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Problems with Oscar  2k17

- Jimmy Kimmel shouldn’t have done so many comedy bits in between the show, the entire thing would’ve gone faster. 

- Why the fuck are people so against Nate Parker releasing a movie but hot on Casey Affleck winning an Oscar? 

-It should have been Denzel.

-Taraji should have been nominated for best actress and she should have won instead of someone who didn’t care that she was white washing. Especially since, Taraji reinvented the superhero role.

-When it was revealed that the Best Picture belonged to Moonlight (rightfully so) Jimmy Kimmel had the audacity to say: “Oh I think LaLa Land should keep it anyways”  First of all: That’s not his call to make so stfu. Steve Harvey made a mistake in reading the right card improperly however, he still crowned the right person in the end. To even suggest that “Oh Best Picture is Moonlight but let’s not hurt their feelings and let LaLa Land keep it” is extremely insulting. Yeah, Kimmel was probably in an awkward position but he knows, Warren knew, that it wasn’t their fault to begin with. That bit just annoyed the shit outta me.

-I’m sorry I grew up on Bollywood. La La Land ain’t shit compared to what I’ve seen. A musical about dreamers in a film industry? So… Om Shanti Om. Don’t get me wrong I see the appeal of La La Land, it’s cinematic and the coloring and effects are spectacular but it was also hyped up. 

-Loving the play, I would have loved Fences to win Best Adapted Screenplay but I’m so happy Moonlight took it.

-Mahershala Ali <3 

- Viola Davis <3

- Asghar Farhadi’s statement 


Paltry noms for women directors at the 2017 Golden Globes

First the (slightly) good news. There were two films directed by women nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2017 Golden Globes: Divines directed by Houda Benyamina for France and Toni Erdmann directed by Maren Ade for Germany. 

Another minuscule bright spot: Hailee Steinfeld was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy for her role in Kelly Fremon Craig’s The Edge of Seventeen, one of the few wide releases directed by a woman of 2016. 

But that was essentially it for films directed by women. No women or films directed by women got nominations for directing, Best Picture, Song etc and there were no other performances nominated that were directed by women. 

In a sense this was somewhat predictable. Awards season is a business and as long as Hollywood keeps shutting out women they are going to continue to be ignored when it comes to awards. There were many women directing critical favourites this year (aside from Toni Erdmann, American Honey, Certain Women and The Love Witch have shown up on numerous critical Best Of lists) but these either came from tiny studios or had a box office so small it couldn’t justify the millions a distributor would need to spend campaigning for awards, or both.   

On the other hand Hollywood showed us just what sort of people they do nominate. Mel Gibson, who was turned into a social pariah a few years ago after tapes of him verbally abusing his girlfriend using racist language leaked and who physically assaulted her while she was holding their child scored multiple nominations for Hacksaw Ridge, including the prestigious Best Director and Best Picture. Casey Affleck, who settled a case where he was accused of sexually assaulting female employees of his on the set of his mockumentary I’m Still Here, continued to rack up awards with a Best Actor nom for Manchester By the Sea. Earlier this year we watched publication after publication go after Nate Parker and torpedo his Oscar chances and now we get to watch as two white men, accused of similar violent assaults against women go for Oscar glory. 

The lack of nominations for women directors would be appalling on its own, but paired with these nominations for two men who have documented cases of abuse it seems like a surreal slap in the face to anyone who cares about women, justice and equality.  


C'mon (2011) + Nearly Witches (2011)
Tropical Storm Nate kills at least 22 in Central America, expected hurricane strength as it heads for Yucatan, US
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador struck with flooding, mudslides

In Nicaragua, at least 11 people died, seven others were reported missing and thousands had to evacuate homes because of flooding […]. […] Nate could produce as much as 51cm (20 inches) in some areas of Nicaragua […].

Emergency officials in Costa Rica reported that at least eight people had been killed […]. Another 17 people were missing, while more than 7,000 had to take refuge from Nate in shelters. […]  Highways in the country were closed due to mudslides and power outages were also reported […].

Two young people also drowned in Honduras due to the sudden swell in a river, while a man was killed in a mudslide in El Salvador and another person was missing, emergency services said.

Nate is predicted to strengthen into a Category 1 hurricane by the time it hits the US Gulf Coast on Sunday, NHC spokesman Dennis Feltgen said. Blowing maximum sustained winds of 64 km/h (40 mph), Nate was expected to move across eastern Honduras on Thursday and enter the northwestern Caribbean Sea through the night.

I am finally watching Leverage (I’m part way through season 4) and here is what I have learned:

  • I started out thinking this would be a cute fun show and now I am in way too deep
  • Everyone being very good at their jobs makes me very happy
  • Sophie + Parker friendship/mentorship is important and wonderful ;_____;
  • Aldis Hodge is a gift to this world
  • I reluctantly ship Nate/Sophie (reluctantly b/c Sophie is too good for him, but she seems to have made up her mind that she wants him so, y’know)
  • Me before I started this show: All that ot3 stuff people are going on about is probably just exaggerated fandom shipper goggles stuff
Did I Treat You Good Mami-Nate Maloley Imagine!

A/N: I don’t know if this is any good its kinda a cute imagine but yeah my requests are now open so go ahead and submit some and let me know what you think of this!xx

I woke up to the guys jumping on me “y/n wake up we are going cliff diving the girls are already ready hurry up” “wow thanks guys this is just how I wanted to wake up, now get out cause I’m not wearing any trousers” they all raised their eyebrows “c'mon lets go be ready in 5” Nate said and they followed him out. I changed into a bikini throwing on some denim shorts and a tshirt grabbing my phone quickly brushing my teeth I throw my hair into a bun slip on my white vans and run down the stairs greatest by Nate at the by the door “ready” I nod my head “let’s go girl” I walk in front as he places his hand on my lower back and closed the door. I hoped in the mini van Nate slid in next to me as all the other spaces were taken.

To say the least it was a little awkward between me and Nate as we hooked up when we were both drunk and never really spoke about it and now all the crew is on holiday in Hawaii, we were both really close but now there is distance between us but I’m trying not to think about it.
We arrive at the beach where we are going cliv diving Nate hops out then helps me out, everyone is out and starts walking up the steps we left our phones and shit in the van so we didn’t ruin them, we were all walking to the top and Emily and I were at the back just chatting “so has Nate said anything” “no I don’t now what to say to him it’s just really awkward now” “yeah but you two will get over it your best friends” “exactly we Shouldn’t of had sex” I said a bit louder than expected and everyone turned around Sam chimed in “ooo who shouldn’t you if had sex with you have to tell us” “it really doesn’t matter” “yeah it does was he hot” Stassie said Nate turns around “yeah did he treat you good cause if not we can change that” I look down slightly embarrassed “guys stop do I quiz you guys on everyone you have sex with? No so stop lets go cliff diving” everyone turns back around and carries on walking

 "that was close" “I know Em but what the fuck was Nate on about” “he obviously likes you y/n alright and I know you kinda like him too I’m your best friend I’m not stupid” “yeah well maybe okay” we both start laughing when Nate comes and walks with us “what’s so funny” “nothing” me and Emily say in unison “like I believe that” “well you better boi” he starts to laugh and Emily walks ahead a bit “ so did I treat you good” “Nate really you want to talk about this now” “your right okay we will speak later cause I need to know okay so are you excited to jump of a cliff” “no I thought I would be but I could fucking die” “no you won’t this is an actual place where it’s safe so don’t worry lil mama” he pulls me into his side as we reach the top

“LETS DO THIS SHIT” Nash shouts at the top of his lungs “wow calm down mate” Nate says. Most people had gone it was just me, Emily, Stassie, Sam and Nate “right who’s going next y/n you going” Nate asks “yeah I’m a little scared want to go together” Nate looks at me and smiles “of course lil mama” Nate takes my hand and we jump of it was such a thrill “oh my god I can’t believe I just did that” “well believe it mami” Nate comes closer to me and wraps his arms around my waist “lets move out the way” I said pointing up to Sam who wanted to jump we move so we aren’t in the direct path and Nate puts his hands around me again “that was so dope” Nate smiles showing his cute little dimples I smiled back “why so happy” “just cause” I wrap my arms around his neck an my legs around his waist “you want to get your bikini on” realising I was still in my shorts and tshirt “yeah I’ll just go and take it off” I start to walk out of the sea and Nate follows me behind I walk over to where Jordyn and Stass were sunbathing “hey guys that was so much fun” “yeah it was, you going to come and tan” I look over at Nate and he smiles “yeah I guess I need to tan up”

 I pull my shirt over my head and start to pull off my shorts “Nate stop staring at y/n have some control that’s your best friend” I turn around and laugh “gosh Nate” I say with a smirk on my face I lay down on my towel and he lies next to me “I just can’t help out mami” he whispers in my ear I smile knowing that from Nate that was a compliment “yo Nate you coming in” Derek shouts as walking up to us “damn y/n your fine” “shut up Derek"I said "so Nate you coming” “yeah y/n’s coming too” “hey I’m not complaining” Derek puts his hands up in defence we all walk to the sea and Nate tells me to get on his Shoulders I happily obliged so I wouldn’t get my hair wet again after it had just dried.

 A few hours past and everyone wanted to go so we all bundled into the Minivan again and headed back to the luxury house we were staying at which was also right on the beach. I go up to my room so I could take a shower and get the salt water out of my hair, I hop out and wrap a towel around my body I walk into my room and see Nate lying on the bed “Nate what are you doing” “we need to talk” “okay just let me put some clothes on” “alright baby” I walk over to my suitcase and pull out on oversized jumper and some underwear I walk into the bathroom “where you going” “to get changed I shut the door, about 5 minutes later I walk out and Nate is now stood on the balcony.

 I walk out to him he turns around "you look good y/n” “thanks so” “oh yeah um basically you know how you thought that we were both drunk last week well I wasn’t drunk I was a bit tipsy and you were drunk and just me if I didn’t have alcohol in me I wouldn’t of let you have sex with me whilst you were that drunk because I really care about you a lot and like the past few days we’ve hardly spoke and I realised how much I like you” “Nate what are you saying” “y/n I’m saying I like you a lot like I love you and I know you probably don’t feel the same but I just had to tell you because if I didn’t I would probably go insane” “Nate I feel the same” “you do you love me” “yes I love you Nate Maloley” he pulls me into a hug and kisses me on the head “trust me now we’re together and your my girl the sex will be even better because you won’t be drunk and I won’t be tipsy but I still want to know if I treated you good” “you did don’t worry about that” he places his lips on mine just for a moment he pulls away and smiles “that was so good to do sober" 

Our Night {A Nate Maloley imagine}

➳Warning; this is smutty 😂
I just ended a call with Nate and I was very upset, tonight was supposed to be our night and he canceled because he needed to work on a song.

Running my fingers through my hair, I walked onto my backyard which was basically the beach, there wasn’t anyone out which odd because I would normally see maybe a few couples walking along at night. The only thing lighting the beach was the bright round silver moon.

I prepared everything, I even wore this beautiful white simple dress, I looked ahead and noticed a yacht, I furrowed my brow in confusion but the more it came closer the confusion was gone and this feeling of happiness overcame me.

“I knew you would be out here” Nate said making me giggle, he leaned down and grabbed my hand and slowly pulled me up onto the yacht, my feet hit the floor and I looked up at him “And when I thought you couldn’t be any more romantic” I cooed and heard a light chuckle from him.

“You haven’t seen anything yet, baby” he said sending a shiver down my spine, its funny Nate still has this effect on me even though we are together for 2 years.

We both sat down and this beautiful table and ate our dinner, I wasn’t expecting anything else until the music was changed into Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran and should I mention this was my favorite song.
➳ Play Tenerife Sea now

Nate stood up and walked over to my side and held his hand out “May I have this dance?” He said making me giggle, I gently took his hand whilst he pulled me into his arms.

He wrapped one his arm around my waist and the other held onto my hand whilst he swayed us back and forth “I’m so in love with you,(Y/N)” Nate mumbled looking down at me “I love with you with all my heart” he added and before I could reply his lips smashed onto mine.

Our lips moved in synch, Nate’s hand slowly lifted my right leg and placed it onto his hip with his free arm keeping me steady, his lips moved ever so softly down my neck to my chest, he slid the strap of my dress off my shoulder exposing my strapless bra, he cupped my breast before sliding the bra off.

Once his lips made contact with my nipple I let out a low moan, before he lifted me up and placed me onto the ‘couch’ which was on the deck, he crawled over me, and ran his fingers through my hair “I love you” he said then felt his cold hand slid up my bare thigh before placing itself on my crotch, I bit my lip feeling him sliding down my panties then threw it behind him “Princess has been a good girl, she should be rewarded shouldn’t she?” He said smirking and I whimpered in response “I want you, daddy” I moaned.

I took off his shirt and he slid his pants down along with his boxers letting his manhood spring up, he leaned back onto me, he rubbed his dick onto my folds before pushing it in, my whole body suddenly went numb whilst he trusted in out of me.

Nate placed his head on the crook of my neck “I’ve missed you so much” he grunted and moaned so loud I’m pretty shore half the people on the shore heard me.

My legs began shaking and his thrust were sloppy, before I even got the chance to tell him I was cumming his finger slid down onto my clit and began rubbing which of course made me cum “Fuck Nate” I cursed, before he shot his cum into me, his rode out his high and kissed my cheek over and over again “I love you, Nate” I whispered and he smiled then placed on his boxers then pants leaving him shirtless. I wore my underwear and bra before sliding on the dress and when I turned around Nate was on his knee in front of me “Nate..what are you doing?” I asked my eyes going wide when he pulled out a small blue box, he opened it and inside was a knot ring “I’m not proposing yet but this is a knot ring, it symbolize a knot that is not quite tied yet but has all the intentions of being tied. Its kind of like a promise ring, so Promise me you will always be mine, that you will always love me no matter what” he said then placed it onto my finger “I promise you, as long as you will always be mine” I replied with a giggle and he stood up kissing my lips before saying “I promise” - /oh my god I suck😂😂😂 but here it is. Hope you liked it! -Maggie