sea of crowns


Move Over Ariel…

Ever dreamed of being a mermaid? Melbourne based florist, Chelsea Shiels, is helping to make that a reality! Chelsea hand crafts flower crowns, but also creates these incredible seashell headpieces perfect for the deep sea lover! We are totally and completely obsessed. Thankfully we can all get our very own mermaid crown on her Etsy store!


The Atolla jellyfish is a species of deep-sea crown jellyfish (Scyphozoa: Coronatae). Like many species of mid-water animals, it is deep red in color. This species is bioluminescent. When attacked, it will launch a series of flashes, whose function is to draw predators who will be more interested in the attacker than itself. This has earned the animal the nickname “alarm jellyfish”.


Incredibly bad photos of an incredibly elaborate crown I made for a fellow priest in my Tradition, in honour of Aphrodite. The headband is seven strands of wire braided together, and the entire thing is crusted with genuine pearls the buyer supplied from his trips to Mexico. It probably weighs one and a half kilos, there are so many pearls on this thing. Surprisingly, when one looks at it one assumes the pearls aren’t real - I don’t think we are used to seeing actual pearls in such quantity.

When he tried it on it looked like something that had been taken from the sea, and strongly reminded me of the strange tiara from the museum that had belonged to the Deep Ones in ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’. The pictures really do not do this justice.