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anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought that all the anons could be ALWAYS THE SAME PERSON??? LIKE SOME SUPER VILLAIN GUY WHO WANTS TO MESS WITH YOU PRETENDING BEING A LOT OF PEOPLE AND YOU FALLING FOR IT?!?!?? And maybe he, or I should say, I , pretend to like bread to write the asks BUT ACTUALLY DON'T. HA, WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW?


زندگی رہ گئی کہیں پیچھے
صرف سانسوں کا کارواں ہے یہ

دل نے اک شخص پہ یقین کیاتھا
آج ہر اک سے بدگماں ہے یہ

اتباف ابرک


Zindagi reh gai kaheen peechy
Sirf sansoon ka karwan hai yeh

Dil nai ik shaks py yaqeen kiya tha
Aaj har ik se badguman hai yeh..

Atbaf abrak