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Portuguese man-of-war :

A floating colonial coelenterate with a number of polyps and a conspicuous float. It bears long tentacles which are able to inflict painful stings and occurs chiefly in warm seas.


Tilikum, SeaWorld’s beloved and controversial whale, has died

  • Tilikum, the orca whale that was the crown jewel of SeaWorld’s aquatic attractions and subject of documentary Blackfish, died on Friday morning. He is estimated to have been 36 years old.
  • SeaWorld described Tilikum as a “beloved member of the SeaWorld family” who was “surrounded by the trainers, care staff and veterinarians that provided him around-the-clock world-class care” when he died.
  • While the official cause of death has not yet been determined, the park said that Tilikum had been suffering from “very serious health issues,” including a bacterial lung infection. Read more

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ATTENTION WORLD: Tapping on the window will NOT make the sea turtle come over to you

Pro tip: It also doesn’t work for sharks, fish, stingrays, or any other animal at a zoo or aquarium. Please stop pestering my animals.

Wonderful Comb Jellies

Comb jellies or ctenophora are marine invertebrates that looks like jellyfishes and swims using their combs or large cilia. They are the largest animals who use cilia for locomotion.

Comb jellies are bioluminent. They can produce light.

The above photo shows a comb jelly that belongs to the baroe family. Look at the “combs” of the creature. These are cilia.

It’s a blood belly comb jelly.

This comb jelly is known as sea gooseberry. Why? Look at the photo below to know:

Comb jellies does not have a brain or central nervous system just like a jellyfish.

Comb jellies are voracious eaters. They eat zooplankton. Here is a antarctic ocean ctenophore is eating a krill.


OMG it’s a fish with suction cups

Did you know? When octopuses are caught in the act of moving rocks and destroying the hard work of their aquarists, they drop everything and slowly back away like nothing happened.


Sea lions in the Galapagos - actually found comparison between their behavior and dogs