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Girls, I want your opinion. I'm 18 and I never had boyfriend. And all the stuff that comes with it. Is that normal? Is there an age when "things" have must be done? Will be waiting your answer (Sorry If I didn't express well, I don't speak english actually). Kisses.

Hey gurl, 

There is no age when “things” are supposed to happen. 18 is still very young. Here are some great articles to show you how incredibly normal your situation is:

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Remember that your most mature relationships you have will most likely form after high school. We know this is cliche to say, but there are going to be plenty of fish in the sea. 

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Dragon Scale Nails for New Years!

These took several hours longer than planned, which I really should have expected. xD The base coat is ORLY’s ‘Sea gurl’, and on top of this I placed gold heart-shaped pieces of glitter to create a dragon scale effect. :) This design is similar to a previous one, for which I made a tutorial.