White Lines by Six60

More lettering for NZ Music Month, check out the video clip for this song, it’s very Kiwi haha.

I decided to try more of the mixed media style with a watercolour base and coloured pencil details. The lettering is with a Tombow brush pen with red pencil overlays - I’m liking the faded text effect it’s making. 


May 7, 2015

  1. Aries

  2. Libra
     Folk song

  3. Sagittarius
     Lunch box
     Light blue

  4. Aquarius
     Beef stew

  5. Scorpio
     Checkered pattern

  6. Leo

  7. Virgo
     A person born under the Capricorn star sign

  8. Pisces
     Flower bed

  9. Gemini
     Model room

  10. Taurus
     New song

  11. Cancer

  12. Capricorn
     Tree-lined road