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My life’s work is finally here!  Keep Beach City Weird - THE BOOK!!! 

I’ve collected all of my findings into a single, very legitimate looking book, so that everyone can know the truth about my hometown of Beach City!  Finally, my legacy is protected for the ages.  Even if a giant solar flare wipes out all of the world’s computers  - MY BLOG WILL SURVIVE!

Writing this book was a monumental task.  It took me countless hours of slacking off at work to compile all of my writings, illustrations and far-flung theories into one place. I did have a little help from some fellow truth-stigators I met on a Koala Princess forum, Ben Levin and Matt Burnett, but most of the work was definitely done by ME!  

So if you wanna read about lots of weird stuff like Radioactive Centipedes, Giant Women from the Sea, and The Great Diamond Authority - then order a copy!   It’s sure to be an Empire Times Best-Seller!

Wait, what?

Mutual abuse?

I fail to see how Jasper grabbing Lapis with her ham hands is somehow as bad being dragged into the ocean with no way to escape, just so your captor can torture for stuff you didn’t even do to her.

The most I recall Jasper ever doing to Lapis is pulling her by the arm. Nothing else.

That is NOT mutual abuse.

And Lapis did not do that ‘For Steven’. They were literally two feet away from the ocean. If Lapis had enough strength to fight the Crystal gems on her own WHILE INJURED, and also had enough strength to imprison Jasper for 8 months, then that was totally unnecessary. She could’ve easily poofed Jasper.

But nope. Lapis wanted someone to suffer the way she had suffered. Even though she knew what kind of mental trauma imprisoning someone could cause.

The only reason you guys are seeing it this way is because of how they look.

Because you know, and I know that if Lapis had been big and intimidating, and Jasper had been small and scrawny, you wouldn’t even be seeing it the way you do.

Both Lapis and Peridot have done fucked up things to the gems and threatened Earth’s safety, and they both got redemption. So I don’t see why Jasper shouldn’t get it. I know it’s already confirmed that she’s coming back, but c'mon guys. Just let Jasper greave her diamond mom, and then let Steven help her get revenge for her by beating up whichever diamond killed her.

Isn’t her singing lovely? What if I told you that this is Blue Diamond’s voice?

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The sun had been playing hard to get, and although it was July, most days continued to be cold, dark, dismal, and often very wet. But when the sun did deign to put in an appearance, the world was transformed… and Algy was delighted to see the diamonds return to the surface of the sea once more…

Algy wishes you all a very happy week ahead, sparkling with free diamonds :)

Jasper is a reflection of Yellow Diamond.

Yes, Jasper has done horrible things, but she didn’t get the life that her quartz sisters all got.

I’m sure being passed to Yellow Diamond didn’t help. Because as we’ve seen, she held a much stronger grudge against Rose than Blue Diamond. Where as Blue Diamond chose to grieve, and is still grieving, Yellow Diamond chose anger and revenge.

Blue Diamond didn’t even want Earth’s inhabitants destroyed. They reminded her of Pink Diamond. A person she loves, and is always thinking about.

But for Yellow Diamond, the Earth was just a reminder of her failure to avenge her fallen sister. She did not want to grieve. She wanted the Earth to suffer the way she had suffered.

And considering the quartz gems under Blue Diamond’s care were nothing like Jasper, her personality likely reflects off of Yellow Diamond. Where as the quartz family all probably just chose to grieve, Yellow Diamond likely wanted Jasper to hate Rose, and the Earth permanently. To never move on.

And because of that, she never did.

I know I’ve said this before, but Rose did was supposed to save gems. To free them. But it didn’t do either of those things for Jasper. For her, the suffering never ended.

I hope for Jasper, because she has already suffered enough.