se photography


So a while back I finished playing Final Fantasy XV’s main storyline…

& I couldn’t help but save all the photos Prompto took of the Fam and literally went out to a store to print out all of them. 

Got to make a real album out of this. Photos came out awesome. My heart was crying. I treasure them all. 

I have no regrets.


Childhood friends!AU where Jimin is a famous dancer and Jungkook is majoring in photography and everyone wonders why they aren’t dating already. [21/??]

{speacial thanks to soojin, who is a real cutie!}


The Expat Life

Where to go in SE Asia? Koh Nang Yuan, Gulf of Thailand

While we were situated on the island of Koh Tao, we did a mini day trip to this cute little island!

Iggy x