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Hello, telliestree! I love your draws, are very awesome! and... I have a little question... Can you make me an Aquarius Dégel x Seadragon Unity draw, please? >///< (Sorry for my bad english)

Hello ♥ !!

First of all : THANK YOU SO MUCH *U*/ !!!!
And then : I hope this little sketch will please you. I wasn’t able to make something very complete because I’ve some exams soon ;u;.
Still, I hope you like it ♥

Maybe I get it wrong and you wanted them to kiss or something more fluffy ouo ?

1rst time drawing Unity /v\ ♥.
Elegy - Chapter 3 - The Mistakes We Make

Title: Elegy

Chapter: 3 - The Mistakes We Make

Part of series: —

Characters: Aquarius Degel, Scorpio Kardia, Sea Dragon Unity, Seraphina, Poseidon, Koh-i-Nur Krest, Vouivre Garnet

Warnings: Major character death, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (branch off from chapter 100 LC), Degel’s anecdote does not happen (so Degel has yet to master Freezing Coffin).

Written by: masamune11 (me)

Chapter Summary:

“You… you are back.”

There is a hollowness that taints his voice that is never meant to be there—a brokenness that makes part of him churning, because he is also guilty for not being with his brother to pick up the pieces. Now Unity is standing there, still anguished despite his cold bravado, still looking at him as though he is just an apparition. Dégel swallows his bitterness and smiles, his hands pulling Unity’s frame for a long due hug.

“I am home, brother. I am home.”

Blue Bird x Saint Seiya

Yo iba a editar la primera parte del opening con esta versión trucha de Unity y Dégel, pero soy más neandertal de lo que pensaba y la cabeza no me dio. :’DDD Así que ahogaré mi frustración subiéndolo como dibujo.

Estúpidos programas computacionales beyond my understanding.


Los amo. </3 <3 ♥

Me caso con el que me enseñe a hacer la edición. notsrslybutyouknowwhatImean