sea otter week

The importance of chomping on toys

Can you bite through a crab? A sea otter can. In fact, a sea otter NEEDS to in order to survive in the wild. Rescued pup 696 plays with toys to build up the jaw strength and paw dexterity he’ll need once he’s back in the ocean eating crabs, urchins, and other hard-shelled invertebrates.

Oh, just watch the whole thing already:

Print of my otter linocut that I created for the 2016 Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival, sold for the benefit of the San Francisco Center for the Book. This was printed yesterday by being run over by a 12 ton steamroller! 

I also became aware that it is Sea Otter Awareness Week! They are one of my favorite Bay Area animals. 


We’ve known since the 70’s that sea otters are keystones of the kelp community. Now we know that they’re also gardeners of the eelgrass!


Happy sea otter awareness week!!

Sea otters are amazing creatures! They are one of the only sea mammals that doesn’t have blubber to keep them warm, and because of that they have the densest fur in the world. Sea otters are a keystone species, which means they are extremely important to the balance of their ecosystem, above other animals and plants. These cute little guys are able to use simple tools like rocks to break open their food, and they like to hold hands when they sleep to stay together with their other otter friends!

I encourage you all to get to know more about these amazing creatures and what their importance is to the world and ecosystem they live in.