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You're so beautiful are there any special face products that you use?? And what brand makeup do you use??

I had terrible skin up until my senior year of college (still have the scars and occasional outbreaks). Tried everything. I think I grew out of it, thank GOD. Now I use St. Ives scrub on my face, plus a Dead Sea mud mask from Amazon once a week if I remember. Sometimes my roommates and I do a “spa day” where we dig into my crate of Birchbox samples to do masks and skin stuff. 

For when I do full make-up, I use a Garnier BB cream (just from the drug store) or Sulwhasoo perfecting cushion foundation. Concealer under my eyes (I have horrible undereye shadows) and on trouble spots. Some bronzer I found at Victoria’s Secret like 3 years ago to bring back whatever color my foundation takes away. Clinique contouring sticks if I’m feeling fancy (they’re idiot-proof). Sephora brand liquid eyeliner. Naked smokey eye shadow. Lip varies, but I bounce between Chanel, NARS, MAC, Clinique, Kylie, Bite, and Glossier if I use anything. They’re Real brand mascara. Sometimes Target brand false lashes. Some eyebrow definer/wax thingy I got in a Birchbox to keep my idiot eyebrows in check. Also, everything special I know about make-up and application comes from either Youtube or Pinterest. I had no idea what I was doing until about halfway through college and I’m still figuring it out.

The only piece of my beauty regimen I am RELIGIOUS about is eyebrow upkeep. I’ve been blessed/cursed with very strong, bushy, Mediterranean eyebrows (thanks Dad) that like to connect if not forcibly divided. I was tortured as a kid for them, and bless my mom for not letting me pluck them into oblivion. Instead, she kicked me off on getting my eyebrows done when I was around 11, and I’ve been doing them/getting them done every since. I go at least once a month, usually every four weeks, especially when I’m in event heavy rotations. 

@momhairdontcare I got the 3 new ones I have from my local neighborhood walmart. As for what I recommend I do recommend these 3 (except not the exact brand of dead sea mud mask since you can find a cheaper alternative.) The Mint Julep Masque is only $2.47 at Wal-Mart, I’ve used it once but using it a day after my dead sea mud mask that is $12.99 for a pack of 5 on Amazon (I had one pack and it last me about 2 and a half months) And OMG it was the most amazing pairing EVER the dead sea mud mask helps with your circulation to bring out toxins and impurities (don’t be to ahocked by a lil break out since it can bring bad stuff out) and the Mint Julep Masque demininshed redness, dried down my acne, and my crater sized pores shrunk soooo much, but the first 3min may have a burning sensation but it does go away. As for the Aztec Clay Mask which costs around $6-10 depending where you buy it (I get it at a local Vitamin Shoppe) I would only use it once every 2 weeks and on a day you wont be out because your skin will feel raw and you need a break from masks for like 3 days, but that shit is like the medical grade level acne masks, it will make your face pulse and turn red (it also is a pain in the ass to wash off, so is the dead sea mud mask in a different way). With apple cider vinegar its best to tone your skin but the smells is intense ao if your sensitive to that use water but if you use water it will dry out super intensely. But it is a serious treatment mask.

Also the dead sea mud mask smells intensly of perfum and doesnt go away, giving me a head ache so I have another detox mask but haven’t tried it.


Mud volcano field on the edge of the Salton Sea California - the heat that feeds these actually comes from steps in the San Andreas fault system.

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Hi!! I love your style youre just so cute and im making you my new big sister but ANYWAYS how do you keep your skin so clear? Do you eat any special foods or use any special products?

I’M HONORED!!!! <3 Let me be everybody’s onee-chan!! xx

Basic Skin Care

Before diving into the world of expensive creams a serums, it’s best to access your skin type (dry vs oily and any special conditions like eczema) as well as figuring out what is normal and healthy for your skin to do, and what “isn’t”. For example, a common misconception about skin is the difference between sebaceous filaments  (which are good, and can’t really be gotten rid of) and blackheads. 

The second tip is a tale as old as time but having a good diet. Making sure you take your vitamins, get your daily nutrition, drinking insane amounts of water. If you’re a melanin gal/guy we NEED vitamin D and sunlight especially. I’m going to say this is about 90% Of having good skin unless you suffer from a skin condition (if that’s the case, see a dermatologist please!). Your skin is an organ, and you need your whole body to be healthy for it to be in tip top shape.

Once you know your skintype and what you’re dealing with it’s much easier to narrow out what products to seek. For example, i have dry skin and an uneven tone (most women of color deal with the latter). I’ll go into my personal routine and products in just a moment but before I do let’s talk about organics!


Many over the counter products incorporate these natural ingredients or man-made chemical versions but honestly you can pick up/order a lot of it online and make your own masks/creams/washes/toners! I’ll do a definition list in the future, but here’s some of the many natural ingredients you can use for skin care. Look ‘em up and find out what they do!

  • avocado, cucumber, blueberries, peppermint, cocoa powder, charcoal, pumpkin, calendula, yogurt, oatmeal (exfoliation), willow bark, shea butter, aloe vera, olive oil, papaya, pineapple, argan oil, rose water, tea tree oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil,Dead Sea mud, jasmine oil, witch hazel & lilac, grapefruit, cocoa butter,castor oil, jojoba oil, French green clay, vitamin A, vitamin E, lemon juice, sea salt (exfoliation), dandelion root, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, bentonite, baking soda (exfoliation), sugar (exfoliation), apple cider vinegar, burdock root

The Products & What They Do

Essentially for facial care we have (avoid sulfates, parabens, ect.): 

Scrubs - exfoliates and remove dead skin layers
Astringents/Cleansers/Toners - cleans and shrinks pores, removes oily build up
Lotions/Creams - moisturize and soften skin, may brighten and lighten 
Gels - soothe irritated skin (as well as above)
Moisturizers/Non-comedogenic Oils - replenishes lost natural oils of skin
Masks - can do any of the above! It’s just left on the skin for x amount of time.

My Skin Care Routine

I begin using using very warm water or a heated cloth to open up my pores. Steam works too. This allows the remove the build up easier. Here you should use a cleanser. For more acne-prone days I use Burt’s Bee’s Acne Solutions or a Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. If I ned to do a mask because of breakouts, I like the Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. Repeatedly drying out your skin isn’t good and just like over-shampooing strips the natural oils from your body which signals the body to create an over abundance, hence: acne. So often I’ll just hit my face with the Biore Charcoal Bar or Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil . Sometimes even just water is fine! After cleansing your face it’s time to seal up, tone, moisturizer and add an topical creams/medicine. COLD WATER will help close up your pores!! Need be run an ice cube or stand in the freezer for a bit, but it works and stops more icky stuff from getting in. After this I use a cottonball and dab Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner on my face. This further minimizers pores. For moisturizering gels I like to use Boscia’s Hydration Gel, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel, or Hada Labo’s Skin Plumping Gel. I use Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster as an oil. For normal lotions I stick to Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, Nivea, or Ology’s Milk & Honey. I use Ambi’s Fade Cream & Nadinola to lighten dark spots. For acne spot management I use Clean & Clear’s Acne Spot Treatment or Boscia’s Clear Complexion Moisturizer. 

I’m also a fan of First Aid Beauty, Lush (haven’t owned either yet), and Sephora’s beauty masks! The brands above are all very great to me. Use sunscreen, or a BB/CC cream with SPF protection in sunnier climates (you can also combine your foundation and suncreen together). 

Best of luck on your skin care journey!! xx

Lokai Bracelet.
The black bead carries mud from the dead sea which is also known as the lowest point on earth. The white bead carries water from mt. Everest which is also known as the highest point on earth. The 2 beads represent the highs and lows in your life and the clear bead represent everything in between. This bracelet reminds you no matter where you are in your life whether it be at your highest peak or rock bottom to stay humble. I haven’t taken this bracelet off since I got it.

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I have too much skincare advice: weekly mud masks can help too. Origins has two great ones (Charcoal and Out of Trouble). Or you can go with the $2 MONTAGNE JEUNESSE(MJ) ones, I like the Dead Sea Mud ones (sheet or just mud). Patchology has a great sheet mud mask that I was HIGHLY impressed with. TonyMoly has some hyaluronic acid sheet masks. And the Tea Tree sheet mask from MJ are very good, as well as the honey peel-off. If you can afford $17/mask, SK-II's sheet mask is PHENOM!


The New Princess - chapter 8

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 3000ish

Warnings: none

Betas: Thanks to @loveitsallineed and @dr-dean for being awesome betas and helping me with the storyline!

A/N: I just started my second year at university a week ago, so I won’t have as much time to write as I used to. I’ll try to upload 1 chapter each week, but I can’t promise anything, sorry!
(And I have never been to a spa so I have no idea if this is correct at all!)
A/N 2: My tag list is seriously getting out of control so with pain in my heart, I’m closing my tag list for The New Princess for good. I don’t like saying no to you guys, but it’s starting to become a little too much. Sorry. People who are getting tagged right now, will remain tagged, don’t worry!

P.S. I hope my tags are working, if not, please tell me :)

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You groaned in annoyance as you heard Charlie and Jo calling out for you, their fists knocking on your bedroom door. You were tired and just wanted to sleep, even if it was just for five more minutes, but that was unaccounted for the girls outside your room. With a heaviness in your limbs, you dragged yourself out of bed and pulled open the door to let them in. 

“Good morning,” both of them greeted you cheerfully. A grumble of what had to resemble a good morning was all they got in return. You were so not ready for this day. Who knew what they had planned for you now. You couldn’t handle another day filled with paparazzi and meetings and wedding arrangements. You used to think royals sat on their lazy asses all day, but four days in and you were already exhausted.

“Let’s get you ready for another wonderful day,” the red head exclaimed, her voice filled with enthusiasm. At least one of us is excited, you thought bitterly. 

“And what does this wonderful day bring?” you tried to mimic her bubbly energy and Jo chuckled at your attempt

“A spa day,” Charlie grinned, clapping her hands together. 

“Relaxing, massages, mud wraps, bubble baths, facials,” the blonde summed up as she stared into the distance. You snapped her out of her daydream and had to admit those things did sound wonderful, your morning mood vanishing rapidly. You had never been to a spa before, but were excited to finally try it out. You could use some relaxation. 

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bubble bath, gold, robe, sheet mask :D

Bubble Bath: do you have any routines before bedtime? like skin care, etc. what are they?

okay so I have really sensitive skin and I have eczema so before I go to bed I always clean off my makeup with a little bit of coconut oil then I take a shower and I use two different facial cleansers to clean my face. one is a blackhead reducer which I use first and then I use the bedtime relaxing face wash by clean and clear. it winds you down so you’re ready for bed and its a really good deep cleanser. then after I’m out of the shower every once in a while I put on a few natural oils and lotions then seal them in with a deep sea mud mask to keep all that good stuff in my skin. usually I keep that on for about 10-15 minutes or until its dry and during that time I’m usually on number and listening to music or catching up on the show I’m watching currently (Twin Peaks) then once I take the mask off I moisturize my face again and head to bed. for good skin remember to drink lots and lots of water it is very good for you ahaha

Gold: describe what you would call your most perfect meal

ok my most perfect meal would have to be broccoli cheddar soup with half a pressed sandwich and freshly squeezed lemonade. 

Robe: how do you prepare for an evening alone with a loved one/date?

okay so I’ve never been on a date before but I think if I were to go one a date with someone I would take my time and make sure everything about my makeup and everything like that is extra perfect. make sure I smell really nice especially ahahah

Sheet Mask: whats your favorite lazy activity?

okay this is gonna sound so stereotypical of me probably but I think my favorite lazy activity would either have to be just scrolling on Tumblr listening to music, writing, or reading. all while in my comfy bed with my fairy lights on and a cup of coffee or tea by my side