sea anemones


Watch this barber slug fulfill its anemoneeds!

🎥Joe Platko in Monterey!

UPDATE! Hey everyone! Sorry for the confusion! Here’s more info to explain what’s going on: The anemone retreats once it feels the pinch of the barber slug’s bite. Latching on, the slug is pulled in with the anemone, not wanting to let go of its meal. Once the slug snips off a tentacle or two, it pulls itself back out of the tube and moves on to the next anemone spaghetti dish, while the anemone waits for the coast to clear before coming back out from its tube.

HEY IT’S A FURRY or maybe a pinchy?  It’s miss Kali Crab!  I haven’t made a ‘sona to draw in like 10 years lmao.  anyway I love crabs and I like drawing crab critters so this is her anthro design, there’s also an actual hermit crab design + cool monster crab design that I’ll post later because SHE IS  A VERY FAB CRAB

+ DID U KNO: some species of hermit crab form a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones!  A crab will peel off an anemone(s) from somewhere and plant it firmly on it’s shell.  The stinging tendrils of the anemone provide protection from the crab’s many predators.  In return, the anemone gets plenty of scraps from the crab’s meals.  IT’S SUPER CUTE and I love it and that’s why she has 2 friends with her lol.  

deleted scenes.

things i’ve been considering lately:

2, yakov driving victor to the airport.  he looks happy.  he looks like the first time yakov drove him home from the airport, after the summer he spent at yakov’s summer camp fourteen years ago and yakov couldn’t send him away for good, couldn’t let him live in the dormitories or half way across the country, because yakov could see in his rawest, most earnest movements that he was the future of something.  victor has to have the chair all the way back, and he has his dog drooling over his shoulder from the back seat now.  when victor was thirteen, he was young with shoulder-length hair and beat-up sneakers on yakov’s dashboard, a late tooth punched out in his smile and sunken, feminine shoulders.  he’s gone from that to a monster to something undefinable, something uncontrollable and sad and hungry in the way that someone might describe the deepest parts of the ocean or a black hole.   

tonight, with a one way ticket to japan on his phone, he looks like he did fourteen years ago.

5. victor wants to kiss him so, so, so bad.  yuuri lets him touch him now.  yuuri lets victor lean on him and wrap his arms around him and lets victor sink his hands into the back pockets of his jeans when they’re walking together down the street like it’s nothing.  there are so many moments when yuuri looks at him and he wonders now? is this right? do we? can i?

6. it isn’t a matter of can we, but a matter of when we, victor decides, saturated up to his eyeballs with whiskey sours.  i’m gonna kiss you, and when i do i’m not going to stop, i’m going to kiss you for a million years.

7. “you,” yuuri says.  they’re standing in the elevator, free from the press and the fans and their fellow skaters and sponsors and the world. it’s the first time since they were in a parking garage where everything above them echoed too loud that they’ve found themselves alone. 

“what about me?” victor asks, humor lifting his voice.  they’re leaning against opposite walls.  the walls are mirrored and yuuri looks at him from an angle, his face reflecting on either side of them on and on forever.  victor could chase his silhouette until he went blind. 

yuuri curls in on himself, shy, like an anemone.  

(victor has always liked the sea.  victor loves anemones.  he is always gentle when he watches them, catches his fingers on their tendrils as they tuck themselves away.)

they reach their floor.  something lingers between them heavy and unspoken and exciting that victor hasn’t felt in years, hasn’t felt in a decade or more.  yuuri moves to walk past him and out, but stops instead, foot on the metallic threshold and he presses victor into the rows of buttons for a kiss.  

“i can’t believe you,” he says. he sounds in awe. “i’ve been waiting for this for years.”


subject to change: currently the track list on the amazon page is as follows:

 1. Prologue - Mark Ledbetter
 2. Bikini Bottom Day - Company
 3. No Control - Kelvin Moon Loh
 4. BFF - Ethan Slater
 5. When the Going Gets Tough - Nick Blaemire
 6. (Just a) Simple Sponge - Ethan Slater
 7. Daddy Knows Best - Emmy Raver-Lampman
 8. Hero is My Middle Name - Lilli Cooper
 9. Super Sea Star Savior - Sardines
 10. Tomorrow Is - Company
 11. Poor Pirates - Pirates
 12. Bikini Bottom Boogie - L'ogan J'ones
 13. Chop to the Top - Lilli Cooper
 14. (I Guess I) Miss You - Ethan Slater
 15. I’m Not a Loser - Sea Anemones
 16. Best Day Ever - Lilli Cooper
 17. Finale: Bikini Bottom Day Reprise - Company
 18. SpongeBob SquarePants Theme - Company  

Summer is a great time to enjoy all things strawberry — including strawberry anemones!

At Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, these inch-wide anemones carpet the sea floor. They use their tentacles to capture food and to defend themselves. As plentiful as they are, we doubt they’d taste great in a strawberry shortcake.

(Photo: NOAA)