wiccanwoman253  asked:

Hi, I'm a new witch and I went to the beach today and collected plenty of things. I was wondering if you know of any spells that include beach glass.

Hey, I was so excited to get this question because I’ve also collected lots of beach glass and have found so many great uses for it! 

Glass is made from minerals which have been heated up and melted together. Beach glass has gone through the extra steps of getting thrown away, deemed useless, and left to the elements to shape it. That being said, beach glass harnesses the power of transformation and resilience. Because you know what? After all that, the beach glass turned out even more beautiful than it was before. 

You can use beach glass as you would any crystal- it is just as powerful. You can carry it around if you also want resilience or you can use it in spells like you mentioned. You can use it in a wide variety of spells from anything to beauty spells to weather magic. Foggy beach glass can be used in a curse to interfere with your targets ability to think clearly. It can also be used in a glamour to mask your true intentions or a physical quality you would like to hide. Smooth beach glass can be used to smooth over a rough situation or make something go smoothly.

But wait, there’s more!

Different coloured pieces of beach glass have different correspondences. Look up colour correspondences to see which each colour means. Aside from all the magical uses, it also makes a great decoration and powerful item to add to magical tools. You may wish to add them to a wand or make wind chimes with them. In the past I have also glued pieces to a glass jar and used it to hold a candle. It was beautiful.

Since I worship a goddess who came from the sea (Aphrodite), I also often offer her particularly beautiful pieces of beach glass. She loves pretty things and I leave them on her altar.

anonymous asked:

Do you have links to buy sea glass that isn't fake? I have a heard time finding real stuff :(

Not gonna lie anon, when I saw this message my gut was telling me that this wasn’t going to be easy. If you or anybody else that buys from these links find out that one of them isn’t true, then please tell me so I can take it down.

Another thing, I tried to find sellers with more than 1 quantity, but~ to me that was a sign that the sea glass was authentic, since no one mix is a like.

Hope I could help~!

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