Detective Conan File 1002 [Japanese to English Translation]
  • The criminal is… Tengu?

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Can you recommend some french youtubers? I need to practice my listening. thank you!

Sure ! Imma give you most of the french youtubers I’m subscribed to, it’ll be easier hehe.

that’s what i watch most of the time at least. Hope it helps ! Also practicing hearing is the way to go. I began listening to Pewdiepie to learn english back in the day xD

Italian Regions Aesthetic | Emigrazione Italiana/Italian Diaspora | Ellis Island | 1876 - 1915

Generalmente sono di piccola statura e di pelle scura.
Non amano l’acqua, molti di loro puzzano perché tengono lo stesso vestito per molte settimane.
Si costruiscono baracche di legno ed alluminio nelle periferie delle città dove vivono, vicini gli uni agli altri.
Quando riescono ad avvicinarsi al centro affittano a caro prezzo appartamenti fatiscenti.
Si presentano di solito in due e cercano una stanza con uso di cucina. Dopo pochi giorni diventano quattro, sei, dieci.
Tra loro parlano lingue a noi incomprensibili, probabilmente antichi dialetti.
Molti bambini vengono utilizzati per chiedere l’elemosina ma sovente davanti alle chiese donne vestite di scuro e uomini quasi sempre anziani invocano pietà, con toni lamentosi e petulanti.
Fanno molti figli che faticano a mantenere e sono assai uniti tra di loro.
Dicono che siano dediti al furto e, se ostacolati, violenti.
Le nostre donne li evitano non solo perché poco attraenti e selvatici ma perché si è diffusa la voce di alcuni stupri consumati dopo agguati in strade periferiche quando le donne tornano dal lavoro.
I nostri governanti hanno aperto troppo gli ingressi alle frontiere ma, soprattutto, non hanno saputo selezionare tra coloro che entrano nel nostro paese per lavorare e quelli che pensano di vivere di espedienti o, addirittura, attività criminali.
Si privilegino i veneti e i lombardi, tardi di comprendonio e ignoranti ma disposti più di altri a lavorare.
Si adattano ad abitazioni che gli americani rifiutano purché le famiglie rimangano unite e non contestano il salario.
Gli altri, quelli ai quali è riferita gran parte di questa prima relazione, provengono dal sud dell’Italia.
Vi invito a controllare i documenti di provenienza e a rimpatriare i più.
La nostra sicurezza deve essere la prima preoccupazione.”
[ Ottobre 1912: relazione dell’Ispettorato per l’Immigrazione al Congresso Americano sugli immigrati italiani negli Stati Uniti. ]



1876 - 1900 |  TOTALE PARTENZE: 5.257.911 persone


  • VENETO: 940.711 persone (17,9% del totale)
  • FRIULI & VENEZIA GIULIA: 847.072 persone (16,1%)
  • PIEMONTE: 709.076 persone (13,5%)
  • CAMPANIA: 520.791 persone (9,9%)
  • LOMBARDIA: 519.100 persone (9,9%)
  • TOSCANA: 290.111 persone (5,5%)
  • CALABRIA: 275.926 persone (5,2%)
  • SICILIA: 226.449 persone (4,3%)
  • EMILIA-ROMAGNA: 220.745 persone (4,2%)
  • BASILICATA: 191.433 persone (3,6%)
  • MOLISE: 136.355 persone (2,6%)
  • LIGURIA: 117.941 persone (2,2%)
  • ABRUZZO: 109.038 persone (2,1%)
  • MARCHE: 70.050 persone (1,3%)
  • PUGLIA: 50.282 persone (1,0%)
  • LAZIO: 15.830 persone (0,3%)
  • UMBRIA: 8.866 persone (0,15%)

1901-1915 | TOTALE PARTENZE: 8.769.749 persone


  • SICILIA: 1.126.513 persone (12,8%)
  • CAMPANIA: 955.188 persone (10,9%)
  • VENETO: 882.082 persone (10,1%)
  • PIEMONTE: 831.088 persone (9,5%)
  • LOMBARDIA: 823.695 persone (9,4%)
  • CALABRIA: 603.105 persone (6,9%)
  • FRIULI-VENEZIA GIULIA: 560.721 persone (6,4%)
  • ABRUZZO: 486.518 persone (5,5%)
  • TOSCANA: 473.045 persone (5,4%)
  • EMILIA-ROMAGNA: 469.430 persone (5,4%)
  • PUGLIA:  332.615 persone (3,8%)
  • MARCHE: 320.107 persone (3,7%)
  • BASILICATA: 194.260 persone (2,2%)
  • LAZIO: 189.225 persone (2,2%)
  • MOLISE: 171.680 persone (2,0%)
  • UMBRIA: 155.674 persone (1,8%)
  • LIGURIA: 105.215 persone (1,2%)

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Hello! Can you please help me with the verb olvidar/se? I really struggle with how to use it. Is it reflexive? All of the "se me" stuff that you need with the verb form really throws me off. Thank you so much!

It’s difficult to say because a lot of people are going to use the se me expressions with olvidar more than the others, except as a command in my experience.

You can use any of the three, the meaning doesn’t change very much.

olvidar is “to forget”, and olvidarse is also “to forget”

Note: olvidarse carries a de

Olvido lo que digo. = I forget what I’m saying.

Me olvidé de lo que decía. = I forgot about what I was saying.

This might be my own experience, but olvidarse tends to have a deeper relation to the speaker. They “forgot about” something or someone, instead of just “forgetting”

The difference is small, but it’s the difference between “I forgot my book” and “I forgot about my book / I totally forgot my book”

olvidar is simpler, and olvidarse has more of an emotional impact or weight on the person saying it.

The se me expressions are used in extremely passive settings, and so it’s olvidársele which makes use of a reflexive and an indirect object. This is technically known as “superfluous pronomial” or “third person intransitive pronomial”

But all that really means is that what’s happening is very passive and has a deep affect on the person it’s referring to.

In other words, it’s easiest to translate this as “to slip one’s mind”, but the construction is mostly used in 3rd person.

The expression se me olvidaron las llaves “I forgot the keys” is understood in translation as “the keys slipped my mind” or “I completely forgot about the keys”

More literally it’s “the keys made themselves forgotten to me”

Verbs that technically qualify like this are written with a -sele in their infinitives. Like romper “is to break”, romperse “to break (by itself)”, and rompérsele “to break down on someone”

So you could see se me rompió el coche “the car up and died on me (and it was not my fault)”

For this…

Se me olvidó el libro. = I forgot the book. / The book slipped my mind.
Se me olvidaron los libros. = I forgot the books. / The books slipped my mind. 

Se me olvida la llave. = I forget the key. / The key slips my mind.
Se me olvidan las llaves. = I forget the keys. / The keys slip my mind.

You can use any that you want, but more colloquially is the se me one:

Olvido su nombre. = I forget his/her name.

Me olvido de su nombre. = I forget (about) his/her name.

Se me olvida su nombre. = I forget his/her name. / Their name slips my mind.

What you use is up to you.

olvidar and olvidarse are simpler, though in the case of things that are truly unexpected and to show you really didn’t mean to forget you tend to go for olvidársele

Small note: As a command olvídalo is “forget it” but also translated as “never mind”. You are more likely to see commands use just olvidar, but not always. I feel like no te olvides is quite common

If you see another pronoun or object market it would be something like no me olvides “do not forget me”

This can be changed for olvídelo for an usted or olvídenlo for plural

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Any fandom prompt- "she will rise, she will rise. but when she does, I'll surely die"

i revel in taking your angst and refusing to comply

“Dude, this is a bad idea.”

Dude, keep your mouth shut.” Black*Star stuck his tongue out at him, voice pitched in a mocking tone. “This is gonna be awesome.”

Soul eyed the sleeping Maka in front of him with a not insignificant amount of caution. “Not gonna be awesome when you’re missing your testicles, because she will rip them from your body.”

Black*Star winced, hand twitching towards the aforementioned family jewels, but continued with his endeavor. “You worry too much.”

“And you have a goddamn death wish,” Soul hissed back, voice pitched a little too high. “How is this gonna end well?”

Black*Star made a non-committal sound, one that told Soul he hadn’t thought that far. 

“‘Star, what part of you woke up this morning and thought, yeah, drawing dicks on Maka’s face while she’s sleeping will definitely turn out alright?”

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Telling people funny things you notice... That they noticed years ago
  • INTJ: Did you ever notice I make a weird sound when I fall?
  • ISFJ: Yes, you literally do that every day.
  • INTJ: Yeah and when I do it I make this weird sound lik-
  • ISFJ: -Like a bird we know.
  • INTJ: ...
  • ISFJ: ...?
  • INTJ: How do you always know these things before I do?
  • ISFJ: *sigh* we may never know.

I’ve been working a lot on SE stuff (I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel tho :’) ). I needed a break and some time to do something completely self-indulgent, so I drew my scholars!!! or at least the scholars I have planned so far

I saw that there’s a post going around with ppl wanting their scholar drawn, so I might do a few sketches if people want to reblog this with their scholar’s info or smthn

Let Me Go

Thank you to @liilysoo​ and @alittledancer16​ who help me with this <3

member : Jin (BTS)

genre : angst

words count : 1065

I can’t make you love me,

want me, or understand me.

All I can do is hope that someday you will.

You should move, you should just get out of here. This didn’t feel right. You were wondering why you were still on this bed. Your place wasn’t beside him, you didn’t belong here. You knew it, It killed you but you came back everytime, blinded by your love for him. Blinded by your one side love for a man who didn’t want it.

He was next to you on the bed, his back facing you, hiding his face from your stare. You wanted to help him, to make him feel better but everytime that you came back in his appartment, you were the one getting hurt. Him, the one who was so talkative, didn’t say more than two sentences to you now. Him, who always had a smile on his face, was now always wearing a cold mask to hide his sad heart.

He didn’t look at you the way you wanted him to. You couldn’t find any hint of affection in his eyes. What were you to him ? Why did he still call you late at night asking you to come to his place ? Were you just nothing more than an object to him ? Was he always thinking of another woman while being with you ? Was she always in his mind ? Could anyone take your place beside him ?

Maybe he knew, you were the only one weak enough to accept to stay with him despite not being the first woman in his heart. Who could stay in a place full of pictures of another woman. It felt like she was still living here, he kept all her stuff. Seing his place, no one could have guessed that she died four years ago. You knew he was lost without her, she was the love of his life. You weren’t strong enough to beat that but it didn’t stop you to meet him.

You couldn’t leave him alone, you loved him too much and you felt so bad toward him. Everytime you saw Jin’s face or the pictures of her, you felt guilty, you thought she was dead because of you. It was a foolish idea and you knew that but you couldn’t stop yourself thinking that if you had never wished her death, she would still be here. She was all you wanted to be, a beautiful, nice, loved, woman. She had everything, a good personnality, lots of friends, a sucessful career and she had Jin. You hated her, you wanted her life, you wanted to be her. Thinking about it now, you just needed to have her boyfriend, him and only him. You couldn’t make a move because all you wanted was his happiness, and he was happy with her, they were made for each other, they were deep in love. You didn’t want to do anything that could have break their relationship, but you couldn’t stay away from him.

You buried your feelings inside of you and stayed as his friend. You were hurting yourself and you hated her so much. You were feeling more pathetic everyday. Soon you started to imagine life without her being here. It felt so good, so real, you even dreamed about it. But when your fantasy came alive, your life complety changed. During a whole year, Jin stayed at his place, going out only when it was necessary, not meeting anyone even you, it break your heart you wanted to see him, you needed to see him.

About a week after the first anniversary of her death, he called you asking you to meet him at his flat. When you got there, he didn’t say a word, he just grabbed you by your shoulders and kissed you. You could have resisted back then, but he was finally giving what you were waiting for all this years. Without anytime wasted all clothes were on the floor and he was pushing you on the bed.

Everything about that night was blur, all you could remember was that he kept his eyes closed during the whole night. Did he looked at you just once during the last three years ? You were sure, he was imagining her while being with you. This relation was toxic, but you always craved for more when you weren’t with him.

But after three years you were growing tired of this, you didn’t just desire him anymore, you needed more, you wished to feel love, to be special and he didn’t make you feel like that at all. You were just a replacement. You couldn’t accept this anymore, it was over. You quietly stood out of the bed, dressed up and went to the kitchen. You didn’t want to face him because you knew he had the power to make you stay. You grabbed a pen and a paper wanting to leave him a note :

                    “ I want you to know that I don’t regret any of the nights I spent with you. You were and you still are a person I deeply care about. That’s why I accepted to stay by your side everytime you wanted me to and that’s also why I decided to stop all of this now. I thought that maybe I could heal you but I realised that you will only be able to move on when I’ll be out of your life. I sincerely hope you’ll find the one who will make you feel better.
                                                                                     - Your friend Y/N           ”

Until the end, you stayed as nothing more than a friend. You looked at his place one last time, you felt scared to leave but you knew it was for the best, you could finally move on. You went back to his bedroom’s door, he was sleeping without even noticing that you weren’t in the bed anymore. You were sad but you knew that you should leave.

<< I’ll miss you… >>

You knew that if you stayed longer you will regret your decision. You quickly went out of his flat, not seeing the single tear falling of Jin’s cheek.