sea bull


Bull sharks are one of the very few shark species that can survive in fresh water. Most sharks will absorb too much water and essentially explode, but the Bull shark is different. Its kidneys rapidly process the fresh water and get rid of it; their urine rate increases up to 15x, which means they are constantly flushing out the fresh water from their system.

I can’t believe this

I AM SO ASHAMED. I have been wondering why no one has been ordering “Bull” candles, because damn it’s a good scent combination. Then I look in my shop….and….I FORGOT TO LIST HIM AHHHHHH!! My apologies! Description:

BULL: Black sea, whiskey, leather, and vetiver combine to create this masculine and alluring scent worthy of The Iron Bull himself.

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Roman Amethyst Intaglio of a Girl Riding a Sea Monster, 1st Century BC/AD

This was possibly made by the master carver Dioscurides, who was the favorite gem carver of the Emperor Augustus.

It is possible that this intaglio portrays one of two possible subjects, the nymph Aura or a Nereid riding on a sea-bull, sea-goat or some other type of horned sea monster. A small seal swims in the ocean behind them.

electricghoti​ was giving me Sten feelings last night.

So have some super saxual DA2 style Sten. The qunari-who-may-or-may-not-have-loved-me. Thank you for that extra layer of feels, Mary Kirby. I wasn’t needing my heart anyway.

As for those design choices, click the read more below! I don’t want to clog your dash.

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