se til venstre der er en svensker

As a way to alleviate my post Borgen blues and also because I was really curious, I was watching some of SBK’s earlier work.

“Se til venstre der er en Svensker”, apart from the silly title and a major resolution scene that requires a certain “suspension of disbelief”, is a very endearing film, at times quite imaginative and with an excellent and very natural (as one would expect in a dogma film) central performance by SBK.

In the extras there is an interview with the director, writer and SBK and some cut scenes and bloopers. I found this one very entertaining. The guy really insists on taking the elevator where they are filming the scene of Katrine rehearsing in front of the mirror what she should say to her sick sister, although (as SBK clearly tells him) there are other 5 elevators available. So they go up together and she continues to rehearse (and film) the scene.

Very dogma.