We’re very close, of course everyone is in different parts of the world filming, but we find a way to make connections. We’ve definitely talked about Hunger Games reunions and crew vacations. We’re not letting this end.
—  Josh on his plans to stay in touch with The Hunger Games cast after the franchise comes to a close x

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seeing as you write such fabulous hayffie fic... “Look at me - just breathe, okay?” + Hayffie :3

“Look at me. Effie… Effie, look at me – just breathe, okay?

She wasn’t looking at him and she wasn’t breathing.

Haymitch shook her a little harder, gripping her shoulders so hard it would leave bruises. Now wasn’t the time for a panic attack. Coin had just dropped dead and it was chaos. They needed to get somewhere safe and for that he needed her to stop panting like she was about to collapse any second.

“Sweetheart, if you don’t get it together in the next five second I’m going to slap you.” he warned, letting go of one of her shoulders to grab her chin.

“Don’t you dare.” she hissed, shrugging him off. “I will kill you.”

He was weak and her legs were shaky but the fire was back in her eyes and he breathed a little easier.

“Good to know you’re back to normal.” he smirked. “For a second there, I was afraid I had lost you.”

You're the light, you're the night
You're the color of my blood
You're the cure, you're the pain
You're the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much, so much

You're the fear,
I don't care
Cause I've never been so high
Follow me to the dark
Let me take you past our satellites
You can see the world you brought to life, to life

So love me like you do, love me like you do
Love me like you do, love me like you do

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Prompt: post mockingjay canon, Odesta baby is 15/16 and Annie gets a call from his teacher saying how he got in a physical fight with another boy and broke his nose, when Annie confronts him he says it's because the other person insulted her, calling her mad/crazy etc and Finnick's forced prostitution! (Super angsty and sad but I wanna see ur take on it!!) x

The phone ringing wasn’t a sound Annie was used to - no one really used phones, and the only people calling were usually Johanna, Katniss and Peeta. Katniss had called a week ago to share the news of the birth of Willow, her and Peeta’s daughter. 

But now, the phone located in the kitchen was ringing. With a curious feeling Annie set the book she was reading down on the coffee table walked over to the phone, pressing the green button. “Hello?” She asked, turning to gaze out from the large windows. The voice that reached her ears wasn’t anyone she knew well - not Johanna, Katniss or Peeta. It was the principal of the school that Noah was attending.

“Mrs. Odair? I am sorry to bother you like this, but some.. Difficulties have occured with your son, Noah. He got in a physical fight in the school property with a classmate. Mr. Davis is currently treated at the hospital, but Noah managed with some cuts and bruises, and we gave him the rest of the day off so he can come home and you can discuss the whole thing through in peace.” Annie listened to the principal’s explanation without saying a word, waiting her to be finished. Noah, in a fight? He had never shown any signs of teenage rebellion nor any violent habits of any sorts. The whole situation was so confusing, and every word was more and more blurred by the voices in Annie’s head; they were telling what to do, they were screaming, they were singing a strange lullaby she knew from somewhere but couldn’t quite recognize.

“Oh. Oh god. I am, so, so sorry for this whole mess, headmistress. I’ll talk with Noah the moment he gets home. I promise that this won’t happen again, I am so sorry for all of this,” Annie said, trying to express how sorry and shocked she truly was. Her words got messy as she tried to explain how Noah was better than this and that he would never do such thing ever again. The voices were louder, a high-pitched scream echoing in the back of her mind. Don’t panic. It’s all going to be fine. Noah’s fine. You’re fine. “Mrs. Odair, I understand. The most important thing right now is to find out what was the reason of all of this. Have a good talk and meet me tomorrow morning in my office with Noah, alright? Have a pleasant rest of the day,” the headmistress’ words were barely audible anymore, and Annie had to focus on all of her might to fight the eerie feeling creeping inside her chest and to mute the voices inside her head. Barely even recognizing her own voice anymore, Annie wished the headmistress a pleasant day and hung up.

So Annie waited. Five minutes went. Ten. Every moment felt like the volume of the noises intensifying by a notch. Just focus on the real things - the voices are not real. This is real. After about fifteen minutes of waiting she heard the front door open and close - with quite the slam - and then quick footsteps. Annie rushed to the vestibule, knowing that Noah was trying to slip away to his own room and avoid the talk he knew he was in for. “Young man, stop right there!” Annie was always surprised how easily her voice could slip into the angry mother tone, even if she barely recognized herself right then. “You broke someone’s nose?!”

Noah froze on the third step of the stairs, his hand on the railing. He was avoiding his mother’s gaze, locking his eyes to a picture of the horizon on the wall. “Noah, my god, your face!” It was something so simple that made all the voices shut up; Noah was hurt. It was real. He was real. “I’m fine, mom. Really,” Noah tried to get out of it, as if Annie couldn’t see his black eye and his bruised fists.

She forced him to the kitchen, sat him down on the bench and got an ice pack from the freezer. Without hesitation Annie pressed the ice pack to Noah’s eye, seeing him wince from the sudden contact with the cold material. “Explain,” Annie demanded, “what possibly could drive you to do this? To some kid? To yourself? Noah, this is not what we do, what you do.” Noah was staring at his bloody knuckles, twisting his fingers in an attempt to buy himself some time.

Annie stared at his left eye that wasn’t pressed with an ice pack. He forced himself to look at her, and Annie knew by the look on him that it wasn’t just a schoolboy fight over a girl or something similar. “It’s…” Noah’s voice was strangled, like every word got stuck in his throat on their way up; his eye looked slightly watery, and Annie’s thought was confirmed when he wiped the wetness on the back of his hand. “It’s this kid on my class. He…” Annie didn’t say anything, figuring that it would be easier for him if she’d give him some time. 

“He called you crazy, mom,” Noah blurted out, now staring straight at Annie. The word crazy was like a trigger: suddenly the voices were back, screaming, screeching, crying, cursing. Yelling for Annie, unknown voices pleading for help. Never ending, never having the help they were so desperate for - forever stuck in Annie’s head, never real. Crazy. The mad girl from District 4. Freak. The one who went a little…

“He did?” Annie’s voice was hollow, lacking of any emotion possible. Isn’t he right, Annie? You are a bit crazy. The voice was testing her, trying to make her reach her breaking point. Maybe a lot more than just a bit. “You didn’t have to do that for me, Noah,” she said, clearing her throat as it suddenly felt tight and rough. Annie was still the mad girl - now she was just the mad girl with the dead husband and a son with bloodu knuckles and teary eyes. 

“It’s not just that,” Noah said, wincing again when Annie moved the ice pack gently on his eye, “he also called… Called dad a hooker.Hooker. The sex god of Panem. A broken man. The voices in Annie’s head were quiet and so was she; she gave herself a few moments of silence, a few seconds of weakness and sadness. She missed Finnick more than anything, she missed the other half of herself. And hearing him being brought up in such way… Suddenly Annie wasn’t lacking any emotion. She felt furious.

“Well, the kid who said that has no idea what he’s talking about. Finnick was a brave man who went through hell and back - with me. Don’t you let those talks upset you for a moment, Noah. Our family is not the usual one, but we’re still a family. Your father loved you more than you can imagine,” Annie’s voice was nearly broken when she added, “and so do I.” 

Noah closed his eyes when Annie pressed a kiss on his forehead, and with a quick movement Annie brushed away a tear rolling down his cheek. “You’re not crazy, mom,” he whispered, shaking his head. The voices in Annie’s head were laughing, mocking Noah’s words. Yes, you are. You’re crazy, Annie Cresta. “I know. I’m just not the same I used to be,” she answered, giving Noah a smile. Tears were rolling down her cheeks, but she didn’t mind them. There was no stopping them, anyway.

And right on that moment, Annie realized that maybe there was truth in her words. Maybe she wasn’t crazy; maybe she just wasn’t the same she used to be. And she could live with that.