sea of affliction

Farewell // The Amity Affliction

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`If my eyes are the oceans that put your head in the clouds

then your heart is the reason I keep my feet on the ground`

- Pabst Blue Ribbon on Ice, The Amity Affliction


Painted and drawn on A3 paper with literally everything I`ve got; pencils, pastel chalk, gold acrylic paint and red nail polish….

Dear Alexander

I wrote you a letter in June 1792 inclosed in one to Mr. Donald of Virginia Since which I have had no further accounts from you. My bad State of health has prevented my going to Sea at this time being afflicted with a complication of disorders.

The war which has lately broke out between France & England makes it very dengerous going to Sea at this time, however we daily expect news of a peace & when that takes place provided it is not too late in the Season I will embark in the first Vessel that Sails for Philadelphia.

I have now Settled all my business in this part of the World, with the assistance of my good freind Mr. Donald who has been of every Service to me that lay in his power in contributing to make my life Easy, at this advanced period of life. The bearer of this, Capt. Sherref of the Brig, Dispatch Sails direct for Philadelphia & has promised to deliver you this letter with his own hands, & as he returns to this Island from Philadelphia I beg you will drop me a few lines letting me know how you & your family keeps your health as I am uneasy at not having heard from you for some time past.

I beg my respectfull Compliments to Mrs. Hamilton & your Children, & wishing you health & happiness, I remain, with esteem

Dear Alexander   Your very Affectte. Father

—  James Hamilton to Alexander Hamilton, June 12, 1793, the only surviving correspondence between father and son. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t board the first vessel to Philadelphia.