sea buckhorn oil


These are my supplements. They consist of:

Vegan Raw Protein by SunWarrior (another opensky purchase!!) It is made from brown rice protein. Soy is never good, and Whey is dairy, and a lot of flavored ones contain sugar. They do have a somewhat chalky taste but I mix it in a smoothie and it tastes like a sweet tart! I don’t mind it. I use the Vanilla with fruit smoothies and Natural with veggies.

Next is my green powder and flax. This is what I mix with 8 oz of water to make my green drink. a scoop of each at lunch time w/ 10 oz water. Garden of Life is the brand of green powder and it is the absolute BEST! it is all vegan, raw, organic with probiotics and live enzymes. A lot of green powders are synthetic, made in china, are not raw, etc. This is grown on the creators farm and he also wrote The Raw Truth and 2 or 3 other raw foods books. He is amazing! Garden of life makes a ton of supplements that are all amazing.

Lastly, my vitamins! I take a women’s daily multi-vitamin (not pictured) by garden of life (their vitamins are the called “Vitamin Code”), Raw Kombucha (it is a true miracle pill!) by Garden of Life Vitamin Code, Sea Buckhorn Oil with Omega 7 for skin, hair, nails (another Opensky purchase!!)  Phosfood liquid (twice a day, ten drops…all natural) and Choline 3 times a day with every meal. Phosfood and Choline help the problems I was having digesting fats through my gallbladder. They are all natural, organic, etc. and “prescribed” by my chiropractor to help with my cleanse.