sea monster lady feels


favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Tiamat with Dany Verissimo

You swallowed everything, like distance.
Like the sea, like time. In you everything sank.

Chaos. Bending, breaking, beginning - She is the sea-salt waves that crush and obliterate, the twisting serpent of fortune with a maw that tears the earth to begin anew. Sharp teeth, smooth skin, dark eyes, briny lips, a treacherous tide and a barren coast - fearless ocean mother who gave birth to all, fearsome ocean mother who devours all once more.

Cut her down and start again. From her ribs we’ll build the heavens and the earth, we’ll make them strong and true with high towers of stone and endless shining sky. And her weeping eyes? Make them rivers, turning her saltwater to the unstoppable Tigris and Euphrates. The tail that lashed in battle and took down a dozen men, we’ll place it above us in the night, a path to light the darkest hours. Tiamat, Chaos Mother, you who gave us all only to try and take it back. You who have given us all when we took it by force.