sea monster cam


I have sadly given up on getting photos of this particular Monster High custom that I really like.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my pearl powders/interference paints/high gloss and it makes for a pretty custom but HARD photos.  Also the weather has been terrible, I was seriously worried about getting rained on today.

Here she is though, my custom Sea Monster CAM turned Sea Witch!  I couldn’t really tell you much about her….she seems to keep to herself much of the time, she might even be mute?  That or she simply prefers to listen than talk, gathering information.  Hopefully she uses her powers for good rather than evil.

She is up on my etsy, here!


So here’s my very first, meh-quality repaint on my sea monster cam.

Shoes and jewellery are from Cleo (I Love Shoes), repainted. Torso is a gift from Freyr and it was originally pale (vampire colour).
So far I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the wig (bought on eBay) on her, or try out some flocking dust/powder to give her a very short hair.
Her clothes are just a quick, lousy “corset” and a skirt made from leather/fake leather (don’t know which) scraps.

Anyway, she’s Virve (From the word Virvatuli = Will o’ the Wisp), the love child of Iku-Turso and Vellamo (from Finnish mythology). Spending all her live hidden in damp and moist dungeons she grew mold on her skin. She still prefers moist conditions like underground caves, dungeons, wells and swamps. She dislikes sunny and dry days, it makes her skin very dry.

I guess I’m quite satisfied with her, overall. She looks moldy enough and her makeup is rough and a bit smudged. Thought it did take me forever to actually “finish” her, thanks to not having much free time..

Not sure if I’ll make my Honey into her relative or not.

I picked up a CAM Sea Monster wearing Spectra’s OG fashion pack dress today at the thrift store, and I’m in love! I always wished I bought her and she was there today so I nabbed her! She also had her wig, but I don’t like doll wigs in this scale. I added a few things and I really love her! She needs a name now, and tomorrow I’ll do a mini photoshoot with her and my CAM Skeleton.