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What are the sharks in our Monterey Bay Habitats exhibit up to? Only one way to find out: 👀 📹  Sharks are an important part of healthy ocean ecosystems throughout the world, including the waters of Monterey Bay.

Nananananananana bat star! 

Sadly, the bat star is not actually a masked superhero. But it DOES sometimes have as many as nine arms, and is found in many of our national marine sanctuaries! Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary advisory board member Tony Knight spotted this one while on a dive at Anacapa Island. Have you spotted bat stars in the sanctuary? 

(Photo: Tony Knight)

Tenerife Sea

Summary: Nesta Acheron had been feeling the aftereffects of the war, slowing drowning in her anguish. Everywhere she turned her failures greeted her. She had managed to push everyone away, but one person refused to budge. His insufferable smile taunted her. Cassian. Even his name sent her blood roaring. She was happy to go under, into the ageless dark but he kept leaving her afloat

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Chapter 2: Cassian

Cassian swore as he left her room. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. He clearly shouldn’t be provoking her. It was obvious something was bothering her. He didn’t even want to think about the haunted aura that constantly plagued her. He ran his hand through his hair, frustratedly. A sense of restlessness shot through him and he needed to do something with his hands or he’d go mad. His long legs ate up the distance between The House of Winds and the workout room.

He heard rustling in the gym and was surprised to see Azriel was already in there, practising throwing daggers. His brother took one look at his sullen face and knew what was up.

“So, I take it that went well?” Azriel had a small, self-satisfied smirk on his face as he threw his arm back and with a flick of his wrists, the dagger went soaring through the air and met its target with a dull thud. He growled and narrowed his eyes at him wordlessly which only made Azriel’s smile grow.

Cassian silently joined him in the sparring ring. It seemed Azriel finally got the hint that he shouldn’t be provoked. They got into their position and Cassian did not hold back.

They circled each other and Azriel feinted left, just missing his fist. He bounced on the balls of his feet to ease some of the restlessness. His mind going back to how he’d leaned in close to Nesta and taunted her. How she smelt of fire and steel with a hint of something soft and feminine, making his chest constrict with emotions. He remembered how tired she looked and how she hadn’t pushed him away for getting too close to her.

He must have left his guard down for a little too long because the next thing he knew Azriel fist has connected with his face. Cassian let out a stream of colourful expletives as he crumpled to the ground.

“Cauldron damn it! What the hell Az?!” He asked as he prodded the area of pain gently.  Azriel looked just as shocked as him about the fact that he actually landed a punch on his face.

“Why did you let your guard down?” Was all Az said before hoisting him up and taking him in the kitchen to get an ice pack.

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Bananananananana BAT STAR! 

In honor of Bat Appreciation Day today, we bring you the colorful bat of the sea – the bat star! Found in several of your national marine sanctuaries, bat stars may not be quite like the famed superhero Batman, but they do play an important ecological role. Bat stars help clean dead organisms and algae from the seafloor. 

What other “bats” of the sea can you think of? 

(Photo: Dwayne Meadows/NOAA, taken in Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary)

Your One Punch Man boyfriend:

Aries: Licence-less Rider

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Taurus: Saitama

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Gemini: Bang

Cancer: Speed of Sound Sonic

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Leo: Vaccine Man

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Virgo: Genos

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Libra: Lord Boros

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Scorpio: Dr Genus

Sagittarius: Garou

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Capricorn: Metal Bat

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Aquarius: Sea King

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Pisces: Sweet Mask

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Okay but like Sukka is just such a good and pure and beautiful ship…

Can we just take a moment, a mere moment to appreciate these two.

The fact that they changed each other’s whole view of the world upon first meeting: Sokka’s chauvinism getting thrown out the window and Suki being inspired to look beyond her island home and make a difference in the war, in the world.

The fact that Suki makes Sokka feel so good about himself, as a character whose struggled with insecurities throughout the series (about being a non bender, about being a leader about what it means to be a man) to see him be with someone who talks about him so affectionately and with such admiration, that he didn’t even recognise she was talking about him! That just warms my heart.

And I just love how Suki has so much fun with him. She’s obviously spent, presumably, her whole life, being raised and trained as a fierce warrior, willing to throw island trespassers to a giant sea snake without batting an eyelash, yet with him she laughs, giggles even, she has fun, she sneaks backstage to meet the actors in a play, and he makes sand sculptures of her, which she (to everyone’s surprise) really likes, and it’s all so sweet.

She believes in him and trusted him to come for her when she was imprisoned. To Suki, Sokka isn’t just the ‘funny guy’ or the ‘meat and sarcasm guy’, he’s someone worth believing in, someone worth waiting for.

They are also just such a badass team! (fan and sword anybody??) And their mutual affinity for war paint and sharp weapons? Beautiful.

And another thing with Sukka that I just adore is that, unlike my other atla ships (with their political intrigue and reincarnated star crossed lovers, which I love very much don’t get me wrong lol.) there’s this uncomplicated beauty about Sukka. Just these two people who fell in love in a war torn world and found comfort, relatabilty and happiness in each other.



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you remember those “somethingwhatever Gothic” posts that went around tumblr for a while there?

it occurs to me, you can literally never have a Fallen London/SS Gothic post. Fallen London/SS is already Fallen London/SS Gothic, and you honestly can’t top the madness that is actual canonical things, that actually happened and were written by the writers. If you did, players would just go well yeah that’s pretty legit, like

“The unterzee has no northern shore. Space is forbidden. Time contracts to a single frozen instant. There is only one way North.“


Funny and bizarre German animal names

The German language is famous for some really long nouns (Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän comes to mind). This is because German nouns, verbs, prepositions and adjectives are like lego bricks; you can stick them together in almost any way to create new words that encapsulate new concepts. This gives the language a special ability to name just about anything. You could call it the German language’s lego brick-like quality, or Legosteineigenschaft (see what I just did there?).

But why does German rely on such an elaborate process to name things as simple as squirrels? When broken down into their separate components, the names of familiar animals mutate into bizarre new creatures.

The Uncanny X-Tiere

Comics are full of heroes with names like super, wonder, iron, ultra, bat or cat followed by -man, -woman, -girl or -boy. A lot of German animal names work the same way, where Tier – the word for animal – is preceded by a word describing that animal’s “super power”.

  • Stinktier – stink animal (skunk)

  • Faultier – lazy animal (sloth)

  • Gürteltier – belt animal (armadillo)

  • Murmeltier – mumbling animal (groundhog)

  • Schnabeltier – beak animal (platypus)

  • Maultier – mouth animal (mule)

  • Trampeltier – trampling animal (bactrian camel). The verb trampeln means to trample or tread upon, whereas the noun Trampel is a clumsy oaf.

Sometimes suffixes get more specific than -tier, but still tend to describe the wrong animal:

  • Schildkröte – shield toad (tortoise)

  • Waschbär – wash bear (raccoon)

  • Nacktschnecke – naked snail (slug)

  • Fledermaus – flutter mouse (bat)

  • Seehund – sea dog (seal)

  • Tintenfisch – ink fish (squid)

  • Truthahn – threatening chicken (turkey). Trut is onomatopoeic for the trut-trut-trut cluck of a turkey, but it’s also been hypothesized that the name comes from the Middle German droten which means “to threaten”.

No, I’m Pretty Sure That’s A Pig

Swine seem to be a popular yardstick in German animal taxonomy.

  • Schweinswal – pig whale (porpoise)

  • Seeschwein – sea pig (dugong). Not to be confused with the Seekuh, or sea cow, known in English as a manatee.

  • Stachelschwein – spike pig (porcupine). The English word is actually just as literal; porcupine sounds a lot like “pork spine”.

  • Wasserschwein – water pig (capybara)

  • Meerschweinchen – ocean piglet (guinea pig). The ending -chen denotes something small. Add it to the end of Schwein and you get a little pig, or piglet. Since the stems Meer and Wasser are often interchangeable, it’s most likely that Meerschweinchen actually means little capybara.

Just Plain Weird

I’d like to end this list by giving one animal a category all to itself: the humble squirrel.


  • little oak horn: Eiche (oak tree) + Horn (horn) + -chen (little)
  • oak croissant: Eiche (oak tree) + Hörnchen (croissant)

alternate names:

  • Eichkätzchen (regional name) and Eichkatzerl (Austria) – oak kitten

Calling a squirrel a “tree kitten” is reasonably literal, but where does “little oak horn” come from? It seems that the answer comes down to a misplaced h: Eichhörnchen comes from the Old and Middle German eichorn, which has nothing to do with oak trees or horns. In this case, the eich comes from the ancient Indo-Germanic word aig, which means agitated movement, combined with the now obsolete suffix -orn. Somewhere in history a superfluous h was added (along with the diminutive -chen ending) but the original meaning remained. Today, Hörnchen is a category of rodents that includes all squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, prairie dogs and flying squirrels.

Keep an eye on this spot for an upcoming post where we’ll delve deeper into the animal kingdom: branching out to birds, insects, reptiles, fishes and any other mammals we find crawling around.

I haven’t taken a selfie in like a month and  half so enjoy my awkward freckle face and my mohawk.

also enjoy the tank top action because it’s hot as balls in my house because apparently we have to have the heat turned up to 1,000 degrees.

Mammals that exhibit non-heterosexual behaviour:

And that’s just the mammals. There’s even more birds than there are mammals, and many others, too.

But please, do go on about how it is ‘unnatural.’

Completely Objective Ranking of Planets And Other Such Significant Objects in the SOLAR SYSTEM

1) THE SUN: Puts the Solar in Solar System. Appreciate ur mother and protector. All of this shit? Nothing without Sol. It’s called the solar system for a reason baby. Will one day expand and destroy the very life on Earth it helped create. Very Poetic.

2) JUPITER: The Biggest Boy. Has a permanent earth sized storm (The Great Red Spot) that’s visible from space, 63 moons and Massive Gravitational Pull. 63 Moons!!! Four of those moons are the Gallilean Moons, the largest non planet objects in the solar system. Includes Io, which has a collapsing atmosphere and Europa, the number one contender for harbouring extraterrestrial life.

3) SATURN: Really Good Rings. Density low enough that in a theoretcial scenario where you have enough water to fill a solar system, it would float. Has amazing planetary rings and 62 moons. Moons of note include Titan, which has lakes of methane, and Enceladus, which just fuckin blasts jets of ice into space every now and then and is #2 contender for extraterrestrial life. 

4) MARS: Rusty Boy. Absolutely covered in Iron Oxide (III) aka Rust. Second Wettest Planet. Contains the biggest mountain in the Solar System and is entirely populated by robots. Just all round extremely cool. #1 destination for extraterrestrial expansion. Lets all move there. 

5)  VENUS: Murder Death Planet. It’s clouds are made of sulphuric acid, which means it rains literal face melting acid daily! It also has no magnetic field so is regularly bombarded by lethal doses of radiation. As well as this whole surface is actively volcanic and is often reshaped by lava flows. Everything about this planet wants you to die horribly. As the closest and most visible planet from Earth, the greenhouse gas laden atmosphere and utterly barren lifeless surface serve as a nice reminder of the way our own dear blue planet is heading.

6)  EARTH: Home of Honduran White Bats and Sea Turtles. Contains all other known life too so that’s cool i guess. #1 Wettest Planet. Orbited by 1 Moon and like 1000 tonnes of junk. Named after dirt.

7) NEPTUNE: Icy Boy. Furthest planet from the Sun (what about pluto? - fuck pluto). 14 moons. Also has a planet sized permanent storm but this one is Edgier: The Great Dark Spot. The other storms on Neptune can also reach nearly supersonic speeds. Weirdly it’s atmosphere contains cyanide.

8) MERCURY: The Icarus of Planets. The sun only sets there once every 176 earth days. Gravity too weak to keep an atmosphere. Any atmosphere it does have gets literally ripped apart by solar winds direct from the sun which also blasts everything on its surface with ionic radiation.

9) URANUS: St Georges Planet if u wanna be posh. This wild bitch spins sideways and no one knows why. Nice rings, 27 moons. Name lends itself to puns.

10) THE OORT CLOUD: Oort is really fun to say. A weird collection of space dust, asteroids comets and dwarf planetoids. Sometimes spits out new comets which is always nice to see.

11) THE ASTEROID BELT: Space Rocks. Yeah think the Oort cloud but smaller and objectively worse. Just rocks sitting between mars and jupiter. Occasionally flings extinction level asteroids into the inner planets. Kind of a dick move really.

12) PLUTO: Dwarf Planetoid. Can’t clear it’s own area, tidally locked with it’s shitty moon, cold, dark, shitty weird orbit. Redeeming features: named by an 11 year old girl and has a crater that looks a bit like a heart. Just disappointing all round really.

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Headcanons for kisses with mumen rider,sweet mask, genos and metal bat?

MUMEN RIDER: His kisses are hesitant, somewhat awkward at first but he knows he’s brave and he will give everything he has when he kisses. He will let his partner know they are cherished, they are loved in his arms. His kisses always go with embraces and loving gestures. Sometimes, he would flutter his eyes open to watch them briefly between kisses. To know they are there, to confirm their existence and this reality he’s living in. To know his happiness is not a lie.

SWEET MASK: Kisses for Sweet Mask comes with passion, desire and everything in between. His lips taste of heaven and pure lust. He leads his partner on believing they have the control but there’s possessiveness marking every of his movements. When their lips touch, it’s also the moment he claims everything he wants from them. Their hair, their body, their sweet scent, all his. But there are time when his kisses are playful and loving. Those kisses bring a sense of longing that he never shows to anyone, and perhaps no one will ever see.

GENOS: He’s rigid when he kisses, the way his lips meet his partner’s works in a calculated pattern. Sometimes, he waits, patiently for them to lead him. Sometimes, he takes the initiative, bringing them closer to him secs by secs. He’s getting better, he’s learning his way to profess his love. And one day, he will be able to make them understand his feelings for them can’t be described with words or displayed through actions. But for now, these kisses are sufficient for him and perhaps, for them.

METAL BAT: To think he would be shy at first is something giggle-worthy. He talks big but acts meek when he first kisses his partner, a bit clumsy but as he’s grown used to them, he becomes bolder, brasher. At time, he would get spontaneous. Most of his kisses are quick and brief, unannounced to his partner whenever they meet or part. Maybe when the two pass by at the hallway, he will stop them for a quick kiss before anyone notice the two of them. Those kisses are short, but at the same time, they are wonderfully sweet.