sea beetle


All the huffing and the scary parts
Like ogles from a jar of side-eye.
Dying to grasp firefly butts
In a sea of beetle hides,
And lick them into jeweled circlets.
Crowning tentacle heat,
Slurping and squirming,
And slithering and snaking;
From the void, you can see them.
The darkness moving in octopi blossom:
A hierarchy of loneliness, the color blue.
In your irises, your mount,
Your aria, your mouth,
And the red nimbus of
Your blunt offerings and your wicked dawn
Girth me. A prod in limbo,
Saccharine in these spiky universes.
Prick pricking my salved skin.
Tunnel light from your darkling
Shimmer out like flame on smokescreen.
Ink sprays in your middle,
Warm blots in mine.
Like egg whites half-cooked
Into disemboweled archipelagos,
Gaping like eye whites in the lurking
Ocean of my skin.


This is me attempting to be cute at taking pictures of my final artwork all done up nice and ready for showing. Obviously I could never be a professional photographer. So have a leaf and some bad glare. :P

If you’re gonna be in Santa Cruz between April 5 - June 29 you should stop by the Natural History Museum for the GNSI California Chapter show! These little babies and many other wonderful pieces will be in it.