I forgot to post these >//<
I had some commission work done of Kee by the amazing @rif-art~! 
She’s an absolutely amazing artist and just an incredibly lovely person ♥
Go commission her if you haven’t already, her work is divine~! 

I’m in love with this rendition of Kee, she’s so adorable. 
Both her and Dinner are skipping out for some fun, I hope she doesn’t trip ;w; ♥

Another Pokemon Go Adventure with Kee.

Caught a glimpse at a silhouette that closely resembled Growlithe which means ARCANINE~! So, while in my jim jams, I snatched my keys and waddled out into the rain. This being a rather odd thing for me to do ALL of my cats leapt from the bed to follow, excited by my sudden burst of wanderlust. 

My posse of pussy and I walked about two blocks in the cold and dark to search for the illusive Growlithe, but even with my incense burning and my inept sense of direction we couldn’t find him. 
Waddled home and found another fucking Pidgey on the doorstep.

At least I have a team of cats to walk with whenever I go adventuring without @lil-lala ;w;


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FACE CLAIM: Keelah does not have a face claim. Instead have this beautiful piece by Blackash.

NAME: Keelah ‘Wyvernjack’ Se’lai
HEIGHT: 4′8 (148cm)
SPECIES: Keeper of the Moon, Miqo’te
▌ GENDER: Female
NATIONALITY: Though Keelah’s origins have been rumored to lie somewhere within the Black Shroud, she was raised from an infant by her adoptive Mother in Eastern Thanalan. 
BIRTHDAY: 5th Sun of the Forth Umbral Moon (5th of August, same as me ♥)
RESIDENCE: Keelah lives in an old, one room, stone cottage surrounded by a lush and overgrown garden of wildflowers. The location of this fairytale esque home is unknown to the general public, but there have been a few who have stumbled upon her home by mistake.
Keelah is also in possession of a private room within the halls of her Free Company. It is here she takes most of her clientele and potential business partners. 
MARITAL STATUS: Married to the love of her life, Ramza Wyvernjack, but they’re in an open marriage ♥
▌ ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil - Keelah can have a good heart at times and will protect the people she has come to love when the time calls for it, but until that time she will continue to fuck up everything in her path.
DRINK: Keelah has a soft spot for Gridanian Honey Mead and sweet milk tea. 
FOOD: Seafood Stew, brings back memories of her life at sea.
▌ DAY OR NIGHT: Night. Keelah takes most of her ‘business’ during the night and  then sleeps the day away. 
▌ SNACKS: Starlight cake, crowned pie, finger sandwiches, hands.
SONGS:  Nightwish - Imaginaerum (Heck, that whole album is good)
PET: Her darling Tenshi and precious Lala.
▌ COLOR: Soft pink, soft blue and black.
FLOWER: Clematis - It grows in winding vines of pink, white and blue along the walls and archways of her home.
▌ SEXUALITY: Straight, but openly flirts with everyone.
BODY TYPE: Hourglass, with a toned stomach. 
EYE COLOR: Her right eye is a pale, baby blue. Her left eye is a soft, baby pink.
HAIR COLOR: A deep, almost black, purple that hangs in wild, shoulder length waves.

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A woman just came into my shop, dumped her kids and asked “Are they okay to stay here while I go to the shop?”
My expression must have been screaming “No lady, fuck off. This is a movie store, not a day care” because when I said “Uh, sure” she scowled at me then took her children away.
Lady, if you’re willing to leave your collection five year olds with a complete stranger I doubt you should be scowling at the stranger.

sarnaiortharia-ffxiv  asked:

You would be a fairy type gym leader. Now here is the silver lining: your main is Sylveon and she absolutely WRECKS SHIT. Kawaii on the streets, Demon in the arena.

[Clenches fist]
I feel this.
I feel this so much.
Cute, cuddly and bloodthirsty, just like Kee ♥

Thank you so much for the prompt, @sarnaiortharia-ffxiv
[If I was a Pokemon Gym leader]

Random Questionnaire ♥

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1. Coffee or tea?
Coffee, but recently I have been on a real tea kick.

2. Favorite song atm? 
TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm)

3. Do you like twenty øne piløts?

What the heck is that?

4. Favorite literature genre?

Anything that catches my interest.

5. Cartoons - yeh or nah?


6. Do you still have stuffed animals?
A few… [Awkward cough]

7. Zodiac sign?

8. Had your first kiss yet? 

Seven years ago this November.

9. What talents do you wish you have right now?
I’d like to know how to drive a car, but that scares the crap out of me.

10. Caps lock or shift?
Depends on the situation. If it’s a quick capital then I use shift, if I am typing out a longer sentence in all capitals then I use caps.

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yourdeerestnilion  asked:

❤ : Describe a physical action that shows complete trust.

The Keeper blushed, a weak smile spreading across her lips before she gave a muttered response “Brushing my hair… Or touching my scars”.

OOC: Keelah is very particular about her hair, it is an utter mess of dark waves and only a select few have been able to tame her locks. Keelah feels utterly vulnerable when another is touching her head, she has a tendency to melt beneath their touch. So she gets a little defensive when complete strangers move in to touch her head, they usually walk away with broken fingers ♥

Keelah’s back is a labyrinth of horrible scars and burns. Some are self inflicted, others have been collected through fights with man and best, but a majority were given to Keelah during her life as a slave.
They were punishments for fowl or disruptive behavior and Keelah had a knack for causing trouble (Her Masters often assumed she enjoyed the abuse and for the most part they weren’t wrong).
Most of her scars she wears with pride, but on the back of her neck there is a scar that Keelah keeps hidden beneath her collar and hair. Despite the use of healing magic and constant fantasia abuse the scar has remained in perfect condition.
It is a painful reminder for Keelah and she refuses to allow anyone to see it unless they have her complete and utter trust. 

Thank you for the prompt, @yourdeerestnilion
[Symbol Asks]