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I test as an INFJ, but everyone always tells me I come across as an ENFP. Why do you think this would happen? And do you think I might actually be an ENFP?

It’s possible. If these are close friends who are familiar with the way you think, they might be onto something. Online tests are notoriously unreliable, especially if you’re taking the kind that accumulates by letter rather than by function.

Let’s say the test is the kind that accumulates by letter. There are some questions geared towards I vs E, some geared towards S vs N, some towards T vs F, some towards J vs P.

It’s especially easy for people to have an even split on J vs P, because the questions are usually something like, ‘Do you keep your appointments?’ To which nearly everyone responds, ‘Of course I keep my appointments! I’m a responsible person.’ Or, ‘Do you tend to work better with a deadline?’ Most of us who have gone through the schooling system have only worked with a deadline in front of us. This pushes you onto the J side. But J vs P is about being more comfortable in a position of settled decisions vs being more comfortable in a position of potential.

I can see the introvert vs extrovert being due to the ‘introvert’ culture online, and the belief that introversion is the same as introspection. I’m not as sure, though.

As for the differences between INFJ and ENFP, they have all the opposite functions. Very briefly:

Ni vs Ne

Ni: There’s more or less one way to do this. Stop getting side-tracked. Stick to the goal. I have a vision that I’m going to make happen. I’m interested in a few things and I can never get enough of them. I don’t feel the need to explore everything.

Ne: There’s a million ways to do this. Stop being narrow-minded. Consider the possibilities. I have all these potential methods that we can try in case the first doesn’t work. I’m curious about everything, but am more or less satisfied when I think I’ve learned enough about it.

Fe vs Fi

Fe: I feel for you, even if we have nothing in common. When someone smiles at me, I smile back without thinking. All humans are the same, deep down. I’m uncomfortable with bringing up a contrary opinion that I know will cause arguments. There’s a universal code for how to be a good person.

Fi: I feel for you because I understand your suffering. My feelings aren’t affected by others’ behavior. All humans are individual; I am different and unique. I’m uncomfortable with staying silent if I’m not being true to my own conscience. There’s a different way for each person to be good.

Ti vs Te

Ti: I want to understand the problem. The world can help me learn new things about myself. I don’t care about efficiency; I’m interested in accuracy. I’m slow, meticulous, and perfectionistic. I want to be true to what I know. I act in a way that makes sense to me.

Te: I want to solve the problem. I can use what I know to change the world around me. I don’t care about irrelevancies; I’m interested in efficiency. I’m practical, methodical, and sensible. I want to be effective. I act in a way that makes sense in the situation.

Se vs Si

Se: I’m highly aware of what’s going on in the moment. I find it easy to observe what’s in front of me. I like things that stimulate my senses. Note that an Ni-dom has Se as their inferior, so they will be bad at all of the above things. They are easily overloaded with sensory information and won’t be in touch with the evidence of their foreknowledge (’I don’t know how I know—I just know!’).

Si: I have an acute memory of details from the past. I find it easy to recall dates, what people wore, what they ate, etc. and I can easily tell a story without getting lost or sidetracked. I like things that remind me of my childhood. Note that an Ne-dom has Si as their inferior, so they will be bad at all of the above things. They are forgetful, scattered, and out of touch with their past. They also tend to be more impulsive.

These function descriptions apply to most type comparisons.

Existem mil formas de dizer a mesma coisa, mas só uma é a certa. E com isso, o escritor é um escolhedor, não um escolhido. Ele está eternamente preso em uma sala com uma única porta que dá para vários corredores. À direita pode encontrar o nada, à esquerda o tudo, à frente pouco mais que algum sucesso e olhando para trás talvez encontre o brilho de alguma estrela nascida recentemente em seu micro universo pseudo caótico. Se só houvessem essas escolhas, esquerda, direita, para frente e para trás, a vida até seria simples, o problema é que os corredores se estendem diagonalmente, entre dimensões. Acima, abaixo, para o lado de cá, de lá. Naquele canto, embaixo daquela mesa. São muitas opções, corredores de portas fechadas com uma chave que é dada somente ao escritor que faz a escolha certa. Sabe se lá que coisa a gente encontra se abrir a porta da saída. As canetas passeiam por esses corredores, batem nessas portas, como crianças travessas, tocam a campainha, correm, se escondem das vistas do propenso anfitrião para rir ou esperam na porta para pedir um copo de água gelada, dada de má vontade. A borracha fecha essas portas. Amassar a folha as destrói e tudo que não queremos é acabar com todas as possibilidades antes mesmo de termos certeza se estamos diante do certo ou do errado. E digo, para valer, que em geral nós, escritores, escolhemo a maneira errada de falar as coisas dentre as mil existentes. Porque racionalizar tudo é cansativo, é bom não analisar tudo, que nem diziam os amigos do Fernando quando alguém desistia antes de começar. Não analisa, não. O bom mesmo é agir, agir por agir, sem saber aonde se quer chegar. Correr pelas portas com vendas nos olhos. Fazemos isso todo dia. Somos escritores. Somos também cegos, por sermos escritores, mas menos cegos que a maioria que não tenta compreender a palavra que existe por detrás de cada porta.
—  Theu Souza 

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