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Unpopular opinion! I'm really scared by the fact that kh3 might come out in 2018, and not because it might repeat the ffxv fate with patches to make it more consistent, but because overall I fear that they will try to stuff as much as possible in that game just to please fans or to canonize that up and move forward. I just dont want it to be like another 3D where there is a lot of fanservice and important plot parts are like presented via long Xehanorts monologue in the end. All at once.

Yeah, I’m kind of on the same boat. Fortunately and unfortunately, Nomura is apparently a major perfectionist with the modelling, so the story may be very fleshed out in a nice fluid way as well or they could panic and rush it at the end–it’s SE either could happen.
And yeah, fan input’s really putting pressure on them, it seems like. I’d rather they just do what they planned to and not really force any more pointless romantic relationships for “character development” (looks at kh2) and what have you and just make weird copouts for plot holes that we’ve been staring at for years between titles, Like please, this is closing a chapter, make it good and not a “yeah we did this thing you wanted” kind of deal

What the functions ACTUALLY stand for

Ne - eternal nooting

Fi = immovable fluff

Fe = exploitative flamingos

Ti = indecisive tap-dancing 

Te = excessive tofu 

Ni = impeccable napping

Se = erotic shoelace 

Si = impending sadness

’ the most popular girls in school ’ sentence starters

i am so pretty.
who the fuck are you ?
i already know how things work around here !
that’s my fucking boyfriend/girlfriend, bitch !
i do not like you.
i feel indifferent towards you.
god, i hate her/him/them so much.
what ? huh ? that’s not true !
god, i wanna fucking murder you.
who the fuck said my handjobs were second-rate ?
i heard you were going around calling me a fucking liar !
fuck you.
shut the fuck up !
hey, more like.. uh, gay !
oh my god, are you going to try and nickname yourself again ?
stop trying to force your full house references on us.
suck my dick.
i’ll suck your dick right now.
dude, that was an expression !
the only thing you’re saying here is that you’re gay.
i’m not gay.. you’re gay !
don’t be a dick, bro.
jesus christ, is that a fucking gremlin ?
i told you to never talk about that ! god !
um, excuse me, i will cut a bitch.
you are totes creep.
why don’t you give me a fucking break, okay ?
what the fuck is that supposed to mean ?
listen, bitch, i don’t know who the fuck you think you are but i don’t give a fuck.
fuck off.
what the fuck is going on ?
you guys are assholes.
i swear to god, if this blows up in your face, you better believe i will take this megaphone and shove it up your ass !
yeah, that’s right ! walk away, like a bitch !
this is some bullshit right here !
you are fucking gross.
yeah ! dumb whore !
i was just trying to put myself into a coma so i wouldn’t have to listen to the two of you dipshits try and talk and breathe at the same time !
i don’t trust the bitch.
thank you for fucking up my entire life !
do you like making me look like a dickhole ? do you ?
the answer to a question i never asked.
so much technical jargon, jeezus louisus !
why are you guys so mean to me ?
you take that back, bitch !

Devil May Cry reaction pics/memes/watever !!!!!

so like there was another post like this originally with a bunch of them someone collected over time, but when i went back to save them all they deleted the post

so MY FRIENDS AND I HAVE MADE TONS OF THESE and i’m gonna post them all now. some of them i found around the internet, and tbh we’ll probably keep making more lmao… Click keep reading for the rest! There are 42 total…

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