sea anemones

Summer is a great time to enjoy all things strawberry — including strawberry anemones!

At Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary, these inch-wide anemones carpet the sea floor. They use their tentacles to capture food and to defend themselves. As plentiful as they are, we doubt they’d taste great in a strawberry shortcake.

(Photo: NOAA)

Deep beneath the waves off the coast of Central California lies the technicolor marvel of Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary! 

Surrounded by soft sediments of the continental shelf seafloor, Cordell Bank emerges with a rocky habitat, providing home to colorful and abundant invertebrates, algae, and fishes. Here, a research diver pauses behind a colony of strawberry anemones and other invertebrates. 

(Photo: Joe Hoyt/NOAA)


HEY IT’S A FURRY or maybe a pinchy?  It’s miss Kali Crab!  I haven’t made a ‘sona to draw in like 10 years lmao.  anyway I love crabs and I like drawing crab critters so this is her anthro design, there’s also an actual hermit crab design + cool monster crab design that I’ll post later because SHE IS  A VERY FAB CRAB

+ DID U KNO: some species of hermit crab form a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones!  A crab will peel off an anemone(s) from somewhere and plant it firmly on it’s shell.  The stinging tendrils of the anemone provide protection from the crab’s many predators.  In return, the anemone gets plenty of scraps from the crab’s meals.  IT’S SUPER CUTE and I love it and that’s why she has 2 friends with her lol.  

Headcanon: Robbie’s fluffy orange chair has absorbed a lot of his excess magic over the years and has become a semi-living, self-sustaining magical entity. Robbie can shear fluff off of it (to use for projects such as his earmuffs, pillows, etc.) and it’ll just grow back. It’s also warm and… Unsettlingly fleshy-feeling underneath the fur…

This is Rococoa! She’s a little blood demon who’s friends with Lily and Omen. She’s kind of like a sea anemone and can use as many of the blood drop tentacles from her ‘petticoat’ as she likes.


People have been really curious ever since the last page of “A Brush Fixed With Love” where Tanrine said her moms are waiting for her. Yep, plural. That was no typo. Tanrine has two moms. Her biological mom and her new girlfriend, a sea anemone (and her fish)

So no, Tanrine is not adopted. Her parents simply divorced and her mom found a new love. Tanrine still visits her dad when ever she can.

Unfortunately these two lovely ladies (and fish) don’t have names yet but I’ll be sure to introduce them properly when I know

There are creatures which have evolved to live in coral reefs and simply could not survive in the rough, tooth-filled wastes of the open sea. They continue to exist by lurking among the dangerous tentacles of the sea anemone or around the lips of the giant clam and other perilous crevices shunned by all sensible fish.
A university is very much like a coral reef. It provides calm waters and food particles for delicate yet marvellously constructed organisms that could not possibly survive in the pounding surf of reality, where people ask questions like ‘Is what you do of any use?’ and other nonsense. 

– on universities | Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen, The Science of Discworld