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School 2017 Episode 9

First, let me tell you that I wanted to review this show episode per episode from day one but life has been really busy lately, so I choose not to. But it turns out School 2017 gets better and better each week and it has all the elements to call it “my kind of crack”. I’m no less busy but who cares when this show is giving me life?! Let’s move on to what matters, get ready because I have a lot to say:

What the fudge did Hee-chan do to Bo-ra last year? Why isn’t she talking? And what exactly did Dae-hwi cover up? It’s clear Hee-chan’s violent nature is a result of the pressure his family puts on him to excel at school and his feeling of entitlement come from the fact he never suffered the consequences of his actions, protected by his mother or -as we find out today- Dae-hwi himself. I’m not trying to excuse him for the things he has done, keeps doing and probably will do in the next episode, but I guess the show has made it possible to see where he’s coming from and why he’s like this. The fact he has no real support system in his friends (they’re totally the ones spreading the rumors in order for him to do badly in the finals) is also a factor of what I believe will be his debacle. I don’t know if in the next few episodes he will be able to redeem himself but I do hope he suffers a take down. His mother too. Mainly, I’m hoping Bo-ra speaks up because it would meant a lot of character growth for her. She has isolated herself thanks to an abusive ex boyfriend, Dae-hwi’s wrongdoings and a teacher who betrayed her trust. But today’s flashback gave me hope that perhaps she will be able to recover that spark that made call Hee-chan on his behavior and dump his ass.

I feel the rest of the episodes in the show will be more about Dae-hwi correcting all the the things he has done wrong in the past year since his friend died. I have to give credit to the show because at the beginning Dae-hwi seemed like the perfect put together, good student, handsome boy next door, and even when Tae-woon was constantly warning us about his “true nature”, I couldn’t quite grasp why. The first time I saw what Tae-woon was talking about was when Dae-hwi assessed -outside the coffeeshop- that his former friend has feelings for Eun-ho and throw it in his face like a threat, right after she told him she had protected him by not saying anything about the stolen exam. From then on the show has properly develop this character for what he truly is: a misguided and lonely boy, with no real support from his family, spinning out of control. And today’s episode showed us a little more on just how far Dae-hwi was actually capable to go in order to get ahead. I’m a little afraid to find out what he has been covering up for the rich kids, I don’t believe it’s only Hee-chan he has dirt on, but at the same time I feel expectant of what he could do with all that. While Tae-woon has been running around school “outing” the corrupt ways of the faculty and students, it’s really Dae-hwi the one who has the information to actually change something.

As for their broken bromance, nothing will change until Dae-hwi is willing to let go of his need of survival. Don’t get me wrong, in a way I’m proud of him for all his hard work but it’s the way he has achieved that perfect school record that taints his character, when I can see that at his core he’s a good kid. It’s the same reason why he feels like he can’t keep on dating Nam-joo. When he found out the truth about her, he wasn’t disappointed or hurt because she lied to him -he understands and knows her reasons- but he realized a big part of the attraction was because he believed her to be rich. Which of course hit right into all of Nam-joo’s insecurities and gave her even more misguided reasons to feel like she’s less or ashamed because her father is a taxi driver, when in reality she should be proud that he’s a decent and hardworking man, trying to make a living for his family and doting on her like the sun rises and sets with her. Nam-joo has been so far a small character but I want to see more of her storyline. This lie is bound to be exposed one way or another.

Personally, I think Dae-hwi and Nam-joo really like each other and now that there’s no longer a wall of lies between them, I hope they can find a way to patch things up. They never really got the chance to be themselves around each other or actually enjoy their romance.

As for the other characters like Sarang, guitar boy Kyung-woo, and precious soul Byung-goo, I hope they get more storyline in the next few episodes. I would love to see them team up with Tae-woon and Eun-ho.

Speaking of which… I have sold my soul to this couple. I love the relationships that are based on friendship and mutual understanding of each other, which is why Tae-woon and Eun-ho keep on giving me all the feels week after week. Yes, they are incredibly cute together and their chemistry is undeniable but one of my favorite things about them is that they are their own person, apart from how they are together. Can I say they are a couple? Unofficially, at least. Although I’m pretty sure it was made official today in a low-key way when Tae-woon declared he will do whatever he felt like it or when he made it clear to Hee-chan why he was meddling in her business; and Eun-ho gave him the thumps up with a knowing look and smile at the school’s corridor. These two.

Tae-woon isn’t perfect and I love him even more because of it. It’s been a pleasure to see him work through his grief over the loss of his friend with the help of Eun-ho, making it possible for him to actually start caring for others and meddle once again into Dae-hwi’s life. The thing about Tae-woon is that he seems to have no filter and a bad temper, this makes his reconciliation with his bestie a lot harder than it should be. I wish they could have a proper talk, one where they are not staring daggers into each other and actually speak about what happened a year ago. Why aren’t they friends anymore? Did they gradually come apart or did they really just throw punches at each other the minute Joon-ki was no longer in the picture? Did Tae-woon ever talk about the accident with Dae-hwi? Or about what his father had done?

Of course, that same no filter and bad temper does wonders when he goes Alpha Man in order to protect his lady’s honor or when he dotes and worries about Eun-ho. He was behaving like such an Oppa today, it got me all giddy. I love it when he becomes Tae-Swoon, which it’s something that comes natural for him when he is around Eun-ho. Yeah, floor meet Tae-Swoon.

Hee-chan and his mother clearly have plans for Eun-ho but they are very wrong if they think she has no support. This is what I worry about on this subject: whatever Tae-woon does in order to protect Eun-ho, his father won’t let him take the fault for anything. So, what if his father tries to do something similar as to what he did with Joon-ki and his family but with Eun-ho’s? Maybe this will be a breaking point for Dad and Tae-woon. In the last two episodes, Dad seemed to have been trying with his son and I grasped that maybe he’s just rough around the edges; that he had to raise Tae-woon by himself and had no-one who could help him see another way of doing things. I hope these two can work things out too because they are adorable and funny.

As for Eun-ho, aka Wonder Smile, I love her to pieces. She is caring, sweet and a truly happy kid who loves her friends and family, who genuinely tries to get along with everyone and is willing to work really hard to achieve her dream. She’s everything the rich kids aren’t, even when they had a hundred more opportunities and chances than her to achieve what they want. She’s also everything that Dae-hwi isn’t thanks to the lack of parent guidance. Eun-ho’s family is key to understand the way she is. Dad, Mom and even Oppa adore her and support her, even when they might not have a dime for her to assist extra classes, but the fact that she has grown to be such a good person shows that money isn’t everything. That it doesn’t make you a better person or student.

Tomorrow, Eun-ho will be going against Hee-chan and I know she will thrive, but I hope that people (apart from her family and Tae-woon) will come through for her like she has done for everyone else.

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A drama about dreams, family and reality- with a hint of time travel. This drama is KBS’ The Best Hit, or also known as Hit the Top. Lee Ji Hoon and Choi Woo Seung are two childhood friends who also happen to be preparatory students for the civil service exam, although Ji Hoon has a secret dream to be a singer and songwriter. One day they meet Yoo Hyun Jae, a 90s popular but problematic member of a popular idol group, who accidentally travel through time to the year 2017 from the year 1993. Thus, begin the story of passion, love, and friendship among 20s youth in the entertainment industry. 


  • Cast/Characters: ★★
  • Cinematography: ★
  • Feels: ★  
  • Plot: ★ ¾   
  • OST:
  • Did I watch without skipping/spoiling myself?:  

Total: 9.75/10

Favorite Lines:

“We study, not because we want to become somebody. We study, because we don’t want to be nobody.” -Choi Woo Seung

“Whatever it is, I’m done with giving up. I’m not giving up anymore.” -Lee Ji Hoon

“Our best days are the days we haven’t lived yet. That’s why the present and everything we do now are precious to us. We still have our best hit coming.” -Lee Ji Hoon

“I guess he didn’t want to change things because of him.” -Yoo Hyun Jae

Will I recommend? 110% YES. It seriously has the best OSTs! It is a light drama but at the same time, it’s complicated. There is always a reason why things happen the way it did. I was seriously waiting for the “OST” a blog said about a collaboration of Cha Eun Woo, Kim Min Jae and Lee Se Young bUT THERE IS NONE. There isn’t a boring part, well at least for me. I seriously enjoyed each moment and shipped Woo Seung to three guys.

I’m going to miss this drama so much! It seriously talks about dreams and I love that and it also talks about reality. I guess what draw me to this drama, aside from Kim Min Jae, is the fact that it’s so real. Like, these things happen in real life and they depicted it in a nice way, um not overreacting way.

I’m going to miss the friendship between Da Bong(Hyun Jae), Woo Seung, Ji Hoon and Drill. They are not the most ideal squad but they are the best out there. Ji Hoon and Drill’s friendship is goals. Oh, Mal Sook And Hyun Jae’s scenes were one of the most entertaining! I just love love LOVE when they had a memorial for Hyun Jae, and surprise!

This is one of the best ongoing dramas I have watched and of 2017. Every episode was worth the wait! I love the mix of family, dream, reality and a little bit of time travel into this. It’s also heartwarming. They did well in balancing it. And don’t forget the romance. Although I have mixed feelings towards the ending, but at the same time I totally understand it. UGH, can there be a season 2 please? I need to see more of JB’s debut aND WHY DIDN’T YOU LET ME SEE THEM PERFORM HUHU. And I was waiting for Ji Hoon and Hye Ri to get together. Oh, and also MJ’s jokes (+his scenes with Hyun Jae) are funny!

Watch it!!

School 2017 Episode 10

Dae-hwi knew! Well, I am actually guessing he has been suspecting Tae-woon ever since the stolen exam incident which is why he took a chance by posing as Suspect X and setting on fire all of Hee-chan’s plans. By saying out loud that he was “threaten” to do his bidding, the entire recording is useless, Hee-chan can’t use it without incriminating himself.

Not only that but Dae-hwi also proved to have a mean right hook and sincerely apologized to Bo-ra for the cover up. Is this the real Dae-hwi? Because I like him! I like him a lot. All of his actions were driven by the fear to have become someone truly despicable like Hee-chan, who showed no remorse whatsoever for what he had done. At least, in the past episodes, Dae-hwi was conflicted about it and it all came of bare fruit with this awesome chess move he just played on all of us.

What does this mean for Dae-hwi? What about his friendship with Tae-woon? Are they on their way to reconciliation? It this why they are showing off their bromance with matching hoodies? And what about the rich kids? Should they be afraid of all the things he knows about them?

Let’s be honest, you have to be a true nightmare for Teacher Shim calling you out on your shitty attitude. All he wants is for the kids who have done wrong feel the consequences and take responsibility for their actions; because that’s what any decent human being does. And a proper adult, one that younger people can look up to, does right by you in order for you to become a good and honest person. This is what Teacher Shim is doing and I love him for it. A stark contrast to Teacher Jang, I still can’t wrap my mind around what she did to Bo-ra. 

And what about cute Teacher Gu? He rocks for supporting Eun-ho in her quest for justice. He might have started as a mean man, but now I can see he’s mush inside. Another person forever changed by Teacher Shim.

Speaking of justice, Bo-ra got her spark back! Thanks to a little help, she realized that real friends are not a myth and she too can have a support system by her side. Tae-woon and Eun-ho did the right thing by trusting her with their secrets; and they looked like proud parents when she stood up to Bit-na and told those two bastards (who I knew were the ones behind the rumors!) to get the hell out of her face. YOU GO GIRL. But! I think it was Dae-hwi’s apology the one that made all the difference because he showed her that people can make mistakes and owing up to them. That people can change and need to be brave in order to do right by themselves and others.

How satisfying was today’s episode with Bo-ra and Dae-hwi taking no prisoners? Extremely. Extremely satisfying.

Of course an episode of School 2017 it’s not complete without Tae-woon and Eun-ho being adorable and yet their flirty moments and easy-going friendship are just plain awesome. But today, that moment after Dae-hwi left Eun-ho’s house, when Tae-woon proudly said why he liked her proved that he knows exactly who she is, and that gave Eun-ho the strength to fight back. Tae-Swoon really stepped up his game in today’s episode, it’s no wonder Eun-ho is now the one telling him not to smile.

But Tae-woon is also starting to consider his actions with a new found gravitas. Not only he’s drawing again, today instead of playing a prank as Suspect X during Eun-ho’s hearing, he showed up as himself with Bo-ra and the proof they all needed. It’s been amazing to witness his journey on reaching the potential he showed since day one, but he’s biggest test will be next week when finally he will be forced to deal with his and Dae-hwi’s broken friendship. I’m really looking forward to this part of the story, and to actually see them together as friends once again.

I’m so happy the entire school came through for Eun-ho! Her open letter proved once again she’s not only spunky but also a true class act. I wish I had more to say about her but I think that pretty much says it all, only thing to add it’s that I’m incredibly overjoyed to have such an amazing leading lady in Dramaland.

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Dissecting Depression and Dear Evan Hansen

How do I even begin with this masterpiece? I’m already warning you, this will be a long post. This won’t be a review per se but rather an in-depth analysis of the musical from a person who has been in Evan’s shoes in more ways than one: alone, anxious, and invisible. Of course, this is about the show and how it moved me and hopefully, it can attest how socially relevant and impactful Dear Evan Hansen is to everyone – to the depressed, to the stronger ones, and to the ones who are just getting by. Let’s start with the 2 main themes.

Social Anxiety

The main character and the namesake of the play suffers from social anxiety and is getting the “right” treatment through therapy and medication. But while receiving professional treatment, he still shows signs that he’s given up on himself through a suicidal attempt and even by simply not wanting to order delivery with the fear of having a conversation. Social anxiety doesn’t seem like a big deal until you’ve stepped into depression – which most types of anxiety lead to. I also believe that the show is far from one dimensional because it just doesn’t show 2 people suffering, but it shows how every character is suffering and how some are surviving it. The show depicts the effects of suicide and depression not only to the victim but to everyone they knew or might have known.

Social Media

The show incorporated the power and the dark side of social media with such a pressing and controversial issue of suicide. It makes the show even more relevant through the technology and the phenomenon commonly seen in the younger generation today. The hunger for virality is also shown here as a positive tool for charity but like everything, it comes with a price in the form of backlash. The backlash might not be directed to the Connor Project members but it goes to show that social media can target anyone and it can turn people like the Murphy family from a victim of mental illness to a victim of bullying. On the brighter side, it can show people who are struggling that they are not alone, that there are people like them and understand them, and that there are people to help them.

Let’s proceed to talk about the wonderful characters here. I honestly loved everyone and everyone served a purpose.


I almost hated this character. I thought she was a narcissist who takes every opportunity and makes it about her, just like how Evan saw her. As the show progressed, it showed her passion and just like anyone else she feels unimportant, hence her defense mechanism – why else would she have a minor reprise of Waving Through a Window if she didn’t empathize? She is also an important character in Evan’s journey, she represents that your lies catch up on you and your action have consequences may it be through external factors or not.


I absolutely loved this character. Apart from being the best comic relief since Elder Cunningham, he’s basically the voice of reason, the slap of reality. He wants to reason with Evan but fails since at one point even if he won’t admit it, Evan is his only friend and he’s his. He also symbolizes tough love, and sometimes even if you don’t want someone to be frank with you, it’s exactly what you need. He is also someone who wants to belong somewhere, somehow even if he doesn’t know how (Sincerely Me Reprise) – he just represses it through sarcasm like many of us do.

The Murphys

This family represents different ways people show grief and handle someone with a mental illness. Cynthia represents love and acceptance to the point of being an enabler, Larry shows love through authority and choosing the harder but the best way he knows how (Break in a Glove). They also show the stereotypical but nevertheless true way of how a mom grieves in tears and a dad in denial until they’ve both come to terms with their loss. Zoe is the spectator sister; she saves herself by distancing herself and her feelings from the situation and ultimately, Connor to the extent of hate and apathy (Requiem). Lastly, we have Connor who is a complete mystery. He is mystery itself; sometimes we don’t get the answers, sometimes we’re left hanging, sometimes we just don’t know – it doesn’t make any of it, okay but it’s the reality of the situation. There are unanswered questions – did Evan’s letter trigger Connor to commit suicide? We’ll never know.


I relate to Heidi so much because she reminds me of my mom. Her sacrifices have a price but sacrifices still have to be made to survive – it was her only option. She knew Evan in a different way than anyone else, the way a mom only knows, it’s instinctive even is she’s not around. She treated him as something to be “fixed” because he is – he’s suicidal and she will not have the only good thing in her life be taken away by the thoughts in his head. It’s why she pushes Evan’s therapy, his meds, his letters, she needed to help him even if she doesn’t know how (Anybody Have a Map?). She’s also a great reminder that even if you’re suffering, you’re not the only one that’s hurting and how your illness is not an excuse to be an asshole, and how when you’re hurting, the people around you are hurting with you (So Big / So Small).


Evan is such a complex character which makes him a great lead. He has suffered but it doesn’t cleanse him of his sin. Is there a method to the madness? Yes. You can blame him but you can’t say that you could’ve done better if you were in his situation. We can all relate to him, we all lie to be happy? We all lie to ourselves. He wants to get better but he shuts his mom and his only friend and only opens up to people he unconsciously thinks are worthy, the Murphys. You can argue his selfish but his letter to himself is so depressing that it passes as a suicide note. But even with all his lies, he genuinely cares for Connor of the idea of him because he’s just like him: forgettable (Disappear / You Will Be Found). It’s true, he forgets about it but don’t we forget things when we’re finally happy? (Good for You). He’s far from perfect, and we all see ourselves in him at one point. 

Dear Evan Hansen is a complete masterpiece because it took a sensitive issue and portrayed in a realistic and heartfelt way that leaves the audience not just thinking, but acting. It shows the effect of mental illness to not just the victim but everyone. It doesn’t romanticize the sickness the way Evan unknowingly does to himself (Only Us / Words Fail). Because truth be told, sometimes we are selfish and we don’t know it. It shows that the worst version of yourself is still worth loving but we should always aim to be the best versions of ourselves.

It doesn’t have a perfect role model because all of them are real people with valid feelings whether they are depressed like Evan or trying to be strong like his mom. It shows that mental illness isn’t a one-way thing, you need to accept the help you are given, you need to help yourself too. It shows all sides of the story and it doesn’t teach you to how to handle mental illness because there’s no right answer – just look at the parents in the play. Sometimes there is no right answer but it shows something more important, that there is help – accept it and there is hope whether you’re grieving or trying to get better, you are not alone – you just need to believe it.


Other feels:

  • They portrayed the literal use of social media really well in the play from the lighting to the digital backdrop – it’s really smart.
  • It amazes me that only 8 characters can give me a whirlwind of emotions.
  • Casting is perfect.
  • The songs are superb.
  • I started crying 10 minutes into the play.
  • You never know how profound “When you’re falling in a forest, and there’s nobody around, do you ever really crash or even make a sound?” and all reiterations of it until you’ve watched the play.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of family.
  • This is the musical I never knew I needed.
  • It’s so simple, direct, and moving.
  • “What happened?” – “You did.” You are significant. You are loved. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
  • Getting better is a two-way thing and this is the most important message this play shows.
  • Don’t romanticize your mental illness! Be part of the solution, not the problem.
  • I love how they showed Evan’s progression through his letter.
  • I love Ben Platt.
  • I still ship Zoe x Evan.
  • When you’re falling in a forest
    And there’s nobody around
    All you want is for somebody to find you !!!

Doctor Stranger review by Ixands@soompi

Hi, I just finish watching DS recently, boy was I late to join the fun…

Reason why I was so late….

~ Reading the synopsis….North Korea…bla bla bla…spy….bla bla bla…another Kings 2 Heart, too heavy for me.. #-o

~ Jin Se Yeon… action/combat/romance…Bridal Mask…Inspiring Generation…dead heroine  :-w 

~ Kang Sora…WGM, cute….Dream High 2  %-(

~ Lee Jong Suk, Park Hae Jin….who??? :-?

~ comments..good drama bad ending-> unsatisfactory ending-> sucks ending~ me  ^#(^

But I still curious abt the drama since I heard it won many awards & good critics, asked a friend, told me it’s actually a happy ending though not with the couple she favours…

So, I watched…cudnt stop watching…finished it in 2 days marathon…Lesson learn - Dont trust synopsis too much….NEVER read comments before watching

Unlike those comments that made me reluctant to watch, I really love the ending. For me its one of the most clean & well executed ending that tell a story of a pair of lovers who’s been tru hell & back again…The ending also wrap up other characters story nicely…

Honestly I dun understand why some making a huge deal abt the ending just becos PH ends up with the love of his life, SJH @ HSH. I mean from beginning to the end tho there were  2 couples, there’s only one love story. PH & JH’s…

From the young, sweet romance to tragic love, and eventually their love turn  into a mature, selfless love. Although both were brutally separated, meeting again by chance 5 years later, once again they both share the suspense yet thrilling & romantic bike ride tru the city of Budapest before they were once again tragically separated. 

All thru the years PH never once stray from his sweetheart, missing her in despair, trying all his might to look for her.

As for the other couple, HJJ & OSH, it was the girl who betrayed the relationship. Regardless what his initial intention HJJ never mistreat her while they were dating. And along the way he falls in love with OSH for real.

To me OSH is the one who’s unfaithful to love. She’s not a competent doctor to begin with but has an easy ride with a hospital’s director father & very skill head surgeon bf. However she thinks highly of herself, even her dad knows it & try to transfer her to the mgt side. Then later for the competition surgeon bf promised her to be his assistant during surgery but director dad hinted that HJJ needs to appoint a more capable doctor becos its not a show him but other people. So when bf surgeon decided to chg his assistant she threw tantrums & sulk, refused to join bf’s team surgery. 

Came along a talented, young & handsome surgeon who desperate need staff, she’s ready to throw away her bf. Watching from there on, there’s never a time PH show any interest on her as a woman nor does he ever lead her on. All along he thought she’s the head surgeon’s gf, which one reason he’s more comfortable with her. He never even think of her during his free time on personal basis. At most she’s just a co-worker, a junior & a friend, and she weight no more importance in PH’s life than Nurse Min does. In his life there’s only his love JH, his mom & CY. However OSH crash into PH’s life & poke her nose everywhere, much to PH’s annoyance. He made himself clear to her that he’s not interested in her, yet she not only interferes, but also defying orders that almost cause a life just for her own selfish reason.

She probe into his home & personal stuff despite him telling her not to come & when finding him with JH she acted as if she’s the victim. its okay for her to hurt her bf HJJ, but she went ballistic seeing PH with his own gf JH. For heaven sake OSH is not his anything, she’s just being in love all by herself, but she keep poking into PH’s love life. Even if HSH isnt JH, what is it to her if PH dates HSH? Even CY has more importance in PH’s life but she knows better than to interfere, Again PH impatiently told her to mind her own business. Of cos later after he cool off he begins to worry, not so much on OSH’s feeling but more that OSH wud expose HSH’s real identity to the authority that he went looking for her to talk and calm her down

As for HSH & PH, I love the checking out the heartbeat hug, then the look PH gave HSH/JH for assurance, support, approval etc. At time he looks like a cute puppy wanting JH to pat his head when he did sumthing great. JH wud always happy to cheer for him in their secret way until the time she decided PH wud be better off without her & she tried to pair him off with OSH. But of cos PH knows her to well that he catch on real fast..

As for HJJ, say he’s an evil whatever but I think he still is a good man with conscience despite his motive to avenge his parents death. I really think OSH is one very lucky girl that he accept her back again in the end without question. But at times I do pity OSH. She’s a nice girl most of the time & a hardworking one too, however despite hes nosy quack everywhere she was still clueless to the end abt the President surgery & the premier gunshot that followed by emergency surgery done on by PH & JH

So to me, I’m very satisfy with the ending. Although they didnt make it clear but they leave clues everywhere…PH & JH fall into the river, Mr President help them as he promised but he did it very discreetly, sending JH back to China as refugee to resolve her 2 identities before bringing her back legally to SK. HJJ return from US, assuming he will return to MR hospital & OSH return back to him

School 2017 Episode 12

The bromance lives! Not only that but Tae-woon and Dae-hwi’s heart to heart about Joon-ki and their friendship, followed by them sighting due to their respective love lives has to be the best part of today’s episode. Mainly because I feel I have been emotionally invested in this relationship as much as the one between Tae-woon and Eun-ho, but this one got deeper connotations in a way since it was a moment long overdue where they can finally let go of the grief and move on, with a new understanding of each other.

MVP goes to Dae-hwi, and nobody can deny it. He lighted up Tae-woon’s fire by throwing the jabs that he knew was what his friend needed to understand what was happening with Eun-ho and help him figure out what to do to make up with her. Not only that but Dae-hwi also was one of the masterminds behind the Hee-chan takedown. And he took the first step to fix his own relationship with Nam-joo, although he gave up a little too easy for my taste on the front. Be more assertive, I know you can do it! Yes, Dae-hwi’s journey has been a pleasure to watch and I’m glad he is finally on more solid ground.

As for Hee-chan, the imbecile can burn in a hell of thousand suns. I know the show has given him enough background story to know where he’s coming from, and I don’t really want to give up on his redemption, but he has show no remorse nor any kind of improvement in the past episodes. In fact, he’s getting worse and now that he no longer cares at all about what his mother has to say (and she has seen the monster she helped create), I’m afraid he will go into the deep end and do worse than he has done until so far.

I appreciate the show solves problems rather quickly and doesn’t lest misunderstanding or conflict fester long enough to give us an angst fest. Even though yesterday we were all left in despair, today was pure bliss.

Tae-woon is an assertive kind of character which is no surprise he did everything is his power to make up with Eun-ho, even if meant pouring out his heart and his feelings for her (all over again) and breaking his head in order to understand where she was coming from.

I love how pure Eun-ho can be at times, all smiles and cheer, but I love even more she is mature enough to self-reflect on her actions. When she voiced how she had used her family as an excuse over the frustration and insecurities of her work, I could relate to her. It’s not easy to put yourself out there on any level, personal or professional, and I can understand she was afraid to do both.

Her relationship with her family remains one of my favorite things and I love her even more for spending all her hard-earned money on buying new shoes for her brother, so he could walk more proudly. She’s taking care of everyone, always, which is why I’m glad she has Tae-woon to take care of her.

By the end of the episode the show had two options: keep pulling our chain or give us what we have all been waiting for. Thank God they went with the latter, as it should be in School 2017 style, and now Eun-ho and Tae-woon are officially dating. The whole scene was so sweet and so like them, excuse me while I cry tears of joy. These two, really. *insert heart emoticon*

This episode finally gave some time to the secondary characters, starting with how strong Bo-ra has become with the help of her friends and actively helping them in any way she can.

What about Sarang and her Mom? It was nice that they finally had a real talk about Sarang’s future. If Eun-ho started to compromise her dreams yesterday in order to help her family, Sarang has being doing it all along and with no-one to truly make her understand that she can find another way to have her cake and eat it too. Or at least try it, instead of giving up by default. I’m glad she found a middle ground, allowing herself to be a little more selfish. Plus, her low-key romance with Kyung-woo is precious. Did you guys see yesterday when they got all handsy in gym class? Or today when he encourage her to work things out with Mom? OMG. They are so darn cute. GIVE ME MORE.

Coach Jung’s talk with Issue was also another highlight of the episode. It shows that just because one option is no longer there, it doesn’t mean the dream has to die. You can always find another or new way to get back in track. I’m looking forward to Kyung-woo asking Issue to form a band. Sarang can fangirl her heart out.

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School 2017 Episode 11

BROMANCE! Today’s episode was all about Tae-woon and Dae-hwi, as individuals and friends, and I’m so happy the show is finally taking the time to explore this broken friendship; and there’s actually some real progress between today is a miracle. They both need to find a middle ground where they can understand each other and the new person they have become respectively, all in order to be able to have dreams again. In a way, after Joon-ki’s death, they both have given up on their dreams.

In one hand, we have Dae-hwi working himself to the bone and using people in order to get ahead of others and be able to go to university, making rash decisions that benefit him only. Does he even know what he wants to study? Does he think things will be different in university? Or will he just find another Hee-chan? Although, I’m glad to see he’s still keeping his distance from that imbecile.

But let’s take for example his break up with Nam-joo. Did he even stop to think about her feelings or her situation with their so-called friends until today? They were together for over six months, and apparently really liked each other, and what? She had to spelled out for him that he was hurting her feelings? I’m not trying to defend her since I know she has issues of her own to work on, for example, stop lying to everyone and tell the truth but I think it’s important part of Dae-hwi’s journey to understand that because just because someone is in appearance okay, it doesn’t mean internally they aren’t struggling.

That’s also the reason why I think it’s important that he’s sort of communicating and has no secrets between him and Tae-woon. Dae-hwi finding his former friend sketches shows a new side to Tae-woon that maybe Dae-hwi didn’t know about or he had forgotten.

Also, can I just point out that flashback about Dae-hwi and Nam-joo was the cutest thing? Gah! Please, work things out. I want to see more of that.

On the other hand, Tae-woon needs to snap out of it. Yes, it’s important to pour your energy into making your dreams come true but sometimes life throws you curveballs that need to take priority. This doesn’t mean you forget your dreams, and while it hurts to put them in second place, part of becoming an adult is understanding that we can’t do what we like to all the time. The reason why Tae-woon has a hard time at this hour with Eun-ho and Dae-hwi, it’s because he never truly had to compromise himself in order to protect something or someone more important. In a subconscious way, Tae-won knows his Dad has his back if anything happens and it also helps they don’t have to worry about money. This, I think, is the reason why Dae-hwi keeps pushing Tae-woon to fess up about being Suspect X even if it means losing Dad’s support and benefits. it would also keep Hee-chan off everyone’s back.

Tae-woon does have it easy but that doesn’t mean he’s okay with everything that entitles (the good and especially the bad), which is why I have high hopes he will come through for his friends. He needs to really start taking responsibility for the consequences of his actions and choices; and have a real conversation with Dad about what and how he wants his life to be. And if Dad it’s not okay with it then he needs to work it out on his own, like Eun-ho is doing right now.

While I think Eun-ho is overreacting by taking all her belongings from Tae-woon’s, I understand where she’s coming from when she decides to take a break from working on her webtoon for the time being for the reasons I mentioned before. Eun-ho has such a wonderful family unit, it’s not wonder why she wants to share some of the burden if it means helping out the 3 people who have unconditional support her until now. I hope things get better for them soon, I want to see them thrive so badly.

On the romance department though, Eun-ho could use some of Teacher Gu’s love wisdom. I don’t believe for a minute she doesn’t know exactly how she feels about Tae-woon, and I ain’t see her watching anybody else with hear eyes. I think she’s scared to take the next step and become part of something bigger, especially when Tae-woon it’s being that sincere and intense. The man means it… smooth, cheeky bastard.

I don’t think she rejected him for the right reasons but I’m a glad she’s making her point clear. Maybe this little breather between them will help them both find the answers they are looking for.

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Special mention to Tae-woon’s voice breaking when he was talking about Joon-ki and how he overcame the fear of riding his motoroclyce again. I was right there in the border of tears with them.


Stars: #/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

What you liked about the product: BRIGHT COLOR, STAYS FOR A LONG TIME

What you didn’t like about the product: DOESN’T COME OUT EASILY

Would you recommend the product: Yes

Where you purchased the product: SANCTUARY, EDMONTON


Among the Stars - Resbang 2015

I am delighted to post my 2015 Resbang entry “Among the Stars” and share it with you!

Summary: Maka is in trouble again, but instead of the usual, it’s with pirates. When a ship crashes outside her in and she inherits a treasure map, Maka joins the unsavory crew of the Shibusen and falls under the supervision of the ship’s cook, Medusa. But a mutiny soon forces Maka to race to the treasure first. Treasure Planet AU

Pairing: gen (minor Stein/Marie)

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: canon compliant deaths, long-lasting injuries, fantasy danger, mild swearing

ffn / ao3 (coming soon)

I also STRONGLY urge you to check out the amazing art done for me by @tinycatsandfruitsnacks that can be found here!

I hope you enjoy!