Allen Snavely, SDSC’s Associate Director gives a presentation on the new system named ‘Gordon’ (Appro’s Xtreme-X Supercomputer).

Second date, second chance?! || Tamex

A date with Alex. No, the second date with Alex. Honestly, Tammy had never expected that he would ever ask her out on a second date. It was a huge surprise that he had even asked her to be his date to Dré’s party. Maybe she was just wrong about a lot of things. What if her best friend actually had feelings for her and she was just too blind to notice them just as he was too blind to notice her feelings. All Tammy knew was, that she wanted to have a good time with Alex. Maybe she would even tell him how she felt about him. God damn, she might even tell him about the whole Layla thing. What was there to risk if she would tell him? A friendship with Layla? Yes, but what was her friendship with Layla compared to what she and Alex had? Exactly! Nothing. She shook those thoughts away. Whatever happened that night would happen. It was nothing the blonde girl could plan anyways. A quick glance on the clock told her that Alex would pick her up in about two hours. So probably, she should just start to get ready. At that moment, she had no clue what she should actually wear so it would be a spontaneous decision and that were her best decisions anyway. 

The blonde stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her naked body. Tammy was nervous. She had never been that nervous and you could read it all over her face. ‘Tammy, everything is going to be fine. You’re just going on a date with your best friend.’ she told herself over and over again but it didn’t help much. Why? Exactly because of the fact that she was going on a date with that super handsome, funny, curly haired, green eyed, understanding and caring guy. That guy who was actually her best friend but who she was deeply in love with. While washing her smooth face she heaved a deep sigh. Everything would be alright. This would be the best night of her life. Probably. After she blow dried her hair, she put some make up on. Just some black eyeliner that gave her eyes exactly what they needed to be more piercing than they already were, some black mascara that opened her eyes a little more, a little powder which made her skin look like porcelain, some peachy blush that added some freshness to her face and lipbalm to smoothen her lips. It was perfect. It was not too much make up but not too less either. Just how she liked it. Just how he would hopefully like it. After she finished her make up and curled her hair, the blonde girl left the bathroom and walked straight to her closet.

'Spontaneous Tam. Just be spontaneous.’ she thought as she opened the closet to look through the thousand of clothes she had. Tammy looked through them but nothing seemed to capture her attention. There it was. The perfect dress! She let the towel slip down her slightly bronzed skin and put on black lace panties. Then she put on the cream sundress with a floral print and a lace detail on the neckline. It was cute but definitely not too cute. Just as she turned around to her shoes, Tam already saw the perfect shoes. Espadrilles with a nude colored silk peep-toe upper. White dangling feather earrings, a short necklace with a bow pendant that had rhinestones on it and a doom shaped ring, which had plenty of faux diamonds on it, just made the outfit complete. Tammy looked into the mirror. 'What if he doesn’t like it?' one voice in her head said. 'He will love it. You look stunning’ the other said. Why did she have to be so damn nervous? Just as she put everything she would need in the shoulder bag that had the same color as her shoes, the blonde girl heard the doorbell ring. Her heartbeat started to get really fast. 'Just relax, Tamara.’ she told herself as she walked down the stairs. In front of the door. Tammy took a deep breath, before she eventually opened it. “Hey.” she said, with a huge smile on her face as she looked into Alex green eyes. Just as she thought she calmed down, the nervousness was flooding her again. “Please tell me I look good. If not, I’ll just quickly change the outfit. That’s no problem at all.” it shot out of her. Her cheeks turned into a bright pink as she looked down, biting her lower lip. “See? I told you I’m nervous.” she sighed.