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Just a little Queliot drabble to start off this weeks submissions for Welters since I’ve been neglecting the poor child.

The burning end of Eliot’s cigarette pulsed into the inky night, occasionally bringing his somber face to view. He looked out over the endless water, unable to see anything but the memories burned into the back of his mind. There were tangled sheets and legs wrapping their way around his mind and needy hands that refused to let go. The salty sea air felt clean against his skin but it couldn’t wash away the sound of his name on another set of lips or the electric spark from where they touched.

A smile played at his lips as he replayed the memories until they became a part of his soul. This wasn’t like him; he was Eliot Waugh, the one who lived by lust and desire. He had never felt this way before. Never in his life had someone walked in so abruptly and so easily become everything to him. There was no shot and no drug that could ever touch this high.

He closed his eyes and breathed in the sea air, letting it refresh his lungs before heading back below deck. He didn’t know where this journey would take him, but it didn’t matter. He was already home, and he had already found what he was looking for.

“Where’d you go?” A half-discernable mumble came from the twisted pile of sheets and pillows on the bed.

“I just needed some fresh air.” He crawled back into bed, his heart hammering in his chest as he pulled Quentin close and kissed the top of his head.

i. we are driving up into the clouds and i’ve got
my head out the window in the cold air but i’m
still warm. i close my eyes and all i do
is breathe with the music soft and familiar, the
scent of eucalyptus tinged with car exhaust
and the whiff of someone’s pasta dinner. it takes
me out of my head and everything is real
and i am alive and feeling this soft sea-level air
whooshing past my hair, filling my lungs. my dad
glides the car through the curves and the fog
makes the trees into the kindest shadows and
this is as close as i’ve ever been to exactly right.
ii. i can see the city from here, spread out to the ocean
in lights and indigo and inky evening, all the people
here in the glow of their neon skies, arm in arm
with their friends, so full of life; the dogs in the park
while it’s dim and cool; the cars whizzing around
over the bridge, with somewhere to go; the silhouettes
watching the city sparkle, watching each other talk. i
am alone and i am part of it all, woven into this
net of humanity, another light drifting towards the ground.
iii. i’m home.
—  another evening up in the hills//ast.

.::šëłf tįtłēd::.

So sorry for the lack of posts this and last week, school started again and it just sucks out all of my energy and motivation.
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Lavenderwhisp’s Witch Types Master Post (Jan 2016)

Witch: magical practitioner

Elemental Witch: Witches who work around the 5 elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit.

Earth Witch: Witches who specifically work with their magic around the element of Earth, through grounding exercises, rock/soil collecting, crystal magic, and Green Witchery. Earth zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Types of Earth Witches:

Green Witch: use plants/herbs/flowers in herbal and natural magic, such as using them in spells and creating remedies with them.

Garden Witch: A version of a Green Witch, they enjoy working with the earth through gardening and using their herbs and plants to help and care for their families and loved ones.

Flora Witch: Similar to the above witches, they work with flowers in their practice. Their Book of Shadows would likely be full of Green Witchery, such as than herbs and herbal recipes, and flower classifications and associations.

Marijuana Witch: A type of Green Witch, Marijuana has been used for spiritual and medicinal purposes throughout history. These witches use marijuana for magical purposes and use herbal recipes with marijuana. 

Rock Witch: Witches who work with all rocks, including stones and crystals. They enjoy geology and their Book of Shadows is full of geology and crystal healing. They are most likely involved in a scientific field, such as geography or archaeology where they can be close to the Earth.

Crystal Witch: Witches who work with stones and crystals, such as through crystal healing. Their Book of Shadows will most likely have information about the stones, chakra balance, and crystal meditation.

Forest Witch: A witch who enjoys the company of trees and live amongst them. The seclusion is perfect for cottage magic and tree magic. They also enjoy the company of fey and woodland animals, and use local plants.

Swamp Witch: Witches who live within the swamps, use swamp plants, and enjoy the company of swamp animals.

Desert Witch: A witch who lives in the desert, enjoys the natural desert scenery, uses desert plants, bones, sand in their practice, collects desert rocks, and befriend desert animals such as snakes, lizards, and scorpions. They also tend to use the elements of Wind and Fire as well as Earth in their practice. They normally worship desert deities and study desert lore in their area.

Sand Witch: Sand witches live where a lot of sand is in the local earth, such as the desert or the beach. Their home is filled with different types of sand and rocks.

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Location: Kalamata 


Need a quick, natural air freshener? Stick some cloves in orange rinds! The scent is so fresh & invigorating; I think it works just as well in either autumn or spring! You can throw in some cinnamon or crushed cardamom, too!
You can also stick some cloves right into a full orange for a way stronger & juicier scent. If you want a nice, finished look, wrap it up in some net!🍊🍊🍊