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could i get hcs about dazai trying to court his crush who strongly believes he's just being nice and they're just a fling? I remember on a post a while ago that you said you could write an essay on how dazai would go about being serious in pursuing a relationship and I'm 👀👌 1000% up for hearing it

Mmmmm I live for sincerely in love Dazai (°°♡)

• He would get a bit dejected after his crush seemingly brushed off his advances, and it takes Naomi pointing out that he can’t act like he does when he flirts with random women on the street and expect his crush to think he actually means it with her.

• This would set his mind into ultimate woo-the-girl-of-my-dreams™ status and he would become a bit more settled around his crush because he’d be watching her more carefully to get more details about her.

• Unlike his normal elaborate planning there wouldn’t be any type of weird secret trap kind of setting where he tricks her into a date or anything like that. Instead he would really dedicate a few days to just talking with his crush and spending time as friends together—but privately.

• He would really focus on forming a connection that he considers special, but it takes him a few weeks to really get over the mental hurdles he faces when it comes to human connections.

• At this point he’s stopped flirting with women all together which makes Atsushi worry about him. Dazai merely smiles and says something like ‘when you’ve found something so beautiful that it makes the rest of the world look dull it’s hard to pay attention to anything else’.

• He would ask his crush a lot of questions and listen intently instead of talking all the time like he usually does. As the conversations got more intimate he would start moving towards them more if they were sitting together on his couch or on a bench at a park.

• The pursuit would be paced depending on how his crush was feeling and how they were reacting. He would make it clear he was interested, but he wouldn’t push boundaries until he got a clear sign back they were interested.

• The moment they agreed to go on a date with him he would get the widest smile and wrap them in a big hug. The butterflies in his stomach would freeze him momentarily, but he’s grown to like the feeling and now he knows why the hell he’d been feeling that way for weeks.

• Dazai would plan a very romantic but casual date. He’d be the perfect gentleman and take them to their favorite place to eat for lunch (of course he pulled his crush away from work because why not) and then take them to the ferris wheel that overlooks the water.

• There would be no pressure, and he wouldn’t recite his extravagant dramatic lines he spouted to flirt with women. Everything he said would be sincere, his laugh and his smile, everything is Dazai but it’s a different feel. He would be more open and relaxed around his crush.

• His arm would never leave his crush’s waist or he would always have his fingers locked with theirs as they walked. He’d spend the rest of the day showing his crush the little hidden gems of the city that not many know about.

• Near the end when the sun started to set he would invite his crush over for dinner and a movie at his house with a playful wink. He’d offer to cook for them and then provide ‘the most excellent snuggles you’ve ever hard’.

• He doesn’t make a move other than to give them a gentle kiss while they’re snuggled against him on the couch. As much as he wants to get them in his bed he wants to make sure they want to be with him, and not just the goofy Dazai he is at work and around his co-workers.

• This would be one of the biggest moments for Dazai. He rarely ever reveals how he’s truly feeling most of the time, but if he wants this to work he needs to try. If his crush is willing to accept him for his faults and accept his darkness than he’d continue to pursue a relationship with them.

• No more flirting (unless its work related like Higuchi). He’d be 100% dedicated to their happiness and making sure he does whatever he can to make it work.

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I just saw the post with Chuuya and his type of girl and I loved it! Could you do the same with our bandage waste boi?

Dazai Osamu, the one character that takes some effort to really explain the type of woman that would be compatible with him long term, and the long term part is the biggest hurdle for everyone’s favorite bandage man. This is probably going to be a long-ish meta so buckle up my lovelies.


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okay but sometimes i just think about how these women feel to be part of these matches that women haven’t had the same opportunities to be a part of before, and how they feel about being able to make history, and i just cry.

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Some AU school with Oda Sakunosuke SFW and maybe NSFW ? Pretty please please mom (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) I'm so in love with you Bless your soul with all the sins of the universe ٩(⸝⸝⸝◕ั ௰ ◕ั⸝⸝⸝ )و

I’m going to do a College!Au for Odasaku~


• That student who doesn’t get stressed out about anything and is always coming home at two in the morning with his drunk friend hanging on his shoulders babbling about nonsense. Dazai is the friend.

• Helps his roommate sell pot cookies from their dorm room and uses the money to help pay for books for freshman who can’t afford it because he’s a god damn angel.

• Notorious for knocking dudes out at parties that try and prey on drunk girls.

• You can tell he’s an English major by the stacks of books he checks out at the library for ‘fun reading’.

• Smokes cigarettes behind the arts building really late at night just to have some peace and quiet.

• Wears sweatpants to class and barely pays attention but is the kid who everyone goes to if they have questions.

• Lives off of red bull and hot pockets.

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