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“I was offered the part of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate but I could not see myself rolling around in the sheets with a young man half my age whom I’d seduced. I realized it was an effective part (Annie Bancroft eventually won the Academy Award for it) but it offended my sense of values. Of course, in the years since then, explicit sex has become commonplace on the screen – so commonplace that it is considered novel when a film appears without a few naked bodies thrashing about. Now I really don’t put anybody else down for doing such scenes. To each his own. Many actors enjoy doing these turns, and obviously many people enjoy watching them. I don’t, either doing or watching. I can’t picture myself in bed with a man, all the crew around us, doing that which I consider so exciting and exalting when it is personal and private. I am really appalled by some of the public exhibitions on the screen by good actors and actresses who certainly have the talent to convey the impact of what they are doing without showing us to the last detail of pubic hair and rosy nipple how they are doing it.” -Doris Day

Thinking of Bioshock Infinite

So the past two days I’ve been replaying Bioshock:Infinite out of boredom.

It’s a high class of bullshit that we are supposed to:

1. Root for a “protagonist” anti-hero who is literally trying to kidnap a naive girl to “wipe away his debt”

2. Be okay with Dewitt’s nonchalant attitude towards racism and segregation in Columbia (telling Elizabeth “it’s the same down there (continental US) when she asks why things are like this)

3. In his little loading card screen he thinks Elizabeth has too many feelings about the people of Shantytown. “Feelings that can get you killed”.

4. Suprised that his other timeline self helped Slate liberate the people with the Vox Populi.

5. Hearing an audio log basically of Dewitt admitting he only helped liberate Shantytown because he needed help finding the girl to wipe away his debt.

6. The Lutece’s apparently faking their deaths to go timeline hopping and are just patiently trying to guide Dewitt no matter how badly he fucks up.

7. Wounded Knee. The entire thing. All of the references pissed me off.

8. Booker saying “maybe the world needs people like Daisy Fitzroy” to save them from people like him - then proceeds to call her a monster a few chapters later.I guess Booker was comfortable with their silent protests and suffering (as today’s world) and then when it inconveniences him (airship is stolen) he’s not with it.

9. It’s super sad Mr.Lin is kidnapped and killed and his Chinese wife May Lin is left alone, but in the next world when Lin marries a white woman and invokes white privilege it’s a tragedy he’s dead and they shouldn’t have jumped timelines.

10. It’s sad that the people of color in Columbia are essentially enslaved and Elizabeth thinks singing a song and handing a kid an apple is going to release them of their oppression- but the moment Daisy has weapons to arm her people and is taking their freedom back - it’s a problem and she needs to be stabbed in the back with a pair of scissors by the precious white lamb. Who then proceeds to make Daisy’s death all about her and her own feelings - nevermind the people who in the first scene of the game were being subject to a public beating masked as a carnival game…the countless propaganda…the seizure of rights in Shantytown (there was a fucking barbed wire fence around a tomatoe grove that had been seized from the vox…people are hungry and dying…) 

There’s a few more and of course after I beat the ghost of Elizabeth’s (kind of ) mother so she can take the hand and pretend to be her mother since she began wearing her clothes after she murdered a woman who was liberating her people to keep white supremacy intact…I’ll probably think of more things to update this list with,

i'm lowkey drowning bc

- the trc show is really happening!! on syfy!!!
- chris colfer writing AND directing his own land of stories adaptation??? good for u omg
- SALT TO THE SEA THE MOVIE imma cry so hard y'all
- windfall literally like JUST came out and lauren graham is making it into a movie!!! yes!!!!!
- so many btm help help i’m so scared and so hopeful about all of these

🌷☀️Hedge Witch Tips For April☀️🌷

🌿Best Fresh Produce🌿 

Carrots, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, mint, rosemary, spring, leeks, spinach, turnips, rhubarb, spinach, watercress, and spring onion


crab, salmon, eel, John Dory, halibut, sea trout, whelks, sardines, and sea bass

🌾Wild Foods🌾 

daisy, hawthorn leaves, hop shoots, dandelion, chickweed, St. George’s mushrooms, morel mushrooms, violet, and wild garlic.

☀️Ways To Celebrate April☀️
• Decorate your home or altar with garlands of flowers and ribbons! Flowers that correspond with April are daisy, dandelion, bluebell, primrose, and comfrey. Trees for April are ash and hazel.
•You can make a cute little May pole centerpiece from a forages stick and some ribbon. You can decorate it with flowers and/or moss with your intent or to help you focus.
•Welcome the returning birds by going bird watching, picking up litter in a local park, or setting up a bird feeder.
•Aprils element is water! Go connect with the element by taking a ritual bath, visiting a stream or river or setting up a little bowl of water on your altar.
•April is a month of fertility and reproduction! Celebrate the gift of life the earth has given us through cooking and combining your ingredients.

almost everything that I love in one photograph ~ crystals, seashells, plants and antiques 😌 there’s vintage glass ware and trinkets, the ivy plant I just bought, the daisies and wildflowers I picked (some are dried), a few crystals and even some moss and feathers I’ve found 🌿🌸🌾🐚✨

depending on an angle from which you are looking at the characters of bioshock, everybody is a victim in some way.

and then there’s Frank Fontaine…