One of my favourite Rumpelstiltskin moments. You can see the hopefulness in his eyes and it’s like he’s also waiting for her to reject him, like everyone else has, but Belle doesn’t. Robert Carlyle is an amazing actor because he can portray so many feelings in one look.

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Unpopular opinion: I honestly don't understand why people hate rika so much? Actually, what I don't understand is the sentiment "rika's mental illness doesn't excuse her actions yet at the same time v was just blinded by love which totally justifies his dishonesty and aiding rika in her crimes" it really seems to me that they both carry a lot of the blame for mint eye's tragedies. (TBH I didn't understand about 87% of secret end 1 so if you have differing opinions from me I'd LOVE to hear them)

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree | ALT OPTION: let me attempt to explain,

people hate rika because she’s a terrible person. she’s abusive and manipulative, and started a cult where she brainwashed and drugged people. i’d say those are some solid reasons to hate someone. of course, if you wanna like her as a character, as the villain that she is, then by all means. go ahead.

what rika did and what v did aren’t comparable. rika did all those horrible things with ill intentions, and she knew what she was doing. (not saying that you’re saying this but) i’m extremely tired of people saying stuff like “she had good intentions! she just lost her way!” like….no. someone with good intentions doesn’t make a charity group that’s pretty much a cover up for her cult and an easy way to recruit people. nor do they drug and brainwash an innocent child. and they definitely don’t abuse, manipulate, and gaslight their s/o. people like to talk about how v takes the blame for everything and solve everything on his own and how he’s bad for that, but fail to mention the things that rika has implanted into his mind to make him think that way. like “not even god can save me, but you can.” do you understand how much of a serious thing that is to say, especially for rika who was very religious? that’s an extremely heavy burden for v to carry on his shoulders. if anything goes wrong with her, he’s gonna blame himself and try to fix it himself, since he thinks it’s his fault. and that’s exactly what he does, till his very last moment.

now while v didn’t execute everything in the best way, he always had good intentions. he wanted the rfa to be safe from mint eye and for rika to get better.

the only one to blame for the mint eye stuff is rika. it’s her cult that she created years ago where she brainwashed people into believing in a certain idea (and that v was the baddie to blame for it all). when rika gently tried to push the idea onto v, he shot her down and claimed that it was like a dictatorship. v couldn’t have aided rika with those things because he didn’t even know where she was/what she was doing iirc, according to the deep story bad end. and as we see in se01, he begs for her to not hurt anymore innocent people and to hurt him instead. so this is definitely not something he approves of.

i think i touched on everything? sorry if i missed anything but i hope this clears it up for you.

2016.11.07 CLUB CITTA KAWASAKI -male limited- setlist

00 new SE
01 鬼眼-kigan-
02 ZOMBOID (new lyrics)
03 詩踏み / Utafumi
04 undecided (old ver.)
05 new new song
06 24個シリンダー
07 embryo (old ver.)
08 蟲-mushi-
09 輪郭 / Rinkaku
10 鴉 - karasu- (new ver.)
11 Chain Repulsion
14 Un deux

Encore: GDS
en15 ピンクキラー / Pink Killer
en16 The Domestic Fucker Family
en17 Umbrella
en18 Sustain The Untruth
en19 Jessica

Darren Criss, singing It's not unusual on GLEE...

I think I’ve listened to this for like a LOT… So when I hit play I was like..

External image

and then I heard him sing… I was like..

External image

As the song continues my mind is like…

External image

And I was also feeling like this…

and also this…

with an ounce of…

together with…

I know when he sings he just makes me like… 

He also makes my whole being like this…

External image

I know, I know… I may be a fan gir-ling too much but…

External image

and of course my imaginary ovaries were like this…

and as with everything Darren does, I would always ask…

DIR EN GREY in Warsaw [setlist]


01. 咀嚼 (Soshaku)
02. Chain Repulsion
03. Sustain the Untruth
04. Un deux
05. 鱗 (Uroko)
06. 濤声 (Tousei)
07. 輪郭 (Rinkaku)
08. 空谷の跫音 (Kuukoku no kyouon)
09. 禍夜想 (Magasou)
10. Phenomenon
11. Behind a Vacant Image
12. Cause of fickleness
13. The Inferno
14. Revelation of Mankind


16. 朔 (Saku)
17. 激しさと… (Hageshisa to…)

DIR EN GREY「ARCHE」日本武道館 2016.02.06

01 and Zero
02 空谷の跫音
03 Behind a vacant image
05 鱗
06 懐春
07 Phenomenon
08 てふてふ
09 輪郭
10 禍夜想


11 咀嚼
12 Midwife
13 Cause of fickleness
14 Chain repulsion
15 Revelation of mankind
16 The Inferno


17 濤声
19 Obscure
20 Marmalade chainsaw
21 激しさとこの胸の中で絡みついた灼熱の闇
22 Un deux

2015.5.17 Dir en grey RE:PUBLIC, Minsk Setlist

01 咀嚼 soshaku
02 Sustain the untruth

03 Cause of fickleness
04 Un deux
05 鱗 uroko
06 濤声 tousei

07 輪郭 rinkaku
08 空谷の跫音 kuukoku no kyouon
09 禍夜想 magayasou

10 Phenomenon
11 Behind a vacant image
12 Chain repulsion
13 The inferno
14 Revelation of mankind


15 朔-saku-
17 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇 hageshisa to..

DIR EN GREY 名古屋ダイアモンドホール 2016.01.21

01 禍夜想
02 Unknown. Despair. Lost
03 Sustain The Untruth

04 Cause of fickleness
06 かすみ

07 てふてふ
08 Phenomenon
09 Midwife
10 懐春


11 咀嚼
12 The inferno
13 業


14 Un deux
17 冷血なりせば
18 激しさと、この胸の中で絡み付いた灼熱の闇