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Watch this barber slug fulfill its anemoneeds!

🎥Joe Platko in Monterey!

UPDATE! Hey everyone! Sorry for the confusion! Here’s more info to explain what’s going on: The anemone retreats once it feels the pinch of the barber slug’s bite. Latching on, the slug is pulled in with the anemone, not wanting to let go of its meal. Once the slug snips off a tentacle or two, it pulls itself back out of the tube and moves on to the next anemone spaghetti dish, while the anemone waits for the coast to clear before coming back out from its tube.

Take a deep breath and plunge into this anemone garden! 

Michelle Manson’s colorful photograph claims the second place spot in the “Sanctuary Views” category of our Get Into Your Sanctuary photo contest. She photographed this lush area of the kelp forest in Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Congrats to Michelle! 

(Photo: Michelle Manson)


People have been really curious ever since the last page of “A Brush Fixed With Love” where Tanrine said her moms are waiting for her. Yep, plural. That was no typo. Tanrine has two moms. Her biological mom and her new girlfriend, a sea anemone (and her fish)

So no, Tanrine is not adopted. Her parents simply divorced and her mom found a new love. Tanrine still visits her dad when ever she can.

Unfortunately these two lovely ladies (and fish) don’t have names yet but I’ll be sure to introduce them properly when I know


The OA and Siberian Shamanism.

The name Khatun means “Ruler”, and can be traced to the Siberian/Baikal lake  or water Goddess name Aba-Khatun. Siberia is a vast Russian Province. Shamanism is understood to have  originated in the Siberian culture, where women were the first to become  shamans. Siberian shamans held the belief of swallowing their “Helping  Spirits”, or Power Animals, in order to claim them. These shamans believed  that our world was the middle realm in a series of 3, 5, or 7 worlds all stacked   on top of one another. They were also believed to be able to travel between  these worlds using shamanic rituals. And lastly, some Siberian myths tell of a  powerful shaman, named Morgon-Kara, who could bring the dead back to life.

(A little extra tidbits I found, songs and music were used heavily in shamanic rituals and practices. The healing magic of shamans involved finding or curing the lost or damaged souls of sick people. And the Buryats, a Mongolian sect of shamanism, who sacrifice to khatun at lake Baikal are known as the “Wolf People.”) 

So basically I now believe Khatun is a Goddess, or at least a powerful spirit, that taught OA some Siberian magic!

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There’s a whole world to discover in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary tidepools! 

These are giant green anemones, which can often be spotted in the rocky tidepools lining the sanctuary. Their brilliant green color comes from symbiotic algae that live within their tissues! 

(Photo: Shawn Sheltren/NPS)