sea glass

I hadn’t known intimacy until
you undressed me with your words,
leaving me bare to weather an unfamiliar storm
as my seas parted for you.

You couldn’t have known that I was already
drunk and drowning in desire when you penetrated
the unexplored depths of myself with only
your naked mind.

—  Chi Chi E., Sea Glass

Three of the most common sea glass colours.

From West Coast Sea Glass
“Emerald green is one of the more common colors of sea glass. It originates from mass produced bottle glass that commenced production in the US in the early 1900s.
“Seafoam green sea glass often originates from vintage soda bottles. Many pieces can date back to the late 1800s. That is when the Coca-Cola bottling company began manufacturing their famous, distinguishable light green bottle. By the early 1900’s America saw a surge in mass bottle production. And Coca Cola was one of the front runners. By 1909 over 400 bottling plants were functioning in the US.   
“Aqua blue is the sea glass color that seems to be diminishing the fastest especially along Pacific and Caribbean shores. Some glassware that it can commonly originate from is canning jar and electric insulator glass.  Both are items that are almost never used or produced for use today.”

15 Ways to Convert Found Objects into Jewelry from truebluemeandyou.

These tutorials are perfect for summer found objects that you want to use for jewelry. From wire wrapping to crochet to macrame, there is something for everyone.

DIY Macrame Netted Stone Pendant from Gina Michele.

Sea Glass Pendant from Instructables.

.DIY Easy Crocheted Sea Glass Pendant from KBB Crafts & Stitches.

DIY Wire Wrapped Sea Glass or “Mermaids Tears” Necklace from Francois et Moi.

Netted Stone Necklace from Lune Blog.

DIY Netted Macrame Stone Necklace from Quiet Lion.

DIY Netted Stone Macrame Friendship Bracelet from Curly Made.

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass from Gayle Bird Designs.

Macrame Gem Necklace from sustainability in style.

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass from Altered Beauty.

6 Macrame Wrapped Stone Tutorials from Ecocrafta.

Macrame Stone Necklace from Essas Frescurites.

DIY Wire Wrapped Crystal or Stone Necklace from Right Where I Left Off.

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass from The Sea Glass Journal.

Wire Wrapped Pendant from Shine On.

DIY 9 Sea Glass Tutorials. None of them require a drill and these techniques could easily be used on pretty stones, raw crystals and large beads.

  1. Sea Glass Pendant from Instructables.
  2. Wire Wrapped Sea Glass from The Sea Glass Journal.
  3. Easy Faux Dichroic Glass from Craft Test Dummies.
  4. Wire Wrapped Sea Glass from Altered Beauty.
  5. Photo Transfer to Sea Glass from Art in Red Wagons.
  6. No Drill Sea Glass Jewelry from The Sweetest Occasion.
  7. Wire Wrapped Pendant from Shine On.
  8. Wire Wrapped Sea Glass from Gayle Bird Designs.
  9. Photos behind Sea Glass Collage from Turquoise Tepid Teacup. Scroll down for English.

#9 shows up badly up above, but it’s really interesting. Some of her other experiments didn’t turn out as well, but I like this black and white angel.