sea country


Check out this view of the Swiss Alps

shoutout to the southeast asian girls
  • even though we are underrepresented in all aspects of the media
  • who sees skin whitening products every fucking where
  • who gets told that they don’t look like they’re from [insert SEA country]
  • who feels pressured to lighten their skin
  • who feels they’d never be seen in television because majority of the celebrities are white-passing/light-skinned/skinny
  • who feels that they’re not beautiful because our features are a very far cry from western global beauty standards
  • who feels insecure because of their height
  • who has to bear a racist stereotype everyday

Surfing Belarra, the giant wave.

This wave usually rises in January, between Donibane Lohitzun and Urruña, 2km from the shore. It reaches 8m-15m high, and it used to swallow ships moored in Sokoa before the harbour was built.

It was first surfed in 2002 and ever since the most daredevil surfers go hunting for it, but Belarra doesn’t always break…


I’m like six years late to the fandom but here’s some terrible Valentines from everyone’s favorite Roman LARPers

send them to the profligates you least wish to kill

Listening to my local country station at work the past few days I’ve learned a few things:
•90% of the music is sung by guys.
•Whiskey often rhymes with kiss me or the second favorite, miss me.
•Often times to show they’re not thinking about a woman they write an entire song about how their not thinking of her.
•Girl is their favorite word. Just listen to 3 songs I guarantee you’ll hear it at least 4 times.
•Drink is almost always followed by think or vice versa (see also; thinkin/drinkin)
•Everyone always seems to be looking at their “girl” that they’re singing about.
•Jacked up, truck, drink, beer, mud, tires, hometown, and small-town are also hot topics in most songs not involving “girl” Unless the girl is drinking the beer and driving the truck and is from a small-town.

Catalonia Aesthetic 

Requested by @no-passaran

Red and yellow stripes streaming in the wind, holding hands with strangers and dancing in the street, feet on shoulders holding up one another, the success that only hard work can bring, beautiful buildings adorned with flowers, the coast running up to meet the mountain, being independent and flourishing in it, always being mistaken for something else, yet always standing firm in being yourself.