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The negative stereotypes that STILL plague Native Americans are outrageous. Natives are not “savage” people and should not be treated as second class citizens. Indigenous people are the closest to the Earth, and prosper in the open plains not cramped onto a reservation. In addition to being relocated to reservations, Natives have been subjected to the illegal kidnappings of their children by the DSS.

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If you like m/m pairing then yeah K project is for you ! This anime will make you cry tho

Thankyou!! And oh boy, I’ll make sure to have tissues. I just cried during the newest bnha episode too, oh also when I finished Seven Deadly Sins last night ^^;;;; I am weak.

*edit* thats right FFXV brotherhood made me cry too, just try to guess something that didn’t. it’s not much :’) 

Projected SD money monthly by POT ~ 

M: 1,000 weekly allowance so 4,000 a month

Oz: 2,000-2,500 monthly allowance

WM: 200 a meeting, 3-4+ meetings a month so 600-800 or more a month

L: 150 a meeting, 3-4+ meetings a month so 450-600 or more a month

E: 300 a meeting, 3-4+ meetings a month so 900-1200 or more a month

J: 300 weekly allowance so 1200 a month

Spoil: 200 a meeting, 3-4+ meetings a month so 600-800 or more a month

SO at the least, I’d be getting around $9,750 & at the most I’d be getting around $11,100. IMAGINE for a minute if all of these POTs worked out. I know they probably won’t, ‘cause it’d be rare for them to all work out & be the real deal, but… just imagine if I could pull ALL of these men & all of this money. God damn, please, God.
Claudette, a curvaceous ball jointed doll (BJD SD)
The aim is to get funds together to have Claudette, a curvaceous plus size ball jointed doll cast in resin. She will be an SD size BJD.

So this dutch girl I know 3D modeled this curvacious beauty! She’s having a kickstarter campain to get her casted in resin. If you are in any way interested in a plus-sized bjd I would suggest checking out the link!!!