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Hey solar, so I have a question about autism. I think I might be autistic, though it's not at all confirmed yet. When I was at school, which I love, I was mostly fine. I have depression and anxiety, but I mostly had them under control. However at home a lot of new things are emerging that seem like autism symptoms. Can different situations trigger autism more? Does this mean I have autism and just didn't notice it before, or something else? Thank you so much 😊

Oh hi!! I don’t usually get requested personally in asks, so I’m glad I caught this!

So one thing people can have is autistic burnout. It’s essentially when an autistic person gets very stressed and overloaded about things in their life to the point that they struggle with their usual coping and symptoms are more apparent.

Here’s a really, really good video about the topic by @neurowonderful.
Please watch it, they can word much better than I do.

I’m almost wondering if you’re finding being at home more exhausting? You said you love school, so perhaps that’s something that energizes you, maybe there’s something at home that is affecting you negatively?

But yeah, it’s definitely a thing. Severity of autism can go up or down throughout an autistic person’s lives. I was diagnosed because of some really bad burnout when I was 17-18 but the signs were always subtly there.

- Solar the Sea Turtle

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Do u guys ever get really stupid or trolled asks? Im curious to know if u ever think some asks are stupid :0 ? <3

No, that pretty much never happens.

Some questions might catch us off guard because we get all sorts of topics and occasionally we get a kind of funny ask, but virtually all of the asks are serious concerns even if they might be a bit odd.

You have to remember that a lot of people ask us questions they’re too shy to ask anyone else because of the anonymity, so sometimes they are a little risqué, but that’s not bad!
I actually really liked that last nsfw ask I answered because it’s not something we’re asked about that directly very often but it’s something I can help with.

Honestly the only one that tends to bother me even a little is when people ask really simple questions they could just Google in under a minute ;;

Of course the human contact is nice, I understand, and I want to be here for all of you, but we get a ton of asks every day and it’s just not fair to others if we just answer all the super easily searchable ones. ;-;

- Solar the Sea Turtle