.” Taehyung admitted, mouth agape as he looked from Jungkook, who was still currently sprawled across the floor, back to the small boy who stared back at him with wide, curious eyes, completely unfazed by any of this. Jungkook stood up from the floor and ran a hand through his wet hair.

“Taehyung, I’m not-” He began to say, moving closer to his best friend who only gasped loudly, sounding jokingly but Jungkook knew his best friend was just being over dramatic as always. Taehyung moved closer to the boy swinging his feet, a small smile forming against the pink-haired male’s soft features.

“Jeon Jungkook, don’t deny it in front of him! How rude and disrespectful! Where are your morals? Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you have to be an a-hole!” Taehyung ranted quite loudly. Namjoon and Seokjin raised their brows at one another, being able to hear the conversation going on on the floor above them. An amused smirk began to form against Namjoon’s lips, Seokjin only laughing and playfully rolling his eyes. Namjoon motioned for the other to follow him, beginning to move up the stairs and towards the only bedroom who’s door was open: Jungkook’s.

“Taehyung, I’m not fucking gay!” Jungkook groaned out, going over and shaking the elder by the shoulders, staring him dead in the eye. “I don’t even know this guy!” He was more than frustrated. This boy had brought him the most trouble and stress that he ever had in his entire life! Taehyung and Jungkook both turned their heads at the sound of footsteps, only to see Namjoon and Seokjin standing at the doorway, smiles against lips and eyes bouncing against the other three in the room. 

“Care to explain?” Seokjin asked, amusement laced around, not only his features, but the very words that left his lips. Namjoon cracked a small chuckle, slowly making his way further into the bedroom, having a seat on Jungkook’s floor, Seokjin following soon after. They both sat criss crossed, shining eyes staring up at the show before them; Jungkook gripping onto Taehyung’s shoulders, Taehyung scowling at the younger for being, ‘gay and rude’, and an unknown pink-haired boy smiling happily at everything around him.

“Yeah, care to explain?” Jungkook questioned, pushing Taehyung to the side and crossing his arms over his chest, tilting his head to the side as he watched the other boy. Taehyung, along with the other two in the bedroom looked at the pink-haired boy, who only looked back at them with the same oblivious grin against his equally as pink lips.

Nobody could believe the words that had come from the small boy, them going through one ear and out the other. They all looked around at each other, the same clueless expression against all their faces as they continued to listen on to the boy who just spoke as if this were the most normal thing on earth.

“Wait, wait,” Taehyung began from where he currently sat, leaning against the bedroom wall, pillow hugged close against his chest, trying to contemplate and process everything the other spoke. “Please, recap.” He pleaded, shaking his head in trying to work out his thoughts. Everyone silently thanked the loud boy for speaking up, them not still sure if their ears deceived them and they were actually going insane. The smallest boy in the room only smiled and nodded enthusiastically, taking a deep breath before once again reciting his story.

“My name is Ximeno.” He nodded, looking at each boy sitting on the ground before him to make sure they all understood so far. “I come from the East Sea. My pod are the Okeanós.” Seokjin held up a hand to ask the boy who went by Ximeno a question.

“What’s a pod?” He asked quietly, soon bringing the hand he held up to run through his hair, licking over his lips in thought. All of this was just too much to take in. Ximeno chuckled softly and tilted his head, his eyes shutting as if he were daydreaming and seeing his 'pod’ before him.

“A pod is from where you are born. The first thing you know, and the last you see. They are your brothers and sisters.” He spoke in a dream-like tone, his smile only growing wider before he continued to speak. “There are thousands of pods, the Aecors, the Unas, the Ebbas, among thousand others.” He nodded, opening his eyes back up to glance around the room, the faces masking those of awe, curiosity, shock and slight bewilderment. “In sea years, I am seventeen sals old, which is equivalent to,” He scrunched his nose and furrowed his brows in complete and utter concentration. “one hundred eight land years.” Everyone seemed to go weak at that and if Jungkook was standing, he’d have fallen to the ground by now.

“He’s lived my life six times!” Namjoon exclaimed in utter shock. Usually the three other boys would’ve laughed, or at least smiled at the elder’s comment but not even Taehyung, the loud, extroverted big mouth, could speak a  word. Jungkook gulped and nibbled against his bottom lip, eyes staring at the ground before him, his head spinning and his  heart sunken to the pit of his stomach. 

“How,” Jungkook began to speak, slowly raising his gaze to meet Ximeno’s eyes, his confused and bewildered while the other’s stayed bright and happy. “How did you get legs?” It was something Jungkook knew everyone wanted to know. How exactly did the boy not have a tail in this moment? How was he actually here? The question lingered in the air for a moment before being answered truthfully.

“I am not sure how this happened.” He nodded, beginning to fiddle with his thumbs, looking down at his legs in pure wonder. “The last I remember is being afloat on the white caps, wishing I could be like the boy I saw,” He cut himself off, looking up at Jungkook with curious eyes. “What is your name?” He asked, tilting his head in question.

“J-Jungkook. It’s Jungkook.” He answered, bringing a hand up to rub the back of his neck, hating the fact that he stuttered due to being caught off guard by the question asked. Taehyung grinned a bit at the other and looked back at Ximeno, becoming somewhat comfortable with this whole thing.

“I’m Taehyung.” He stuck a hand out for the boy to shake. He only stared at it obliviously, expression neutral yet eyes pooling with cluelessness. Taehyung hummed a bit, forgetting the fact that the boy before him had no idea how the world up here worked. He leaned forward and took Ximeno’s wrist pulling his hand closer and taking it softly within his own before giving it a handshake. “This is how humans say hello.” Taehyung smiled encouragingly. The human-turned boy let out a small 'ah’ sound as he understood now, slowly turning his body to Seokjin and carefully holding the same hand Taehyung had shook out to him, which he took happily.

“My name’s Seokjin.” He spoke, letting the warm aura he always had around him radiate not only to Ximeno but to everyone else, his voice soothing and reassuring. The smaller boy nodded and retracted his hand, only to then outstretch it one more time to the still shocked over the age part, Namjoon. Namjoon slowly took his hand, giving it a small but firm handshake before letting it go, seeing as the other boy looked down at his own hand and smiled brightly.

“Namjoon.” He stated, quick and clear. All eyes were on Ximeno, him laughing under his breath as he swung his legs a bit more, completely emerged and fascinated by them and everything else on land. 

“You all are called weird things,” He chuckled which sounded more like a giggle if anything. He looked up from his swinging legs and looked down at each one while reciting their names. “Taehyung, Jungkook, Seokjin, Namjoon.” He hummed happily and rested his head on his own shoulder, leaning back and letting his hands support his upper body weight.

“They’re human names.” Seokjin stated matter-of-factly, giving a small nod before bringing his tongue to flick against his lips in thought. “Why don’t we give you a human name? You are currently human after all.” He brought a hand to point down to the boy’s legs, noticing a small Band-Aid where his knee was now situated. The other sat up instantly, clapping his hands excitedly with a smile. 

“I would love a human name! I’ve always wanted one, and who else to give better human names than actual humans?!” He spoke enthusiastically. Namjoon couldn’t help but chuckle at the boy’s innocence, finding it not only amusing, but cute as well. Taehyung only did the same and Jungkook was too engrossed in his own existential crisis to pay much mind to it. 

“How about,” Jungkook spoke up and  thought for a moment after everyone was spending some time thinking it over, hugging his knees close to his chest. After a bit, he looked back up at the expecting boy.  "Well, Jimin sounds like Ximeno, so how about it?“ He tilted his head a bit, quickly inputting, "Not that I care or anything but, you know.” He nibbled against his lips once again as he noticed the small boy looking at just him, smiling brighter than before, nodding happily and bouncing in place, which was currently still Jungkook’s bed. 

“I am Jimin, nice to meet you!” He explained happily, laughing softly once the other three cheered him on and clapped for him achieving a human name, although still quite shell shocked and a bit flustered , Jungkook managed to smile a bit and also clap for him. Once the mood had calmed down, silence ensued. The other four watching Jimin as he only watched his surroundings, hand playing with the rays of the setting sun coming from the open window, his eyes focusing on the ocean he saw from not too far. After more minutes like this, Namjoon’s voice sounded against the silence, a small grin against his lips and an unknown glint in his eye.

“Well, Jimin, would you like to see the world?” He questioned, not caring to look at the other three who looked at him in complete confusion. Jimin nodded happily and begged to do so, his curiosity getting the best of him as he wanted to know everything about land and those who habit it. “Let’s take him to the pier.”  Namjoon offered, looking back at the other three. Seokjin’s smile couldn’t be hidden, laughing a bit and looking back at Taehyung and Jungkook with hopeful eyes. Jungkook sighed, this was just what he was talking about. All seniors ever wanted to do was get drunk, get high and party, and that’s all the pier was. Imagine hundreds of people meeting up on a boardwalk, drinking until they were throwing up in every street gutter they could find, loud music, pushing, shoving, sweaty bodies grinding against each other. Jungkook just wasn’t a big fan of it; but Jimin was too excited for Jungkook to back out now and before he knew it, he was already in the back of Seokjin’s truck, in the middle of Taehyung and Jimin who were both equally sticking their heads out like dogs on a Sunday drive. 

Jungkook found himself once again in the same atmosphere from the night before, only this time there were hundreds of more people and the music pumped louder than before. Namjoon and Seokjin smiled and turned to face the other three, eyes shining in excitement. “Let’s get this started, shall we?” Namjoon spoke happily, he hooked an arm around Seokjin’s shoulders, tugging him away and disappearing into the crowd of drunk adults. Taehyung and Jungkook gave each other a knowing look, Taehyung only smiling widely and shaking his head. The three began to walk into the crowd, Jimin’s eyes scanning over everyone as he laughed and smiled happily. Admiring the lights that decorated the boardwalk and how the people danced underneath them, smiles and laughs on everyone’s faces, it was absolutely beautiful to him. Jungkook watched the smaller boy in curiosity, not noticing that the corner of his lips would tick up into a smile when the other would smile, yet Taehyung did. Taehyung chuckled a bit under his breath and pulled out his phone, placing it up to his ear as he spoke into it.

“Hey,” He greeted the person on the phone, letting Jungkook and Jimin stray away, them in their own worlds to notice anyway. Jungkook only walked with the other, letting him have the time of his life just watching everything around him. 

“Do you think-” Jungkook started to ask Taehyung a question, only then noticing that he was nowhere to be found. Jungkook furrowed his brows in confusion, turning a bit to look over the crowd, his best friend not in sight. He sighed and looked at Jimin who seemed to be staring up at something bright in awe. “Damn it.” He breathed before moving closer to the smaller boy. Jimin’s eyes shined as he pointed up at what he was staring up at, the lights glistening against his soft features. Jungkook also looked up at what he was admiring, humming once he was asked a question.

“What is it?” Jimin spoke over the music, his finger still pointing up at it, people dodging getting poked by it which made Jungkook laugh a bit. Jungkook leaned down to speak towards Jimin, looking up at the contraption before them.

“It’s called a Ferris wheel,” He began, nodding softly with a small grin against his lips. “You sit in a seat, and it goes around and around really high up in the air.” He explained, using his hands to motion a circle. Jungkook was always a bit afraid of Ferris wheels, just the possibility of him falling off of one or the whole thing becoming undone and rolling away with him on it terrified him. Jimin had other plans, though. He took Jungkook by the hand and dragged him towards the Ferris wheel line, it only having two other couples before him, more people forming the line behind him. “J-Jimin, what-” He began to say but was interrupted by the employee opening up the gate and letting everyone on. Jimin happily took the lead, stepping before Jungkook and happily taking a seat on a row. Jungkook gulped and hesitated yet followed anyway, he didn’t want Jimin to have to go alone. The two sat in silence for a bit, Jimin still admiring the way the Ferris wheel was built and Jungkook only looking at him in pure and utter wonder. 

The ride soon began slow, soon enough picking up speed which made Jungkook grip onto the bar before him for dear life, his eyes shutting tight as he felt his heart drop into his stomach, his fear of heights getting the best of him. Jimin’s laughter soon filled the air around them and when Jungkook opened up his eyes, he saw Jimin with his arms in the air, the wind messing up his light pink hair, eyes shut and laughter contagious. Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh along and soon do the same, lifting his arms up in the air and yelling out in joy. Jimin looked over at Jungkook and laughed happily, enjoying how happy he looked and how happy he, himself, felt. The Ferris wheel halted to a stop as they usually do, Jungkook bringing his hands down, running his hands through his now somewhat messy hair. He looked over at Jimin who was strangely quite to see him staring afar into the distance, which he followed to see him staring at the ocean in the distance. He also watched the ocean, seeing the dark waves ripple against each other, the moon and stars reflecting against the surface before he spoke softly.

“Do you miss it?” Jungkook asked in a soft tone, licking over his lips before looking back at Jimin, his eyes scanning over his features, from his pink hair, to his pale-ish complexion, to his plump lips and sharp jawline. The other nodded a bit, tilting his head and glancing over at Jungkook, him now noticing that Jimin’s eyes were in fact a dark grey shade rather than dark brown. 

“Sometimes.” He answered truthfully, the corner of his lips ticking up into a small, sad smile. It must’ve been hard for Jimin, or rather Ximeno. The ocean was all he ever knew, it was all he ever needed, but he also needed to experience the world, he needed to know more about land, and as much as he wanted to stay a land species, he always was a water species at heart and soul. The ride started up once again, Jimin opening his mouth and letting out a scream that was different than any other scream Jungkook had ever heard, and he only stared at Jimin with surprised features. This scream sounded more like a call, it was a mix between a dolphin’s call and a whale’s, except it was constant and had a raspy yet squeaky tone to it. Jimin smiled and laughed, holding his hands out one more time and Jungkook only followed, just now realizing how amazing this actually was. 

The two of them got off in a fit of laughter and dazed steps, the height catching them both off guard as their knees wobbled, not that Jimin could walk correctly to begin with. Jungkook led him through the loud crowd yet Jimin tugged him back in. He furrowed his brows as he watched as the other closed his eyes and began to dance and jump alongside everyone else, laughing happily and tugging Jungkook closer. Jungkook wasn’t one to rave, party or dance, at least not publicly; but something about this moment just told him to do it, and so he did. Dancing and jumping to the beat of the music alongside Jimin and hundreds of other strangers. He laughed and shut his eyes, the bass’ vibrations traveling up his legs, all through his entire body. Everything seemed fun and perfect until the sound of breaking glass interrupted the bumping night, Jungkook opening his eyes up to see a guy beginning to walk another with a broken beer bottle in his hand, the shards sharp and dangerous. His eyes widened as he took Jimin’s hand, pulling him rough and quick away from everyone as he ran with him, down and away from the chaos that was sure to ensue sooner or later. Jimin didn’t protest, just following along with him, by this time he had gotten used to his legs, being able to run freely with them. 

Once far enough, Jungkook doubled over, breathing heavily and leaning back against a stand that was quite empty. Jimin, also panting, only moved closer to the stand, eyes shining once again. He took a necklace in between his delicate fingertips, looking down at the small conch shell and laughing a bit, soon looking back at the worker, who told him the price of it, and setting it back softly. His eyes caught something in his side view, his smile once again forming against his lips. “Namjoon!” He called, making his way over to the older who turned and looked at Jimin with a wide smile. Jungkook moved closer to the stand, taking the necklace and twirling it between his fingers, he then pulled out the money it was priced at, paying for it and slipping it into his pocket. He followed where Jimin had walked to, hearing laughter and Taehyung’s slurred voice.

“And this is fish boy! He was totally a mermaid or some shit like that yesterday.” He slurred and spoke towards a boy Jungkook had only seen a couple times. The youngest moved closer to the group, staring at Taehyung with wide eyes, glancing around the group, them wasted, words slurred and bodies unbalanced, swaying back and forth. 

“Taehyung!” Jungkook called to him, bringing Jimin to stand behind him, hiding him from the drunk group and the unknown male standing next to Taehyung with a dazed smile on his features. Taehyung looked over at Jungkook and his features brightened, laughing a bit as he pointed at the boy next to him, yet making sure to grip onto the bottle in his hand tight. 

“Jungkook! This is Hoseok!” He called out, looking over at the other boy. He was quite tall, sharp features yet sweet, friendly eyes. He stuck his hand out, Jungkook quickly taking it and giving it a firm shake before once again looking at Taehyung, eyes hard.

“Taehyung, can we talk?” He called over the music, Taehyung hummed and smiled widely, handing over his drink to Hoseok. He excused himself from the group before him, moving closer to Jungkook, reeking of alcohol. Jungkook groaned softly and scrunched his nose up, turning on his heel to feel his heart sink just how it seemed to be doing a lot lately. Jimin was gone and Jungkook felt the panic rise up in is throat. He quickly turned around, once again gripping onto Taehyung’s shoulders. “Did you see where he went?” He asked frantically, knowing the answer to that question but still feeling the need to ask it.

“Let yourself go a bit, man.” Taehyung laughed slowly, shaking his head a bit and lazily pushing Jungkook’s hands off of him. Jungkook seethed and ran a hand through his hair.

“I did let myself go! I let myself go last night and tonight and look at where it’s got me!” He spoke angrily. Taehyung only stared up at Jungkook cluelessly, which made Jungkook sigh in frustration and go up to the group. “Please help me find Jimin, I don’t know where he went.” He pleaded to the group that were bound together by the same boy. They were drunk, that went without saying, but  they felt the urgency and panic in the air and soon dropped everything they were doing and began to walk together, shoving anyone and everyone that was in their way. Jungkook would’ve found this amusing but he was too anxious to laugh or even smile at that moment. 

The music didn’t stop blaring against the hundreds of bodies pushing and shoving against one another, the group forming a line and holding onto each other, pushing past everyone and looking through every nook and cranny they could possibly find and Jungkook was now cursing Jimin’s small height. Namjoon led them into a pub with a Karaoke, Jungkook hanging back and watching the other four in confusion as they stumbled their way to the microphone, realization soon kicking in as Jungkook hurried to try and get them off the stage.

“Has anyone seen a mermaid boy?!” Seokjin spoke loudly into the mic, his eyes scanning over everyone who only stared back at him in confusion. Hoseok shoved Seokjin out of the way and took the center, holding a hand out next to where his ribcage was, shaking his hand a bit before slurring loudly.

“I just met him like ten minutes ago but he’s like, yea short, pink hair!” He tried to get the people listening to understand him, but was just making matters worse and Jungkook didn’t know if it was a good thing that people didn’t understand what exactly or who exactly they were trying to find or if it was a bad thing they were drawing this much attention to themselves now that they were underage and very much intoxicated out of their minds. It wasn’t until Taehyung screamed “He’s wearing my pants!” that Jungkook noticed pink movement at the corner of his eyes. 

“Jimin!” He called out, rushing out of the pub. The other four watched him and decided to soon follow, stumbling over one another in hopes to catch up. Jungkook looked back and forth as he ran forward, soon Jimin’s frame coming into view. He let out a ragged breath of relief as he saw Jimin on the shore, doubled over on the floor, facing the ocean. Jungkook quickly made his way to him, touching his shoulder softly. Jimin looked up at him and that’s when the younger noticed tears in the boy’s eyes. Jungkook bent down to face him, his eyes scanning over his body making sure he wasn’t hurt. Jimin brought a hand to groggily run down the other’s face, Jungkook furrowing his brows and pulling his face back a bit.

“I don’t feel so good.” Jimin spoke, his breath smelling of pure alcohol. Jungkook couldn’t help but laugh. He laughed and laughed and laughed until tears prickled at the corner of his eyes and he couldn’t breathe anymore; and Jimin’s sounds of retching, throwing up and sobs only humored the younger more. In reality, Jungkook’s laughter was that of relief and just complete and utter amusement at this whole situation. Whoever saw this scene between the two must’ve thought that they had lost their minds and honestly speaking, Jungkook didn’t care. Once he had calmed himself down a bit, he helped Jimin stand onto his wobbly knees, soon helping him onto his back. Jimin sighed a bit, leaning his head against Jungkook’s shoulder, letting his eyes shut and darken off the spinning world before him. The younger only shook his head and began to walk up towards the group of four who watched them from afar. They all began to walk the way back to Jungkook’s house, too wasted to drive and Jungkook not knowing one thing about driving. It was a silent way back home, the only thing Jungkook hearing being Jimin’s slowly breathing, four sets of irregular footsteps behind him and the fading, bumping music behind them all. 

Jungkook opened up his bedroom door, all six of them spilling into the dark, moon lit room exhaustedly. The group of four leaned against walls and fell onto the ground, everything spinning around them. Jungkook went over and set Jimin softly onto his bed, watching him curl against the covers, eyes shut and features drained tired. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, turning a bit to face the group of four, eyes hard and annoyed. “Seriously?” He asked. The other’s kept their gaze low, Taehyung clearing his throat to speak but being interrupted by a small voice calling out in the silence.

“Jungkook, stay with me, please.” Jimin pleaded softly, making Jungkook jump in surprise, everyone thinking the small boy had been asleep by now. Jungkook’s cheeks reddened a bit at the request, looking up at the other four. Seokjin and Namjoon looked at each other, raised their brows and let out a small, high toned “hmm” sound, beginning to laugh amongst themselves before exiting the room, dragging a confused Hoseok away with them, disappearing in an instant. Taehyung glanced over at the two, nodding softly and also disappearing behind the other three, making sure to close the door behind him.

 Jungkook sighed and ran a hand through his hair, turning to face Jimin and slowly pull the cover’s back. He crawled into the bed with him, making sure to keep his distance, not wanting to infiltrate his personal space. Jimin, again, had other plans as he turned on his side and faced Jungkook, grinning weakly and still sniffling a bit. Jungkook had a feeling Jimin’s tears were more than just him feeling sick and throwing up, these tears were a whole other sick; home sick. Jungkook then remembered something, slipping his hand into his pocket and letting his fingers brush against the small shell, grateful that it hadn’t broken. He pulled it out of his pocket, slipping it over Jimin’s head softly and grinning at it once the small shell pendant fell directly onto the crook of the smaller boy’s neck. Jimin opened up his eyes and gasped sleepily yet happily, looking down and twirling the shell between his fingers, he opened his mouth, meaning to talk to Jungkook, thank him, but his exhaustion had gotten the best of him as he fell into an unexpected sleep, his hand falling onto Jungkook’s chest, lips parting and features softening. Jungkook hesitantly brought his thumb up to wipe away the tears around Jimin’s shut eyes before he too shut his own, the warmth of the other boy getting the best of him and the comfort of knowing the other was next to him  letting them both sleep safe and sound by each other’s side.  


This photo set is from a special day last season with K pod. We were on our way back to port when these guys suddenly appeared off the port bow and held us hostage for a good 30 minutes. They kept circling closer and closer so we had to sit with the engines shut down (in accordance with the regulations) until they decided to move on. It was amazing but quite stressful for the captain. ;)

Beach walks?

Bill swam along in the sea weed fields. Stupid Pod. Stupid alpha pushing him around. So what if he was a young male and so what if he was talking with other sirens from other pods. In a year he was supposed to leave the safety of the pod and the waters he was raised in anyways because to grow you need to be on your own and survive and all that junk. Bill mimicked his Alpha in a mocking tone and rolled his eyes. In a world with humans coming below the surface you would think he would adapt but noooo. The alpha is adamant that we stay to the old ways. Stupid.

What is that sound? Bill stopped and closed his eyes and focused. He swam for the surface slowly. A boat this late at night? Is that someone listening to music? Bill came up under a small boat. He could feel the vibrations from the boat with the beat. He couldn’t help but move his body to this new style the humans listened too. It was catchy. He was only taught songs where this was a sound. He broke the surface slowly not making a ripple. The boat was so new and shiny blue and white it looked like it sparkled even in the moon light against the ripples reflecting off the water.

Bill swam closer silently. He spotted a lone person sitting behind the wheel of the boat and noticed he must be sleeping. He had his arm over his eyes leaned back. His breathing was slow. Bill came up a bit more out of the water to get a better look at him. The guy had soft warm features. His hair was dark brown and his lips where a soft pink. Bill would literally kill to see his eyes. He looked the guy over. His hands looked small but had calluses on them. Hard worker. Thin arms skinny but his hips stuck out and his cloths showed off every curve.

Wearing black pants and a dark blue shirt. On his neck was a tattoo of a Pine Tree. Bill noticed that the guy wasn’t really breathing anymore. He looked up at his face and was met with a stunning pair of hazel eyes. Bill froze and for who knows how long they both stared at each other sometimes looking at their bodies. The guy finally opened his mouth. Bill stopped breathing he wanted to hear what his voice sounded like. But the Brunette squeaked and fell backwards out of his chair to the floor. Bill couldn’t help but to be shocked then as the guy looked up at him he broke out laughing.

This guy was cute and Bill loved his reactions. He leaned forwards and put his hand out to help him up. He looked at Bills hand then back at him a few times then slid his hand into Bills. Bill purred with satisfaction as he gently pulled him back up. If I wanted to hurt you I would have already done it. Bill knew he looked inhuman with his gold colorings he barely fit in with the sirens even. Bright gold hair with dark gold scales and fins. His nails where long and pointed gold. Even his eyes had slits unlike any sea creature they new of.

Most humans would have tried to hurt me or run away…. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy you haven’t done either of those but umm.. Why are you calmer than most? It was dark and hard to tell but it looked like he was blushing as he stuttered. U-um I uhh. You see. I’m. He sighed and sat on the side of the boat turning the music down very low. He took a deep breath then looked at Bill. I’m kind of a crypto zoologist. And that means I outright seek out beings like yourself. Sometimes I find them. Your not the first magical being I’ve ever seen. His eyes looked away and he became shy. All be it none of the others where this attractive. Bill smiled and leaned closer to him and the guy turned his to face him. He gasped noticing how handsome the human was. For who knows how long they just sat like that both of them looking at each others lips to see them lick there lips breath catching. Finally the brunette spoke. My names Mason Dipper Pines. Bill didn’t have time to respond before his lips where sealed with Dippers in a sweet kiss that made Bill purr and his tail wriggle and writhe.

Bill felt Dipper pulling away. Nope! Was all he said before he pulled Dipper back to him lip locking again. Dippers hands shot up to rub his back being careful of the gills and fens. Bill tangled his fingers in his wild brown hair. They pulled apart when they heard a shrill sound. What the fuck was that sound now? I feel like running into a highly attractive intelligent being is enough for one night. Bill looked around. It’s my pod calling me back in. My names Bill Cypher. Pine Tree will I see you again? Please say yes.

I’ll be here all day and all tonight. I can’t say no to learning about you. Now go or you might get us both in trouble. Bill dove down letting go of Dipper. Bill came back during the day to find the human swimming. He couldn’t help himself but to pull him under and then smile as he swam around him watching him glare at him. Dipper stuck his tongue out, and Bill dove down, then swam up to ram into Dipper to get him towards the surface faster.

They broke the surface laughing and splashing each other. By the end of the day Dipper promised he would stay and wait. They met again that night and talked. Bill told him in a year he would be leaving the pod. Dipper smiled. In one year come with me. I know of a place you can go that you will like and be safe in. Humans don’t believe in magic or magical creatures anymore. He looked sadly at Bill then. But some humans not like me do believe and will stop at nothing to prove it’s real. They hurt the creatures they catch. Sometimes they outright kill them. I don’t want that to happen to you.

Bill shuddered. He had heard stories of humans catching sirens and cutting out there neck to take their voices. In one year meet me on the beach. I will take you away. Please Bill. Please say you will meet me in a year and I can keep you safe. Dipper pulled out a ring made of gold and put it on the Sirens finger. He pulled a silver one out and used Bills fingers to put that one on himself. With this ring I promise to you, Bill Cypher of the sirens of piedmont California that I, Mason Dipper Pines. Will return and protect you. Will you accept my promise and promise to return to me as I to you?

Bill was stunned but look into Dippers eyes and whispered. Yes Pine Tree. I will return. I will meet you on the beach one year from now.  They shared a tender moment and gave each other a slow kiss. Bill? Bill hummed in response. Will you sing to me when I return? You have never used your voice to sing. I want to hear it. Bill chuckled. In one year I will sing to you. That night they parted when the sirens called Bill home. And thus the year began.

Bill returned to the beach later following the shore along a few times looking for his Pine Tree. He saw his Pine Tree walking in knee deep water and he swam to his side making sure that Pine Tree saw him and he swam beside him as they waited. Of what they where waiting for Bill didn’t know. But when it seemed everyone was gone Pine Tree waved and someone drove a truck to the edge of the water on the beach and backed up getting a boat in the water. Pine Tree was quick at pulling the cover back and starting the boat. He signaled for the person to come closer and when Bill saw her she looked just like his Pine Tree only of course it was a she. Pine Tree hugged her. That made Bill come out of the water a bit to hiss at her touching his Pine Tree. She squealed and lunged at Bill making him panic and back away to swing his tail forward. Pine Tree jumped in next to him. Bill no. No. It’s ok this is my twin sister Mabel. Bill had grabbed him and started to back away a bit until Dipper started to pull out of his arms. Bill looked at him and whimpered.

Bill latched onto Dipper and calmed down. Pine Tree pulled him towards her and held him while he told him it was ok. This was very scary for him. But if Pine Tree said it was ok then it must be. Bill stayed close to his chest and shook from his nerves but he didn’t fight Pine Tree. She put her hand out and spoke softly to him. He stuck his hand out and shook her hand. She squealed and Bill struggled against Pine Tree Whimpering and noshing his teeth. Pine Tree just held him calming him down a bit. The girl looked around them then and her smile faded to a thin line. Bro bro. It’s time to go. I’ll head to Gravity Falls after you so no one thinks something is up.

But you need to go now. Before the sun completely sets. Dipper nodded and Hopped into the boat after he watched Mabel leave. Alright Bill you ready? Do you need to rest? Are you ready? Bill turned Pine Trees face towards him and kissed him. He missed him to much to hold out any longer. Humans seeing him be damned. He needed this. Dipper pulled him down in the water to hide him. Between kisses he tried to calm the Siren. Bill. We need t-. To go. We have pl-. Plenty of time fo-for this later. Remember? I made a promise. Come on. Bill pouted but let go of Pine Tree. Pine Tree smiled and pulled a ladder down in the back of the boat. Look what I did to the boat for you. Bill gasped. He could climb into the boat and lay on the floor.

He slid on and when Pine Tree started the boat water came out of a hose over him to keep him comfortable and he started to move the boat. Bill smiled as he sat in a human seat. Pine Tree pulled out a towel and a shirt and put the shirt on him and the towel was placed on his tail to hide it as they drove.  Bill had been swimming a long time that day so the rest was needed and he smiled. It was close to when the sun would be setting by the time Pine Tree pulled into an opening up the coast. Bill was far from home now.

This is where I go during the summer months. I know live here full on. Pine Tree told him of all the magical creatures that lived in Gravity Falls. He removed the towel and poured water on Bill. Bill could only purr at the doting. Pine Tree didn’t put the towel back on him now.  Bill panicked an instant later when a boat came into view and Pine Tree smiled and waved at them. They came to the boat and a girl with red hair hugged his Pine Tree. This made him hiss. All of these people keep touching his Pine Tree.

Bill clucked a bit and Pine Tree came to his side. I’ve never heard you make that sound before. What was that? Is something wrong? Are you hurt? Is the boat rocking making you si-. Bill latched onto him then and chortled at him with big eyes. He wanted his Pine Tree to give him all his attention. Pine Tree sighed and turned to the other humans. Bill opened his mouth and made the sounds louder this time. Pine Tree turned back to him and pulled him close to his chest and then spoke to the others.

I’ll talk to you guys later on. I need to get Bill home. He needs to get settled in before I introduce him to anyone. Everyone leaned closer and Bill gripped onto Dippers body harder and huffed. He’s so handsome! Is he alone!? Did his family abandon him!? Bill felt like crying. This was to many humans. He just wanted the one human. His human. Dipper pulled Bills face close and kissed him softly. You have to let go so I get the boat up the river before dark Bill. Bill whimpered when Pine Tree tried to step away. Bill didn’t know what else to do so he slid onto the floor and slid next to his humans chair when Dipper sat down Bill slid between his legs to lean into his chest.

He nuzzled into his humans chest. Ignoring all the other humans cooing until he felt a hand touch him. Bill snarled then but leaned more into his humans chest. Dipper leaned forwards to cover more of Bill and it made Bill feel more at ease. Bill huffed. Pine Tree finally started the boat and waved to them goodbye. Once away from the other humans Bill leaned up and started to kiss Pine Tree’s chin. This made his human giggle. Bill liked that sound.

They came to a dock and Pine Tree tied the boat up and Bill slid into the water. It felt nice to be in the water again. He spun around and came up next to Pine Tree as he was in waist deep water tending to the boat. Bill pulled him close and chortled happily. Bill I have stuff to do. I need to make sure your safe and comfortable. You have to let go for now. Bill wasn’t having any of this none since. He came chest to chest with Pine Tree and he remembered something that made Bill smile.

Oh sweet lover~

Hold me close~

Don’t let me go. Don’t let me down, down, down~

Wrap your arms~


Around me~

Bill smiled through half lidded eyes as he watched his Pine Tree becoming entranced by his song. Bill needed him to much Pine Tree didn’t understand that Bill needed him. He would make Pine Tree give him what he wanted. As Bill sang Dipper looked at him and reached for him and Bill backed away and Dipper followed as Bill sang. Dipper stumbled and shook his head and was trying to stop the spell. He covered his ears and whimpered. Bill lunged and grabbed his hands away and kept his song.

Sweet love of mine~

Don’t ignore me~

I need you now~

Join me here~

Frolic with me my darling~

Bill smiled as Dipper fell under his spell finally and leaned into Bill. As the sun set and the sky turned orange and red they played in the shallow waters of the beach together. Without a care in the world. For now they could play and that was enough. Tomorrow was another day.

It’s happening! Currently reading Thirteen Rising, as i just managed to get a hold of the copy. I literally grabbed the very last book off the shelf, and now i’m a happy reader :) 

Come to think of it, this is my first fan art of the series that is actually of the characters. SO, Rhoma Grace, Holy Mother of Cancer, on her home ground, complete with the endless seas and floating pods.  

Character belongs to @rominagarber as part of the Zodiac series. 

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 2

I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.

This will be my second Pokémon in our biomes post, and this time I will be focusing on the abyssal zone, which are the deep-sea sections of the oceans. Little to no sunlight, sparse oxygen, extreme pressure, there are, believe it or not, some life forms that flourish at these depths, however terrifying they may be.

Let’s dive in! (sorry)

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