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“When the skies are filled with crossing shooting stars, Britannia will be visited by an immense menace. It is an omen of the beginning of a trial of ancient origins, a holy war between The Guiding Hand Of The Light and The Bloodline Of Darkness”


 Sarumi Fest 2017  Day 8  (July 14)

Theme: Free (K x BSD Crossover)

Misaki seems to find his cosplay pretty cool! On the other hand Saruhiko is bothered by the bandages that are there for no reason… I shall not list the similarities of these two ships because there are far too many! (lol)

(Yep It’s my crappy art! Deal with me! XD)

It’s my first Sarumi fest and I had so much fun!! A big thanks to all the mods who organised it!! Hope we get to do this again next year! ^^


Doing a mockup for an 8.5″ 300BLK SBR Build. 

The Omega 9K is full-auto rated with supersonic & subsonic 300BLK, so it should be a great can for a super short 300BLK upper. Probably will roll with another T2 but with a Scalarworks mount for this upper, no BUIS, and just a DBAL up front, which should balance it out with the slightly heavy ARC stock on the other end. The rail will most likely be a KAC 8.5″ URX4 M-Lok rail. 

Decisions, decisions…..

The negative stereotypes that STILL plague Native Americans are outrageous. Natives are not “savage” people and should not be treated as second class citizens. Indigenous people are the closest to the Earth, and prosper in the open plains not cramped onto a reservation. In addition to being relocated to reservations, Natives have been subjected to the illegal kidnappings of their children by the DSS.

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Shigama Doji

1. Progenitor/: Shigama Doji

  • The first vampire (chapter 57)

A god/angel?

    • an old, cursed god”  (source: Tenri Hiragi, chapter 57)
    • He/She answers Kureto s comment with: “ Oh I am not god. He has a far more twisted personality than I”
    • Kureto: “You make it sound like you know him personally
    • he appears as an angel/seraph (?) (chapter 57)

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Claudette, a curvaceous ball jointed doll (BJD SD)
The aim is to get funds together to have Claudette, a curvaceous plus size ball jointed doll cast in resin. She will be an SD size BJD.

So this dutch girl I know 3D modeled this curvacious beauty! She’s having a kickstarter campain to get her casted in resin. If you are in any way interested in a plus-sized bjd I would suggest checking out the link!!!

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