sea air


Everything we are, everything we own, everything that makes up our family, our lovers, our pets, our houses, ships at sea, planes in the air, shopping centers, factories, cities, computers, even the Mars Rover, and, of course, all of the diversity and glory of nature, comes from the Earth. We have Earth Day, when we talk about problems with the Earth and try to fix them, but when do we celebrate and show our thanks for this home that gives us everything? When do we go out and let ourselves enjoy her and remember why we love the Earth?

Appreciation is an important way to heal the Earth, too! I propose this: the days between Earth Day and the day the U.S. celebrates as Mothers Day should be celebrated as Mother Earth Season, when we would all take time to look at, enjoy, and celebrate everything wonderful and amazing about the earth and the living things on it.

During that time you would find wonderful things and show them to other people. Take an older person out of the nursing home for a picnic or a drive through the woods. Tell children stories of remarkable and beautiful places, animals, plants, or events in nature that you saw before they were born. Take them to see some that they can tell their children about. Give parties, play music, dance, paint pictures, write poems, share photographs, and most of all take walks. Get up early to see the sunrise light on everything, find out when and where to see the Pleiades rise and set. Look at the landscape from hills, take paths along streams and into glens. Look at and listen to everything. Smell flowers, feel the breeze. Take it all in and share it with others.

Most of all, be happy to be alive and let yourself feel wonder. Tell people how it feels. Tell the Earth how amazing She is and that you’re glad you’ve had this time on Her. If these were your last days, what would you want to say to this, your home and source? We could start with, “Thank you for your beauty and sheer awesomeness! What a privilege to be part of you!”

Feel the joy of being in this beautiful place, on this beautiful planet, at this time when so many beauties remain! Celebrate Mother Earth Season and let your Mother know you love Her. The land and the earth can feel when you love them. Feeling that love and sharing it helps to heal the planet and make all of us who are part of it whole.

My annual post for Earth Day. 💖 🌎🌍🌏


Location: Aegean Sea


Need a quick, natural air freshener? Stick some cloves in orange rinds! The scent is so fresh & invigorating; I think it works just as well in either autumn or spring! You can throw in some cinnamon or crushed cardamom, too!
You can also stick some cloves right into a full orange for a way stronger & juicier scent. If you want a nice, finished look, wrap it up in some net!🍊🍊🍊


Location: Kalamata