sea beetle


Just received artwork by two of my absolutely favorite new artists! The bottom piece is “Lost at Sea 57” by @marine_edith
It’s oil on glass. It’s a very special phenomenon when you find an artist, who’s work resonates with your imagination, and leaves you staring further into the painting than the flat surface would allow. Her work truly captures the beauty and serenity of ocean and sea life, and even captures the very life of the ocean itself.
The top piece is also an original by @nana_porcelaine who’s mastered the aesthetic and soft appeal of porcelain design work, but on everything instead of ceramics. A very creative and wonderful reimagining of complex and already intriguing creatures! I’m so excited that I have an original horned beetle painting and a sphinx cat print!!
My inspiration wall isn’t ready for these two epic additions. Thank you two so much for the amazing work!
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